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The Burden Against Gaza Print
Posted On May 10th, 2015
  Status:    In Progress 

This prophecy against Gaza speaks of a long series of events that will slowly destroy Gaza and make it almost completely uninhabitable.  As of this moment Gaza is a ghetto at best, and is quickly becoming uninhabitable due to the boycotts and terrorist activity, wars, and other events occurring in Gaza.  It may ultimately be finished off as a result of a war between Israel and Hamas.

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  Supporting Verses:   Zechariah 9 Zephaniah 2:4 Obadiah 7 Amos 1:7
  Teachings and Explanations: 
Zechariah 9 Commentary (Bobby Parschauer) - Report Link
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (200) 
Captured Hamas Terrorists Admit Their Group Is 'Collapsing From Within,' According To Israeli Defens... - Report Link
ICJ orders Israel to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza, demands report in 30 days | The Times of Isr... - Report Link
IDF begins isolating Rafah, orders 40,000 tents - Israel Today - Report Link
IDF Spokesman confirms Hamas number 3 Marwan Issa eliminated | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
Netanyahu: Israel Will Move Forward in Rafah Without US Support | - Report Link
Dermer: Israel will enter Rafah 'even if entire world turns on us, including the US' | The Times of ... - Report Link
Survey: Trust in IDF soars amid war against Hamas - Israel Today - Report Link
Dozens Of Hamas Members Trapped in Rafah! Israeli Army Has Launched A Big Siege On Sinwar! - YouTube - Report Link
IDF eliminates several Hezbollah terrorists, Israel prepares for war - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Hezbollah commander and deputy killed in IDF strike | World Israel News - Report Link
While US won’t say it wants ceasefire, it seeks humanitarian pause it can turn permanent | The Tim... - Report Link
Biden, Egypt warn Netanyahu against invading Gaza's Rafah - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Hamas's Yahya Sinwar set for 'Arafat-style' exile from Gaza - report - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
IDF says it finished razing Hamas’s main weapons manufacturing zone in central Gaza | The Times of... - Report Link
Netanyahu says war against Hamas set to continue into 2025 -- TV report | The Times of Israel - Report Link
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On Gaza civilian evacuation road, IDF uncovers largest Hamas rocket factory to date | The Times of I... - Report Link
“They're saying it out loud”: Israeli minister backs mass eviction of Gazans | - Report Link

Hamas using ‘massive’ stockpile of Chinese weaponry in Gaza, says Israel - Report Link
Israel's President Herzog Shares Documents Revealing Hamas Indoctrinates Palestinian Children at Ter... - Report Link
Israeli forces seize Hamas’s strategic Gaza City stronghold - Israel Today - Report Link
IDF Special Forces turning up the heat in southern Gaza - Report Link
WATCH: Mass surrender of Hamas terrorists to the IDF | World Israel News - Report Link
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BREAKING: Hamas Rockets INTERCEPTED Over Tel Aviv; IDF Takes Over Hamas HQ In Gaza City | TBN Israel... - Report Link
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IDF Special Operations Vet: Hamas Terrorists Turning on Each Other - Report Link
Hamas nears breaking point in northern Gaza as Israel surrounds strongholds, kills commanders - Report Link
Israel Begins Pumping Seawater Into Hamas’s Gaza Tunnels - WSJ - Report Link
IDF troops encircling Hamas 'last two' strongholds, preparing for Hezbollah front | Newsline - YouTu... - Report Link
Mass surrender of Hamas terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip - Report Link
AGAINST ALL ODDS! IDF Finally STORMS Yahya Sinwar's Tunnel House! Hundreds of Militant Desperate! - ... - Report Link
IDF finds one of the largest weapons stockpiles ever in Gaza - Defense News - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Hamas Fighters SURRENDERING to Israel in Gaza? UN Chief BLASTS Israe| | Watchman Newscast LIVE - You... - Report Link
Having served in the US Army fighting in Afghanistan, I can tell you Israel is doing more to protect... - Report Link

