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Posted On January 5th, 2015
  AKA:   California MegaQuake, West Coast Mega Tsunami
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There are a number of modern prophecies circulating around the world from both major and minor sources of a super earthquake on the west coast that will destroy large parts of California, Oregon, Washington State, and other areas along the western coastline.  Some believe this may be caused by an unzipping of the Cascadia faultline which presently is the only known fault with sufficient enough potential energy to create such a quake.  There has also been extensive discussion that, should this earthquake occur, it will create a subsequent tsunami tens, even hundreds of feet tall that would sweep inland for a distance of between 60 and 100 miles.

Any city situated along the west coast, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, would be completely destroyed.  There is also discussion that this earthquake could cause the continental shelf in that area to sink upwards of 40 feet or more, and in some places up to as much as 200 feet, causing some areas to figuratively "fall into the sea" and never be seen or heard from again.  This will leave cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco completely and permanently under water, never to again be inhabited.

This prophecy also may not have a literal fulfillment in the form of a tsunami.  While many of those who have seen this, either in dreams or visions, declare that it will be literal, it could possibly also be symbolic.  Some of my reasons for saying this is because of all the talk recently about a "Red Wave", "Red Tsunami" and others.  A "tsunami", in symbolic terms, is a sudden and dramatic change of substantial size.  If it's meaning is symbolic, it may signal or symbolize a sudden political shifting in this nation occurring along both coastlines that are traditionally majority Democrat.  I'm not saying that's what this is, as we don't know for certain yet.  All I'm saying is, that's one possible interpretation of this at the moment.  If I see things become more defined and certain at a later time, I'll update things as I always do.

Special Note: There are some theories that, should the wave reach far enough inland, it will fill the inner areas of California with so much water that it'll create a permanent inland lake (a large subsistence of the land would also create the necessary conditions for this to occur too) either in the central valley or even death valley.  Even if the lake isn't permanent, just the sea water inundation alone will make large swaths of California's aquifer undrinkable, and unusable, as well as the farmland that is touched by the sea water.  This means that anywhere the tsunami touches will cease to be inhabitable.  This is presently only theory, but it does help to explain the incredible amounts of damage that would be caused by such an event.

EDIT (2020-11-11): While there is more than ample proof that this prophecy is entirely literal, recent events have lead me to believe it may also, or instead, have a figurative or symbolic meaning rather than a literal one.

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