Most Popular Articles In the Last 6 Months
Friday, June 17th, 2016 1:06pm

For those of you who are curious about which have been the most popular articles (ie, most viewed) on this site in the last 6 months, here's a quick breakdown of the total views for each ranging from most popular to least.

Count URL
1308 The Destruction of America      
1276 Global Economic Collapse      
761 Chaotic Out Of Control Weather      
700 One World Government      
642 Plagues, Pestilences and Deadly Diseases Will Rise      
570 A volcano will become active and erupt in the U.S. again.      
536 The Rise Of Transhumanism      
520 World War 3      
519 Meteor Destruction Of America      
512 Increasing Volcanoes, Sinkholes And Other Earth Changes      
504 The Rise of Spectrophilia      
488 All Nations Will Come Against Israel      
474 Psalm 83 War      
467 Extreme Christian Persecution      
462 Massive Terrorist Slaughter of Americans      
455 There Will Be Great Signs In the Heavens      
449 Great Earthquakes in Diverse Places      
422 The World Will Be Filled With Violence      
418 The Great Alien Deception      
408 Ezekiel 38 War      
394 A Cyber Attack That Cripples The Grid      
386 West Coast Earthquake and Tsunami      
384 The Eruption of Fuji and the Destruction of Tokyo      
370 Israel Will Be Divided      
365 The Fall of Elam      
361 New Madrid Earthquake      
359 The Destruction of Damascus      
346 The Shakeup Of The Church      
337 Droughts, Home Gardens And Hyper Food Scarcity      
332 Knowledge Will Increase      
329 The Islamization of America      
320 Major National And Ethnic Wars Erupting Across The Globe      
312 One World Economy      
300 Russia, Ukraine and the Oil Wars      
296 East Coast Super Tsunami      
293 The Judgments of Revelation      
288 Israel Will Be Invincible      
273 Washington DC And Other Cities Nuked      
262 Mark of the Beast      
259 There Will Be An Explosion In Demonic Activity      
258 Massive Worldwide Depopulation      
252 Major Worldwide Anti-Semitism      
248 Coastal and Midwest Earthquakes      
246 The Great Apostasy      
244 Failure of Earth's Magnetic Field      
244 Major Riots and Martial Law World Wide      
242 Water More Expensive Than Gas - Drought Evacuations      
232 The Burden Against Saudi Arabia      
228 The Burden Against Gaza      
227 Defeat of the US Navy      
226 One World Religion      
223 A Pestilence Will Hit All Hybrid and GMO Seeds      
223 Oil In Israel      
222 The Destruction of Syria      
220 Benjamin Netanyahu Prophecy      
219 Daniel Webster's Prophecy Of America      
213 The Third Jewish Temple      
210 Blasphemy Will Be Commonplace      
206 Men Will Be Lovers of Themselves      
206 Four Blood Moons      
204 The Two Witnesses      
201 Hail, Fire and Blood (Revelation Judgment)      
201 100lb Hailstones      
197 Drug Use Out Of Control/Epidemic      
195 The Burden Against Egypt      
188 The Shemitah      
183 Destruction by False Peace      
178 Openness to "The Mark of the Beast"      
177 The Tribulation      
175 The Jews Regathered To Israel      
172 A Global Cry for Peace      
172 Immorality Rampant      
167 Dreams, Visions and Prophecy in the Last Days      
167 A Mountain Cast Into The Sea      
167 The AntiChrist      
165 Edom, Texas Earthquake      
164 The Destruction Of Babylon      
162 The 7 Year Peace Treaty      
160 Mass Animal, Fish and Bird Die Off's      
159 Rural Land Becomes Hyper Valuable      
158 A Bubble Of Hope And A Time To Prepare      
157 Jerusalem Will Become A Cup Of Trembling To All Nations      
157 There Will Be Scoffers In The Last Days      
157 Deceptive Signs and Wonders Will Abound      
154 A Great Earthquake (Revelation Judgment)      
153 All Of Israel Will Be Saved      
152 Many People Caught Off Guard By End Times Events      
151 George Washington's Vision of America      
151 United North America      
150 The False Prophet      
150 The Rapture      
148 Famines Will Be Common      
140 The Rise of Many False Christs      
131 Major Reduction And Constriction Of USA Military Power      
129 Wormwood      
129 Israel Will Be United As One Nation      
128 Newton's Prophecy of Daniel 9      
126 Witchcraft and the Occult Rampant      
125 The 6 Day Creation and Flood Denied      
122 The Destruction of Moab      
121 The Strong Delusion      
117 Jesus Rejected, Another Accepted      
116 Three Days Of Darkness      
115 Medical Advances Allow Gay Men To Have Babies      
112 Armageddon      
111 False Bible Teachers      
111 The Capability to Destroy All Life      
108 The Euphrates Dried Up      
105 The Hebrew Language Restored      
104 Israel Will Prosper Economically      
103 Grievous Sores      
103 The War of Revelation 6      
102 God's Name Will Be Great Among The Nations      
102 Global Communications      
102 Men Shall Hide In The Ground      
101 The First Woe (Locusts)      
100 Solar Tsunami      
98 It Is Done! (Revelation Judgment)      
96 Egypt And A New Terrorist Leadership      
95 Pakistan Will Become A More Terrorist State      
95 Great Heat Upon The Earth      
92 Mega Banks Collapse      
90 Jewish Blindness      
89 The Prophecy of the Popes      
88 The Rise of Veganism      
86 Israel Will Blossum Again      
86 Forbidden To Marry      
86 Egypt Will Exist - But Only As A Lowly Kingdom      
86 Jerusalem Will Be Rebuilt      
84 Temple Sacrifices Reinstituted      
84 Second Coming of Christ      
83 The Third Woe (Heaven Opened)      
83 The Rise of Literal Babylon      
82 Tribulation Revival      
82 Jewish Flight to Petra      
82 Feast of Tabernacles      
80 Idolotry Rampant      
80 The Gospel to Every Nation      
79 Tribulation Saints Will Be Beheaded      
78 The Fountains Turned To Blood      
77 Israel Will Fill The Entire World With Fruit      
77 One Third Of The Sky Darkened      
76 No King For Israel Until Jesus Returns      
74 Israel a Wasteland      
74 The Sun Will Scorch The People Of Earth      
73 International Travel      
72 Tsunami in South Africa      
70 The Second Woe (Demon Horsemen)      
70 Silence in Heaven      
70 Israel Will Planet Forests      
70 The Sea Turned To Blood      
68 Israel Reborn      
68 The 144,000      
66 The Love Of Many Will Grow Cold      
61 The Virgin In The Sky      
61 Great Darkness Upon The Beast      
60 One Third Of All US Food Wiped Out      
60 Youth Will Become Increasingly Rebellious      
59 Jerusalem Trampled by The Gentiles Until the Times of the Gentiles Are Fulfilled      
58 The Yalkut Prophecy of the Messiah      
56 The Future Glory of Zion      
56 The Eastern Gate Will Remain Closed Until Christ Returns      
53 Israel Will Plant Vineyards Again      
47 The 10 Kingdoms of Revelation      
47 The Black Horse      
42 The Land Of Israel Will Be Restored      
27 Death By The Beasts of the Field      
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