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Major Worldwide Anti-Semitism Print
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  Status:    Fullfilled 

A major uptick in anti-semitism is predicted to occur in the last days.  This began at the turn of the century and has been getting increasingly more severe as time goes on with several key high points (WW2, Russia's Jewish Purge, etc) along the way.  As history continues this hatred of the Jewish people will increase and increase to an incredible level, only finally stopped once and for all by the second coming of Jesus.

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  Supporting Verses:   Deuteronomy 28:37 Jeremiah 29:18 44:8 Luke 21:20-24 Revelation 12
  Teachings and Explanations: 
Revelation 12 Commentary (Multiple Teachers) - Report Link
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (169) 
Attacks On Jews Could Come To Your House Of Worship Next - Report Link
Recent Petitions Singling Out Israel for Condemnation Are Anti-Semitic :: Gatestone Institute - Report Link
Huge Muslim crowd cheers as Jews hang out in public in Iraq - PoliticsOnline Net - Report Link
Jews are top target for hate crimes in US, FBI data shows - - Report Link
Pakistani MP Calls for Nuking Jewish State - Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
Anti-Semitic Democrats blame Orthodox Jews for the coronavirus - Opeds - Israel National News - Report Link
Orthodox Jews in New York City Defy Commie DeBlasio -- Dance in Streets with Trump Flags (VIDEO) - Report Link
Seth Rogen: Israel 'Makes No Sense,' Might as Well Put Jews in a Blender - Report Link
De Blasio Welds Parks Shut in Jewish Neighborhoods; Protects Black Lives Matter Protests - Report Link
Terrorist in Jerusalem ramming attack caught by security forces - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
BDS and Antifa Bigots Shout "Back to the Ovens" at Toronto's York U | Frontpagemag - Report Link
The world is giving billions of dollars in aid to support a genocide! - Report Link
Fire destroys historic Minnesota synagogue; cause under investigation | Fox News - Report Link
Watchman Report: Why Does Satan Hate Israel? - YouTube - Report Link
Michigan Burger Restaurant With Israeli Ties Cancels Opening Due to Threats and Boycotts - Report Link
Young European Jews face twice as much abuse as parents says study - Report Link
Hate crimes surge in NYC, attacks on Jews almost double - Report Link
Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Jewish Community as Arson Terror Attacks Continue - Report Link
Germany: Muslim migrant threatens and spits on rabbi - Report Link
Today's antisemitism: A three-headed monster - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post - Report Link

Brooklyn rabbi's house burns down in suspected arson, 13 injured | The Times of Israel - Report Link
US senators introduce bill to boost security funds for synagogues - Report Link
Al Jazeera Pulls Video Claiming Holocaust Was 'Different From How the Jews Tell It' - Report Link
German parliament declares Israel boycott campaign antisemitic - Report Link
Philadelphia Muslims apologize for video of kids talking beheadings, Jerusalem - Report Link
Hamas cancels classes in Gaza to send children to 'riot' against Israel, IDF says - Report Link
Pelosi slams Trump, Republicans for trying to 'smear' Tlaib, calls for apology - Report Link
For first time in decades, Temple Mount to be closed to Jews on Jerusalem Day - Report Link
Memphis judge shares link saying Jews should 'get the f*** over the Holocaust' - Report Link
Farrakhan refers to 'Satanic Jews' while denying he's anti-Semitic - Report Link
Germany issues an 'early warning' report about rise of Islamist anti-Semitism - Report Link
Israel slams Putin adviser for claim Ukraine to move Jews into 'cleansed' area - Report Link
After firing 450 rockets in a day, Gaza terror groups threaten to increase range - Report Link
Over 400 Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel; One Israeli Dead, Six Palestinians Killed - Report Link
Philadelphia schoolchildren sing anti-Israel songs - Israel National News - Report Link
The world said Never Again, but they are letting it happen - Report Link
Anti-Israel legislation submitted to US Congress - Israel National News - Report Link
Report: Anti-Semitic attacks spike, killing highest number of Jews in decades | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Trump decries rise in anti-Semitism, in proclamation for Jewish Heritage Month - Report Link
Violent anti-Semitism rose by 13 percent worldwide in 2018, according to new report - Report Link

