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Droughts, Home Gardens And Hyper Food Scarcity Print
Posted On March 4th, 2015
  Status:   Pending: 3   Partial Fulfillment: 2   Fulfilled: 5  

These prophecies speak of a time when great famine, drought, and food scarcity, even within the USA, will take hold.  (this is a separate event from the great famine of Revelations spoken of in the bible)  In fact, food scarcity becomes so bad that people will start to grow there own food enmasse, even in the middle of cities.  In some places residents and city officials will literally rip up the streets in an effort to grow food.  This famine will also set in motion the events of the judgment of the food industry and several others, as this famine will rock the world, and show the need to go back to decentralized food production, the use of classic seeds, and home gardens, and the necessity of self subsistence once again.

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  Supporting Verses:   Luke 21:11 Revelation 6:5-8
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Prophecy Status:   Unknown (U)   Pending (P)   In Progress (IP)   Partial Fulfillment (PF)   Fulfilled (F)   Failed (D) 
  Proofs and Sources: (10)   
  F  Chris Broussard (48) 
  F  Chris Reed (76) 
  PF  Elaine Tavolacci (103) 
  P  Heidi Baker  
  F  John Paul Jackson (34) 
  F  Ken Peters (27) 
  P  Michelle Walcott  
  PF  Pastor TD Hale (71) 
  F  Timothy Dixon (34) 
  P  Timothy Dixon  
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  Keywords:   Disaster, Drought, Home Gardens, Food Scarcity, Hunger, Famine, Desperation, Empty Shelves, Seeds
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