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The Fall of Elam Print
Posted On January 6th, 2015
  AKA:   The Burden of Elam, The Destruction of Persia, The Destruction of Iran, The Destruction of Southern Iran
  Status:    Partial Fulfillment 

This bible prophecy talks about a disaster, somewhere in southern Iran (likely near the Bashar nuclear facility) that will force the evacuation of southern Iran, which will in turn force the evacuation and scattering of all its residents to the four corners of the Earth.  Interestingly enough, recent events over in the middle east appear to be setting up the necessary circumstances for the fulfillment of this prophecy, including the recent nuclear deal with Iran that is rapidly coming unraveled, apparently by design, perhaps to cause or trick Iran into acting in such a way that they bring about their own destruction.  This will likely be the result of their repeated defiance of international demands and even a blatant breaking and desecrating of the newly signed nuclear arms treaty.

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  Supporting Verses:   Jeremiah 49:34-39
  Teachings and Explanations: 
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (408) 
Iran may attack Israel directly, Nasrallah warns in Quds Day speech - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Iran moves machines for making centrifuge parts to Natanz -UN nuclear watchdog | Reuters - Report Link
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Major oil producers meet to discuss output amid Iran tensions - Report Link
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US does not seek war with Iran, says Mike Pompeo - Report Link
Trump denies U.S. plan to send 120,000 troops to counter Iran threat - Report Link
Trump: It would be big mistake for Iran to try anything against US - Report Link
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US-Iran conflict could break out 'by accident,' Britain warns - Report Link
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France urges Iran to show 'political maturity' after nuke deal threat - Report Link
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China, France say Iran nuclear deal should be fully implemented - Report Link
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Iran challenges Europe and China to stand up to US over nuclear deal - Report Link
Despite nuke deal, European firms have been reluctant to work with Iran - Report Link
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Iran says US sending carrier, bombers to Mideast is 'psychological warfare' - Report Link

US likely to send four bombers to the Middle East: officials - Report Link
U.S. Sends B-52s To Deal With Threat Of Attack By Iran, Iran Says 'Despised' U.S. To Blame - Report Link
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Europe ready to reimpose sanctions if Iran breaches nuclear deal: official - Report Link
Rouhani: Iran to resume uranium enrichment if world powers do not keep promises - Report Link
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Iran to announce partial withdrawal from nuclear deal - Report Link
Iran currency slips to around 7-month lows as U.S. tensions rise - Report Link
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OPEC set for no deal as Iran rejects Saudi oil output offer - Report Link
Iran's supreme leader tells Ahmadinejad not to run again for president - Report Link
Iran says some sanctions under nuclear deal still in place - Report Link
Egyptian official mocks Abbas 'stupidity,' says Fatah 'screwed' in leaked call - Report Link
Yemen plans UN complaint over Iran weapons transfers - Report Link
UAE accuses Iran of destabilizing Mideast - Report Link
US Congress denounces 'ransom' payments to Iran in new bill - Report Link

Blazes at Iran petrochemical plants raise suspicions of cyberattack - Report Link
Rouhani blames 'Zionists' for US 'violations' of nuclear deal - Report Link
Rouhani uses UN to hit US over nuclear deal - Report Link
Obama Kept Military Out of the Loop on Cash Payments to Iran - Report Link
House approves bill prohibiting cash payments to Iran - Report Link
Iran President Hassan Rouhani Urges Political Resolution to Syrian War - Report Link
Iran: Under Rouhani's rule, nearly 3,000 people have been executed - Report Link
US grants Airbus license to sell planes to Iran - Report Link
Hassan Rouhani: Pushing to Free Iran From U.S. Restrictions - Report Link
Citing nuke deal compliance, Iran demands more Western cooperation - Report Link
Iran 'determined' to boost military after US-Israel aid deal - Report Link
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Iran must stand strong against US on region conflicts: Khamenei - Report Link
Iran: Ahmadinejad continues political comeback as candidates prepare for presidential election - Report Link
Iran introduces 'halal' internet - Report Link
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Iran's Khamenei blasts Saudi management of holy sites - Report Link
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US, world powers reportedly agreed 'in secret' to exemptions for Iran after nuke deal - Report Link
Confrontations reveal Obama's nuclear deal having little effect on Iran's behavior - Report Link
Fatah said to beg Abbas: Cancel local elections, Hamas will win West Bank - Report Link
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Turkey still insists Assad must go - Report Link
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Iran to charge detained U.S. man with threatening country's national security - Report Link
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U.S.: 42 security ex-bigwigs against aircraft sales to Iran - Report Link