Israel-Hamas war: IDF bursts through Hamas forces, inside Khan Yunis - Defense News - The Jerusalem ... - Report Link
WATCH: Dozens of Reported Hamas Savages Surrender to Israeli Soldiers in Humiliating Fashion | The G... - Report Link
Netanyahu says Israel will turn Gaza into ‘demilitarised zone’ - Report Link
Israel has taken out half of Hamas' battalion commanders, Netanyahu says - Report Link
Israel Closes In On Hamas’ Last Stronghold In Gaza As Pressure To End War Mounts | The Daily Call... - Report Link
Israel Expands Hunt for Hamas in Gaza's Khan Younis | - Report Link
IDF strikes 400 terror sites in Gaza as war against Hamas resumes - - Report Link
‘Israel going for the absolute elimination of Hamas' - - Report Link
Report: Israel Penetrates into Southern Gaza, Surprising Hamas - Report Link
BREAKING: IDF Forces ELIMINATE Hamas Leader, Gather Intel on Others | Israel-Hamas War | TBN Israel ... - Report Link
Israel Plans ‘Wrath of God’ Campaign to Assassinate Hamas Leaders Across the World - Report Link
IDF Finds Dozens of Rockets in Gaza Home Under United Nations Boxes - Report Link
BREAKING: Dozens of Heavy Rockets, Weapons CAPTURED in Gaza! | Israel At War - Day 47 | 2023 - YouTu... - Report Link
IDF: Some 300 Gaza detainees questioned, give vital details on Hamas bases in hospitals | The Times ... - Report Link
THEY'RE ALL IN ON IT: UN, Red Cross, WHO, Gazan Doctors, Nurses, Legacy Media, All Knew Shifa Hospit... - Report Link
Hal Turner Radio Show - SERIOUS DEVELOPMENT: ISRAEL-GAZA - Report Link
Israel Captures Hamas 'Governor's Mansion', Intel HQ; Smashes Terror Infrastrutcure - Report Link
Israel Raids Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital, 'Beating Heart' of Hamas HQ | - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: WATCH: Gaza resident criticizes Hamas on Al Jazeera, reporter turns away and... - Report Link
IDF Continues to Defeat Hamas in Gaza; Palestinian Civilians Loot Abandoned Hamas Bases - Report Link

Hamas Shoots RPGs at IDF Troops from Hospital, Denies it Uses Hospitals and Infants as Human Shields... - Report Link
Israel defence minister says Hamas has 'lost control of Gaza' - Insider Paper - Report Link
Largest Tunnel Bases of Them Have Been Blasted! Israeli Explosives Fell on 155 Tunnel Exits in Gaza!... - Report Link
IDF soldiers share photo in conquered Hamas parliament - Defense News - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
DEVELOPING: Unconfirmed reports say Israel has taken control of Hamas stronghold in Gaza City - YouT... - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Israel strikes over 4,300 terror targets as Gaza operation rages - Report Link
Germany's Scholz spurns calls for Gaza ceasefire; UK defense chief backs IDF efforts | The Times of ... - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Netanyahu: We’ll defy the world if needed to defeat Hamas; PA can’t run ... - Report Link
Arab and Muslim leaders deny Israel engaging in self-defense against Hamas | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Hamas declares ‘permanent war on Israel' urging all Arab nations to join in bloody gamble - The Mi... - Report Link
Netanyahu says IDF will control Gaza after war, rejects notion of international force | The Times of... - Report Link
For the first time in years, IDF soldiers pray in ancient Gaza synagogue | World Israel News - Report Link
A Prophecy for our Time: Zechariah 9 and the Gaza War - Israel365 News - Report Link
Hamas Leader Who Orchestrated October 7 Attack Dies After Catching an Israeli Bomb – RedState - Report Link
Obama calls for end of ‘occupation,’ security for Israel, state for Palestinians | Fox News - Report Link
Israel Army Says Gaza City Encircled: Spokesman | Barron's - Report Link
Israeli forces ‘deep in the Strip, at the gates of Gaza City’ - Israel365 News - Report Link
In battle for Gaza stronghold, 100 women and children pushed forward by Hamas to act - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: IDF: Numerous Hamas terrorists killed, hundreds of targets struck - Report Link
IDF Destroys Hamas Stronghold in Heavy Fighting as Iran Proxies Boast about Missile Prowess - YouTub... - Report Link