Rivlin: 'Anti-Semitism has penetrated the core European leadership' - Report Link
Far-right Polish lawmakers float bill limiting Holocaust restitution - Report Link
Most Austrians don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust, survey finds - Report Link
In Holocaust memorial address, PM denounces 'systematic vilification' of Israel - Report Link
As Holocaust Remembrance Day Begins, Netanyahu Warns of Danger Still Posed by Antisemitism Worldwide - Report Link
Israel comes to standstill in somber remembrance of Holocaust victims - Report Link
Anti-Semitic attacks in the US have doubled: ADL - Report Link
Rising anti-Semitic hatred is changing Jewish life across the United States - Report Link
ADL: While anti-Semitic incidents in US went down, they've gotten more violent - Report Link
Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day - Report Link
One third of Americans do not believe six million Jews were murdered in Holocaust - Report Link
ISIS leader Baghdadi makes first video appearance in 5 years, emphasizes group's global reach - Report Link
UN chief demands that the world step up to stamp out hatred - Report Link
New York Times Prints Another Anti-Israel Cartoon Amid Antisemitism Scandal Rocking Newspaper - Report Link
After cartoon uproar, Israel's US envoy calls NY Times a 'cesspool of hostility' - Report Link
Rocket Launched From Gaza Falls in Israel's Territorial Waters - Report Link
Synagogue Shooting Will Change How U.S. Tackles Lone Wolves, ex-Shin Bet Official Says - Report Link
US shooting renews debate on anti-Semitism and its political response - Report Link
Trump says 'evil of anti-Semitism' must be defeated - Report Link
Likud minister links New York Times to Nazis over Netanyahu cartoon - Report Link

ADL head calls NY Times cartoon 'vile anti-Semitic propaganda' - Report Link
NY Times prints Netanyahu-Trump cartoon with 'anti-Semitic tropes,' retracts it - Report Link
Netanyahu, Rivlin condemn US shooting, urge more education against anti-Semitism - Report Link
After synagogue attack, leaders warn of resurgent anti-Semitism, urge action - Report Link
Fresh synagogue shooting appears to highlight spread of deadly hate - Report Link
California Synagogue Shooting Investigated As A Hate Crime After 1 Killed, 3 Injured - Report Link
Family of girl hurt in US shooting had left Israel after rockets hit their home - Report Link
One dead in Passover San Diego-area synagogue shooting - Police arrest 19-year-old suspect - Report Link
IDF shoots at Gazans attempting to sabotage border fence - Report Link
IDF: Kite mounted with camera from Gaza hovers into Israeli territory - Report Link
Palestinians' Abbas seeks British apology for 1917 Jewish homeland declaration - Report Link
Dutch MP refuses to shake hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Report Link
Black Lives Matter Benefit Is Canceled Over Stand on Israel - Report Link
Report: Egypt blocked UN endorsement of Quartet report - Report Link
A George Soros-Funded Palestinian Media Outlet Runs an Anti-Semitic Article Series - Report Link
Olympics: How countries have disrespected Israel - Report Link
PA fires Palestinian who helped Jewish terror victims - Report Link
Austrian government to seize Hitler's birthplace to stop it becoming a neo-Nazi shrine - Report Link
Rouhani: Israel is to blame for the conflicts in the Arab world - Report Link
Mother of Palestinian terrorist threatens future attacks - Report Link

As Mein Kampf returns to Germany, the world is again awash with hatred - Report Link
Hamas sympathizers vow to 'slaughter Jews' in Jerusalem rally - Report Link
Israel May Have Found a 'Solution' to Palestinian Knife Attacks - Neck Protectors - Report Link
Report: Russia Tries to Rein in Hezbollah After IDF Convoy Attack - Report Link
Paris attacks and Brussels raids prompt Belgium's Jews to consider new exodus - Report Link
Mass exodus of Jews from Europe feared after reported rise in Antisemitism - Report Link
Senior Fatah Official Confirms: We Murdered Couple - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
Poll: 31% of Americans Would Not Hide Jew in WWII - US & Canada - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
Iceland's Capital Adopts Motion to Boycott Israeli Goods - Diplomacy and Defense - Haaretz - Report Link
Angry Gazans Say 'Israel Better Than Hamas' - Report Link
Blog: Getting rid of Jews, taking in Muslims - Report Link
European Parliament Sees No Need for Jewish State? - Europe - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
Palestinians attack US tourists mistaken as settlers - Report Link
Indian Paper Blames Shemita for Finance Disasters - In Other News... - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
EU Official Beats Woman, Calls Her 'Dirty Jewess' - Europe - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
Abbas Condemns Israel for Killing a Terrorist Stabber - Report Link
Jewish neighborhood in San Antonio hit with anti-Semitic graffiti - Report Link
Hamas Official: There's No Room for Jews in 'Palestine' - Report Link
Presbyterian Church Voted on Erasing “Israel” from Prayers - Israel News - Report Link
Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Spike in NYC - US & Canada - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link

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