Obama: Even Israel now says we were right on Iran nuke deal - Report Link
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Justice Department Officials Raised Objections on U.S. Cash Payment to Iran - Report Link
White House: Iran cash payment not ransom for hostages - Report Link
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Iran nuclear deal parties say US must facilitate banking in Iran - Report Link
US denies secret document that would allow 2027 Iranian nuclear breakout - Report Link
State Department spokesman admits to secret Iran document - Report Link
Iran's FM extolls country's ability to restore nuke program - Report Link
Iranian threat tops Hamas and IS, Liberman tells Knesset panel - Report Link
Iran to have a quick path to nuclear bomb in 10 years - Report Link
Iran receives the missile part of S-300 defence system from Russia - Report Link
14 Democratic senators call for Iran sanctions extension - Report Link
The Honeymoon's Over on the Iran Nuclear Deal - Report Link

Obama marks anniversary of nuke deal; GOP aims to undermine - Report Link
Israel: EU diplomatic office in Iran a 'grave mistake' - Report Link
US House votes to bar heavy water purchases from Iran - Report Link
Year after nuclear deal, 6 ways Iran is more assertive - Report Link
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Congress Not Briefed On Obama Admin's Purchase of Iran Nuclear Material - Report Link
Kevin McCarthy Calls For New Iran Sanctions After Breached Nuclear Agreement - Report Link
Defiant Iran says it will continue ballistic missile tests - Report Link
Iran hopes to join project to produce nuclear fusion power - Report Link
Iran missile tests 'not consistent' with nuclear deal spirit: U.N. report - Report Link
Iran seeking illegal nuke, missile technology: German intelligence - Report Link
Iran accuses West of exploiting Sunni-Shi'ite rift, raps Israel - Report Link
Iranian oil is about to hit a wall - Report Link
Kerry 'willing to listen' to Iran's complaints about sanctions - Report Link
Iran's Khamenei threatens to 'set fire' to nuclear deal if West violates - Report Link
State Dept. admits to deleting parts of Iran deal briefing - Report Link
Iran's FM rejects Trump vow to renegotiate nuclear deal - Report Link
Iran's leader calls for vigilance against West's 'soft war' - Report Link
House votes to bar purchases of heavy water from Iran - Report Link
8 Iranian missile launches since nuke deal signed, expert tells US Congress - Report Link

Mighty Iran forced world to strike nuke deal, supreme leader says - Report Link
Iran to renew financial support for Islamic Jihad after two-year hiatus - Report Link
Khamanei: US 'can't do a d*** thing' about our missile program - Report Link
US again tells European banks trade with Iran is OK - Report Link
Obama's 'propagandist': Iran deception was business as usual - Report Link
Why the Iranian Nuclear Deal Is at Risk of Unraveling - Report Link
Iran cracks down on female models posing without headscarves online - Report Link
Obama sending mixed messages on Iran, charges ex-sanctions officer - Report Link
US and UK urge banks to do business with Iran - Report Link
Iran to sue US over court seizure of $2 bn in frozen funds - Report Link
Kerry: Businesses using US sanctions as excuse to avoid Iran - Report Link
Kerry Tries to Drum Up Some Business in Europe for Iran - Report Link
Saudi prince: Getting nukes an option if Iran breaks deal - Report Link
Reports: Rouhani allies win big in Iran elections second round - Report Link
Obama's former Mideast adviser: We should have bombed Assad - Report Link
Supreme Court Rules Iran Bank Must Pay for Terrorist Attacks - Report Link
Kerry: Iran only received $3 billion since nuclear deal - Report Link
Kerry, Zarif plan meet to iron out nuke deal ruffles - Report Link
Iran to skip key meet on oil production freeze - Report Link
Iran media misreports EU foreign policy chief's criticism of its missile tests - Report Link

