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Major Riots and Martial Law World Wide Print
Posted On January 3rd, 2015
  Status:    In Progress 

This prophecy discusses the rise of the worst riots in history which will primarily be race riots at heart, but will also stem from more pressing issues such as economic hardships faced by people in the inner city.  David Wilkerson's prophecy "The Vision" discusses how this will result in city, state, and national level declarations of Martial Law in America intended to curb the violence.  But these declarations will be of little effect.  Since these riots will not settle down for quite some time, martial law will remain in effect for a very long time.

From what I've seen this doesn't speak of an escalation of or increase in the number of existing riots so much as one major triggering event that sets off a massive worldwide riot in every nation on the planet and in most major cities, if not all of them, and it'll happen all at the same time, even though there will be scattered lesser riots beforehand.  Washington, DC is one of the cities specifically named in this prophecy, along with New York, Chicago, LA, Seattle and several others.  No international cities have been specifically identified that I'm aware of at this time.

Edit (2021-12-07): I changed my mind on this.  Even though we do have enough that's occurred to mark this as fulfilled, I'm also seeing signs that more is coming which will put the previous events to shame, so setting to "In Progress" for now until this latest series of events plays itself out.

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  Teachings and Explanations: 
  PF  David Wilkerson  
  F  Ken Peters  
  P  Perry Stone  
  P  Shannon Johnson  
  P  Stephen Hanson  
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (213) 
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Michigan shooting: Inmate kills 2 bailiffs, sheriff says - Report Link
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Newlywed, Iraq veteran among the Dallas police officers killed - Report Link
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Dubai official warns of 'clash of civilizations' if Trump elected president - Report Link
49 dead in riot at Mexico's Topo Chico prison - Report Link
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