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Mass Animal, Fish and Bird Die Off's Print
Posted On February 5th, 2015
  AKA:   Hosea 4 Prophecy
  Status:    Fullfilled 

Hosea 4 speaks of a calamity that will come on every nation, and even the entire world in the last days due to their rampant sin in which not only will the people of the land suffer, but so will the animals, causing many to die off in large numbers.

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  Supporting Verses:   Hosea 4:1-4
  Teachings and Explanations: 
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (88) 
White Striping Disease Found in More Than 90 Percent of US Store-Brand Chickens, Study Finds - Report Link
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Insect numbers down 25% since 1990, global study finds | Environment | The Guardian - Report Link
Kerala: Animal husbandry officials collect samples after mass death of bats | India News,The Indian ... - Report Link
Car 'splatometer' tests reveal huge decline in number of insects | Environment | The Guard... - Report Link
Parallel declines in abundance of insects and insectivorous birds in Denmark over 22 yea... - Report Link
Chinese paddlefish, one of the world's largest fish, declared extinct - Report Link
California coastal waters rising in acidity at alarming rate, study finds - Los Angeles Times - Report Link

The Big Wobble: Fish all gone! Gulf of Alaska fishery to close for the first time ever: No more cod:... - Report Link
Koalas 'Functionally Extinct' After Australia Bushfires Destroy 80% Of Their Habitat - Report Link
'Alarming' loss of insects and spiders recorded - BBC News - Report Link
Quarter of all pigs worldwide could die from swine fever, animal health organization says - Report Link
More than 130 dolphins die on island beach off West Africa in mysterious mass stranding - Report Link
U.S., Canada have lost 3 billion birds since 1970. Scientists say 'nature is unraveling.' - Report Link
How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone? 'Maybe 20 Years' - The New York Times - Report Link
Half A Billion Bees Drop Dead In Brazil Amid Jump In Pesticide Use  | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Hundreds of bees drop dead around '5G towers' in California - Daily Star - Report Link
Dozens of birds 'bleeding from their mouths' fall from the sky in Australia | Fox News - Report Link
Salmon caught near Seattle overloaded with antidepressants, cocaine and more - Report Link
Thousands of Fish Die After Whiskey Fire Turns Kentucky River Alcoholic - Report Link
279 dolphins dead on Gulf Coast, triple usual number | - Report Link
NOAA: Very Large 'Dead Zone' Forecast for the Gulf of Mexico - Report Link
"Pig Ebola" Epidemic Threatens To Unleash Stagflation Across China | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Shocking video shows 100 dead sharks washed up on Wales beach | Metro News - Report Link
Ninth dead whale found in San Francisco Bay Area - ABC News - Report Link
At least 28 hippos found dead in Ethiopia's national park - Report Link
China's pig 'Ebola' outbreak 'will move markets, influence geopolitics' for... - Report Link
“An Estimated 150-200 Million Pigs” Have Been Hit By A Global Plague Of Biblical Proport... - Report Link

Deadly 'zombie' deer disease could possibly spread to humans, experts warn - Report Link
Mystery in Boston after dozens of birds fall from sky - Report Link
Chile's biggest ever 'red tide' threatens sea life - Report Link
Radiation from Japan nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores - Report Link
Last day signs of the Birds, Fish, and Animals dying off in mass numbers - YouTube - Report Link
Mass animal die-off with 100% mortality rate baffles scientists; something is going terribly wrong o... - Report Link
Kauai's chicken die-off has scientists trying to rule out avian influenza - Report Link
60,000 Antelope Died in Four Days and No One Knows Why - Report Link
Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up on Tianjin's Shores, a Week After the Blasts - Report Link
Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth - ... - Report Link
Insecticide linked by some to honey bee die-offs found in U.S. stream samples - Report Link
'Dead Zone' in Gulf of Mexico Large Enough to Fit Connecticut, Rhode Island Combined - wea... - Report Link
▶ Fukushima/We Must Speak! - YouTube - Report Link
Pacific Oean Toxic Algae Bloom Spreads | Al Jazeera America - Report Link
6th mass extinction has begun and could threaten humanity's existence | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
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Why have 121,000 antelopes in Kazakhstan suddenly dropped dead? (+video) - Report Link
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Bird flu causes egg shortage, emergency measures - Report Link

Bird Flu Spreading as Scientists Look Everywhere for Clues - NBC News - Report Link
Hundreds of fish die overnight in Sweetwater Cove Lake | Local News - WESH Home - Report Link
Exclusive: Sysco sees U.S. bird flu hurting egg supply up to 18 months - Yahoo News Canada - Report Link
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Outbreak: Bird flu epidemic getting worse - Report Link
Minnesota farm with 1.1 million hens, largest yet, gets bird flu - Report Link
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Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is 'Unprecedented' - Report Link
Pacific Ocean life devastated by Fukushima radiation: Fisheries populations have crashed 91 percent - Report Link
Avian flu crisis grows for poultry producers throughout USA - Report Link
SEE IT: Scores of dazzling blue jellyfish-like creatures wash up on West Coast beaches - Report Link
Unprecedented Species Dieoff's And Starvation In The Pacific Ocean Means What Exactly? - Report Link
Record Number Of Stranded Sea Lion Pups Strains California Resources - Report Link
More than 130 dolphins beach in Japan - Report Link
Are Mass Sea Lion Deaths Fulfilling End-Times Prophecy? - Report Link
Thousands of snow geese fall dead from sky in Idaho - Report Link
U.S. bird experts mystified by Midwest avian flu spread - Report Link
Dozens Of Dead Sea Lions Litter Malibu Beaches - Report Link

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