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Ezekiel 38 War Print
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  AKA:   ez38, Ezekiel38, The War of Gog and Magog
  Status:    Pending 

The Ezekiel 38 war, aka Gog and Magog, is the second of six end times wars and takes place AFTER the war of Psalm 83 and involves the second tier nations that were NOT involved in Psalm 83.  The nations of Ezekiel 38 are as follows.

 The Nations of Ezekiel 38: 1­-6
(list courtesy of Grant R. Jeffrey)
The Ancient Nations  The Modern Nations 
The land of Magog 
Meshech and Tubal 
"Many peoples with thee" 
Somewhere in Russia 
Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan 
Ethiopia and Sudan 
Austria and Germany 
Eastern Europe 
Southeastern Europe - Turkey
Various other nations allied to Russia 

This war will again be against Israel, but WILL NOT be fought by her.  Instead God will directly intervene and annihilate >80% of the attacking forces and send the remainder scattering to the four winds.  Israel will emerge from this war unscathed, unlike in Psalm 83.  The war will begin as a surprise all out nuclear attack with, again, the intention of wiping Israel from the map.  But this time it will be done with the intention of taking a spoil from the land.  One of the theories is that this will be due to Israel will have becoming super rich from her recent discoveries of oil in her own land, which so far has been coming true.

Presently the nations of Ez38 are forming up, but for the moment this prophecy is not able to go forward as Libya is not in any position to join the coalition.  Once they're able to join in, then we should see this prophecy come to pass shortly after.

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  Supporting Verses:   Ezekiel 38-39
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