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 Prophecy:   Major Riots and Martial Law World Wide

 Name:   Ken Peters

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Relevant prophecy snippet:

18. Riots and violence will be unleashed on lawless regions, especially those regions scorning God and His laws.
100 arrested, 13 officers injured in Chicago overnight after police shoot man - Report Link
Distraught Chicago officials heard on tape fuming over looting, riots: 'My ward ... - Report Link
Man gets 15 months for inciting to riot in downtown Chicago | WGN-TV - Report Link
Chicago riots 2020: City, businesses still recovering year after unrest followin... - Report Link
'Democracy Spring' protest: Hundreds arrested at Capitol Hill sit-in - CNNPoliti... - Report Link
Photos: Inside DC’s Anti-Trump Protests - Washingtonian - Report Link
What Were the Washington DC Riots at Trump's Inauguration? - Louder With Crowder - Report Link
Mass Civil Unrest Alert - Midterms - Report Link
Democrats are Willing To Provoke Riots To Win Elections - Report Link
Risk of Civil Unrest Surging in Half of World's Countries: Analysis - Report Link
"Worst Has Yet To Come": Civil Unrest Set To Surge Worldwide As Socioeconomic Pr... - Report Link
It’s all RIGGED beyond imagination: Deep state pushing for “blood in the str... - Report Link
Violent RIOTS over Roe v. Wade ... in states that still have abortion - TheBlaze - Report Link
Antifa and Far-Left Protesters Surround and Attack LAPD Officers, Violence Ensue... - Report Link
BUSLOADS Of Riot Police Head To Supreme Court, Snipers on Rooftop, As Leftist Te... - Report Link
Tucker Carlson: Government agents may have helped organize the Jan. 6 Capitol ri... - Report Link
Law enforcement and the military probing whether members took part in Capitol ri... - Report Link
Cities Across US Prepare for Anarchy After Election | Todd Starnes - Report Link
Fearful residents planning to flee NYC on Election Day - Report Link
Portland Law Enforcement Gear Up for Potential Unrest On and After Election Day - Report Link
Antifa rioters shoot through windows of veteran-owned Portland cafe | The Post M... - Report Link
Black Lives Matter Protesters Riot in Rochester, Harass Restaurant Patrons - Report Link
Portland Rioters Set Fire to Police Union, Attack Officers with Lasers - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta 'Protesters' Embedded Nails into Fireworks, Leaked FBI Docume... - Report Link
‘No-Cease Fire’: Antifa Ignores Mayor’s Plea To Stop Portland Destruction - Report Link
Poll: 58% of Young, College-Educated Americans Say Riots Are Justified - Report Link
Report: Chiara de Blasio, NYC Mayor's Daughter, Arrested at Riot - Report Link
William Barr: 'Greater Law Enforcement Resources' Coming to DC Tonight - Report Link
Retired St. Louis Police Captain Found Shot Dead Outside Looted Store | The Dail... - Report Link
Rochester, NY: Looters Pummel Woman with Fists, Lumber - Report Link
WATCH: Antifa, Black Lives Matter Spread George Floyd Unrest to London - Report Link
AG Barr Drops "The Hammer" on Antifa Scum - CD Media - Report Link
The Latest: One dead in Indianapolis shootings amid protests - Report Link
Curfews go into effect in cities around the country as George Floyd protests con... - Report Link
A Level Of Chaos Is Coming - The Jim Bakker Show w/ Tom Horn - YouTube - Report Link
Paris Burns as French Protests Continue Into Third Weekend - Report Link
Ethiopia blames 'foreign enemies' for inciting unrest - Report Link
Protests continue in El Cajon after deadly officer-involved shooting - Report Link
Riots Continue in Milwaukee For Second Night - Report Link
Smoke rises around Eiffel Tower as riots breaks out during Euro 2016 finals - Report Link
Three countries urge caution traveling to U.S. amid protests, violence - Report Link
Rare riots in Jordan see many arrested - Report Link
Bangladesh Braces for Violence After Opposition Leader, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Is... - Report Link
Baghdad state of emergency declared after protesters storm parliament - Report Link
Chaos and fights in Chicago as Trump postpones rally over safety concerns - Report Link
Protests Grow Against Greek Plans to Build Migrant Camps - Report Link
Israeli Officials Weigh Harsher Steps to Curb Jerusalem Unrest - Report Link
Protesters Declare They Are Ready For War As America’s Impoverished Inner Citi... - Report Link
Watch all the fiery chaos in Athens as... - Business Insider - Report Link
Americans expect racial unrest to increase as ‘Black Spring’ begins - Report Link
Urban unrest coming to town near you - Report Link
Civil Unrest Has Begun In Baltimore And This Is Only Just The Start Of Something... - Report Link
Protests in U.S. cities against police violence prompt arrests - Report Link

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