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All Nations Will Come Against Israel Print
Posted On January 20th, 2015
  Status:    Partial Fulfillment 

In the last days the entire world will turn against Israel to destroy her.  When all is said and done, only God will stand with Israel as everyone else fights against and tries to destroy her, but are instead destroyed themselves in their failed attempt to harm Israel.

EDIT (2020-09-17): Setting this to partial fulfillment in lieu of the recent peace accords.

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  Supporting Verses:   Zechariah 12:3
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  Proofs and Fulfillments: (243) 
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Despite Israeli concerns, US set to OK fighter jet sales to Qatar, Kuwait - Report Link
FBI investigating whether Virginia stabbings were ISIS-inspired - Report Link
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In platform, Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of 'genocide,' backs BDS - Report Link
Black Lives Matter movement declares war on 'Israeli Apartheid' - Report Link
PA president meddled in Israeli election in bid to unseat Netanyahu, mayor claims - Report Link
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Arab MK who called IDF soldiers 'murderers' faces suspension - Report Link
PM to convene security cabinet on response to wave of terror - Report Link
White House Silent on Terrorist Murder of 13-Year-Old American Girl - Report Link
British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused of comparing Israel to ISIS - Report Link

Violent clashes erupt in Nablus, Hamas calls on parties to unite against Israel - Report Link
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White House rejects increased Israel missile defense funding - Report Link
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Jordanian parliament speaker: We oppose the peace treaty with Israel - Report Link
Germany denies reconsidering Israel support, says policy unchanged - Report Link
Germany rethinks its policy of automatic support for Israel - Report Link
The new UN consensus on Syria: Israel must pay! - Report Link
Obama 'snubbed' Israel, treated Iran with 'tender love and care,' Trump charges - Report Link
UN Security Council to discuss 'protecting' Palestinians - Report Link
US: Golan Heights are not part of Israel - Report Link
'EU doesn't recognize Israeli occupation of the Golan' - Report Link
EU rejects Netanyahu's comments on the Golan Heights - Report Link
US rejects Netanyahu's pledge to hold onto Golan forever - Report Link
Rouhani: Iran to protect Muslim countries against terror, Israel - Report Link
UK military expert: Israel must strike Iran - on its own - Report Link
Most US lawmakers pen letter to Obama opposing UN action against Israel - Report Link
UN bodies support PA NGO that honors terrorist murderer - Report Link

Hamas and Fatah take tentative steps toward unity - Report Link
IAF 'very disturbed by significant rise in ballistic threat' - Report Link
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Canada Won't Hesitate to Criticize Israel, Says New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - Report Link
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Iran's nuclear chief: Israel isn't a state, therefore its not a threat - Report Link
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Democrats, Republicans rebuke White House for stance on Israel boycotts - Report Link
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Kerry to meet Abbas in Jordan; no planned visit to Israel - Report Link
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Israeli group accuses US of labeling settlement products - Report Link
Obama to reluctantly sign trade bill that lumps together Israel and settlements - Report Link
Netanyahu said worried Obama may go against Israel as term expires - Report Link

Israel's rash behavior blew operation to sabotage Iran's computers, US officials say - Report Link
Israel may be in trouble if Assad wins, former US official says - Report Link
US missile defense aid to Israel to cut sharply in 2017 - Report Link
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IDF preparing for possible war on northern, Gaza borders - Report Link
PA arrests relatives of Arab who sold houses to Hevron Jews - Report Link
UNESCO tells off Iran for Holocaust cartoon contest - Report Link
'Israel's electrical grid attacked in massive cyber attack' - Report Link
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Poll: 67% of Israelis concerned for safety of Jews abroad - Report Link

Chief Rabbi Of Brussels: 'No Future For Jews In Europe' - Report Link
Jews attacked in Australia: 'Go back to Israel' - Report Link
Palestinian terrorists stab elderly man near Jerusalem market - Report Link
Egyptians rank Israel most hostile country - Report Link
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Beirut Conference Calls for Escalating Struggle Against Israel - Report Link
1,000+ black activists endorse boycott of Israel - Report Link
As Iran deal looms, Obama sends invite to Saudi King - Report Link
Newly released documents show US attempts to halt Israeli nuclear weapons program - Report Link
Fatah Terror Group Asks for More Money From Iran for Attack Tunnels to Israel - Report Link
Iran sending nuke deal money to terror groups on border, Netanyahu warns - Report Link
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UN endorses Iran nuclear deal with 6 world powers - Report Link
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Israel's Top Ally in Africa Loses in Elections - Report Link
Revenge, Abandonment, Betrayal - Report Link
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Post-election, a widening US Jewish split over Israel - Report Link
International pressure to grow after election, but sky won’t fall - Report Link
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EU Ready to Strike Israel with Sanctions One Day After Elections - Report Link
Arab-Israeli peace initiative is the only way - Report Link
Hayford Predicts Persecution for Christians Who Stand With Israel - Report Link

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