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Destruction by False Peace Print
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
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The AntiChrist will use a false peace as a means and a mechanism to kill and destroy all of mankind.

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  Supporting Verses:   Daniel 8:23-25
  Teachings and Explanations: 
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (39) 
Senior UAE official dispatched to warn Netanyahu over potential crisis in ties | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Israel, Saudi Arabia Hold Talks On Increasing Military Ties | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Netanyahu pushes to promote peace deal with Saudi Arabia | All Israel News - Report Link
Israel and Saudi Arabia deal expected 'within a year' says top Israeli diplomat - The Jewish Chronic... - Report Link
New Israeli government expects to sign peace agreement with Saudis within a year, ambassador says | ... - Report Link
Peace between Saudi Arabia and Israel would end Arab-Israel conflict: Netanyahu | Al Arabiya English - Report Link
Netanyahu to push for peace deal with Saudi Arabia to transform Middle East | Israel National News -... - Report Link
Turkey, Israel to strengthen diplomatic ties | - Report Link
New flight route between Egypt and Israel to open during Passover - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Threats to international peace and security - Security Council, 8991st meeting | UN Web TV - Report Link
FLYING PIGS MOMENT? Saudi Arabia turns against Palestinians, looks for closer ties with the Jewish s... - Report Link
Lebanese Journalist: Peace with Israel will benefit Lebanon's economy - Report Link
Is the federal government torturing Brian Kolfage? - American Thinker - Report Link
Iran's crown prince says Israel is 'our natural friend and ally' - Report Link
Netanyahu to make historic visit to UAE, Bahrain in February - - Report Link
Bahraini minister: We will make peace with Israel a success story - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Abbas aide: Palestinian leadership ready to resume Israel talks - Report Link
Trump: Up to 10 countries set for peace with Israel, 'largely after' elections | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Islamic State warns Saudi Arabia after allies normalize ties with Israel - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Sudan will be third Arab country to broker normalization deal with Israel - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link

Is Saudi Arabia Close to Making Peace With Israel? | CBN News - Report Link
Israel and the UAE just struck a historic peace deal in win for Trump - Vox - Report Link
Portland Riot Organizer Claims Mission is the 'Abolition of the United States As We Know It' - Report Link
Is Trump's Mideast "Deal of the Century" Peace Plan Biblical? - Report Link
Kushner says Middle East Plan will be released in June - Middle East - Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Trump peace plan to be unveiled after Ramadan in early June, Kushner says | The Times of Israel - Report Link
PA cabinet leader: Trump's peace plan will be 'born dead' - Israel National News - Report Link
Watch: This may be Israel five years after a peace deal - Israel National News - Report Link
Israel growing in strategic importance for NATO - Israel News - Jerusalem Post - Report Link
In surprising move, Arab states slated to withdraw anti-Israel UNESCO resolution - Report Link
Russian Faces Up to Year in Prison for Denying Existence of God - Report Link
Russia suspends airstrikes in some Syrian areas as truce goes into effect - Report Link
Syrian rebels see flaws in U.S.-Russian truce plan - Report Link
UN chief welcomes Syria ceasefire deal as 'signal of hope' - Report Link
Obama offers prayer for persecuted Christians suffering under 'unspeakable violence' - Report Link
Vatican hopes pope's Cuba trip helps end U.S. embargo - Report Link
Iran: ‘We Will Trample Upon America’ | Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
Iran Dictator Calls For Muslim World to Unite and Destroy Israel, Says USA Created ISIS - Report Link
Jews wants Pope as “peace maker” - Report Link

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