Iran parades parts of advanced S-300 missile battery in Tehran - Report Link
Iran's President Is Squeezed by Opposition Leader's Demand for a Trial - Report Link
Untangling Iran's web of sanctions after the nuclear deal - Report Link
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Air France is Letting Its Female Crew Members Opt Out of Flying to Iran - Report Link
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Netanyahu: I Will Attack Iran Alone if Necessary - Report Link
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US, allies say Iran missile test 'in defiance of' UN resolutions - Report Link
Deal or no deal, Congress can still lead the fight against Iran - Report Link
Poll: Two-thirds of Palestinians want Abbas to resign - Report Link
US undermining Iran's banks - Khamenei - Report Link
Kasich: I call for the US to withdraw from Iran deal in light of missile tests - Report Link
Khamenei says all US presidential candidates hostile to Iran - Report Link
Iran could escape UN sanctions over ambiguous resolution - Report Link

EU Criticizes Iran Missile Tests But Takes No Action - Report Link
France warns it could sanction Iran over missile tests - Report Link
U.S. vows to push for U.N. action on Iran despite Russian opposition - Report Link
US says more sanctions could follow Iran missile tests - Report Link
Russia says no new UN sanctions on Iran over missile tests - Report Link
Clinton: Iran should face sanctions for reported missile tests - Report Link
Iran says missile tests not violation of nuclear deal - Report Link
'Iran has never accepted UN resolutions on missile work' - Report Link
Iran tests more missiles in defiance of US warning - Report Link
Biden says US will 'act' if Iran missile tests confirmed - Report Link
Biden: Iran under close watch amid reports of missile tests - Report Link
Revolutionary Guards commander says Iran's missile work will not stop - Report Link
Amid ballistics test, Iran officer says missiles designed to reach Israel - Report Link
Report: Abbas rejects US peace initiative - Report Link
Saudi could 'turn page' if Iran changes policies - Report Link
U.S. plans to publicly blame Iran for dam cyber breach - Report Link
Russia to ship first S-300 missile system to Iran in summer - Report Link
After missile tests, UN urges Iran act with restraint, 'good sense' - Report Link
Russia to ship first S-300 missile system to Iran in Aug-Sept: RIA cites official - Report Link
Russia, West differ on UN report on Iran's nuclear program - Report Link

House Speaker vows to continue to push for Iran sanctions - Report Link
Iran Threatens to Walk Away From Nuke Deal After New Missile Test - Report Link
Iran continues missile tests with two more launches - Report Link
Tehran's 'destabilizing activities' on the agenda for Biden's visit to Israel - Report Link
Australia softens sanctions against Iran - Report Link
Iran judiciary chief: Westerners helped block hardliners in poll - Report Link
US appeals court: Terror victims can seize $9.4 million of Iran funds - Report Link
PA demands control over Iran cash handouts to terrorists - Report Link
Iran executed all adult men in one village for drug offences, official reveals - Report Link
Iran overstepped a limit set by nuclear deal, IAEA report says - Report Link
Iran's pragmatic Rouhani cheers election wins, says gov't stronger - Report Link
Iran oil minister says output freeze plan is 'laughable' - Report Link
Kerry: Iran getting less than $50 billion in cash after nuclear deal - Report Link
Veteran nuclear expert: Iran deal could make things worse - Report Link
Iran sees oil freeze pact as not enough to help market - Report Link
Russia warns Assad not to snub Syria ceasefire plan - Report Link
Abbas condemns Turkey - Report Link
France's Hollande urges Russia to stop backing Assad - Report Link
Iranians mock US sailors on revolution anniversary - Report Link
Senior Iranian military official: US is subordinate to Iran in Middle East - Report Link

As Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran, questions loom in volatile region - Report Link
White House: Iran will finish work for nuclear deal within weeks - Report Link
Iranian Protesters Ransack Saudi Embassy After Execution of Shiite Cleric - Report Link
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