Israel must act against Hezbollah, but only after Hamas - Hanegbi - Defense News - The Jerusalem Pos... - Report Link
Hamas Has Stock of Food, Water and Fuel As Gazans Scrounge for It - The New York Times - Report Link
VIDEO: Israeli Military Assassinates Head of Hamas Aerial Operations - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Ground operations continue: IDF troops strike over 600 terror targets in Gaz... - Report Link
Ground forces hit Hamas as IDF warns north Gaza residents area is now a 'battlefield' | The Times of... - Report Link
Arab, Western officials agree Hamas is keeping Gaza food, fuel for itself - NY Times | The Times of ... - Report Link
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says country has entered 'second stage' of war with Hamas ... - Report Link
Israel's NEXT PHASE of Hamas War Begins; Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza | Watchman Newscast - YouTube - Report Link
'Hamas will feel our wrath tonight' warns Israel as it unleashes 'unprecedented' airstrikes on Gaza:... - Report Link
WATCH: Israeli Tanks Follow Bulldozer Into Gaza, Pound Terrorist Targets – Def-Con News - Report Link
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PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Some Israelis dream of return to Gaza settlements as IDF readies to go back ... - Report Link
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October 22 | Israel and Hamas exhange fire as war nears one month mark - Report Link
Israel strikes Gaza, Lebanon overnight; Netanyahu convenes generals – DNyuz - Report Link
Second aid convoy reaches Gaza as Israel attacks targets in Syria and occupied West Bank | AP News - Report Link
IDF stepping up strikes to create ‘best conditions’ for ‘next phase of war’ on Hamas | The T... - Report Link

Israel-Palestine War Day 10 LIVE: Israel to leave no trace of Hamas on ground | Netanyahu's promise ... - Report Link
British warships, aircraft, and a force of Royal Marines are joining a US Navy carrier strike group ... - Report Link
Sacrificed for the cause: why no Arab countries are coming forward to provide safe haven to Gaza's c... - Report Link
Arab revulsion puts Hamas on the defensive | World Israel News - Report Link
U.S. Troops Are on Alert for Iran Allies Joining Israel-Hamas War - Report Link
Hamas beginning to regret its 'very audacious, one bridge too far action' on Israel - YouTube - Report Link
Astonishing moment IDF elite force retakes military post overrun by Hamas, rescuing 250 hostages, ki... - Report Link
Watch: Israeli commandos lock horns with Hamas terrorists in daring operation - Report Link
Israeli Forces Storm Into Gaza with Infantry and Armor to Conduct "Localized Raids" (VIDEO) | The Ga... - Report Link
Israel tells UN to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip within 24 hours - Report Link
Israel says no exceptions to Gaza siege unless hostages freed | Reuters - Report Link
An Absolutely Massive Israeli Ground Invasion Of Gaza Appears To Be Imminent - Report Link
US sends hostage team to aid rescue of Americans, Israelis in Gaza, puts special ops teams on alert:... - Report Link
True Justice For Israel Is Executing All Members Of Hamas - Report Link
Israel Pounds Gaza With Fiercest Air Strikes Ever, Says Border Secured | - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Defense analyst: 'IDF planning on dealing a very heavy blow' - Report Link
Israel drafts 300,000 reservists as it goes on the offensive | Reuters - Report Link
Israel Defense Chief Orders 'Complete Siege' of Gaza | - Report Link
Israel shifts to 'offensive phase' of Gaza op after 700 killed - - Report Link
A Ground Invasion of Gaza is Coming: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Issues Stark Warning to Hamas... - Report Link

Do the US and the European countries support Israel's right to defend itself? - Report Link
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Amid tensions, Fatah offshoot accuses Islamist rivals of turning West Bank into Syria | The Times of... - Report Link
Hamas said considering resuming mass protests along Gaza border | The Times of Israel - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Hamas predicts next war will leave Israel without utilities - Report Link
Repeal of Disengagement Law for northern West Bank passes preliminary Knesset vote | The Times of Is... - Report Link
'PA slowly collapsing:' No end in sight to Judea and Samaria violence | ???? 7 - Report Link
DAY 2: Operation "Dawn" in numbers - Report Link
Gantz vows Islamic Jihad threat on Gaza border will be removed 'one way or another' | The Times of I... - Report Link
Israel launches major attack in Gaza, assassinates top commander, rockets fired at central Israel | ... - Report Link
Iran Turns Gaza Into Storehouse for Weapons - Report Link
Netanyahu: Hamas Will Face Major 'Surprise' Attack if the Rockets Continue | CBN News - Report Link
One million face hunger in Gaza after US cut to Palestine aid - Report Link
Despite tensions, Nakba Day protests in Gaza pass without major incident - Report Link
Thousands of Palestinians mark 'Nakba' with Gaza protests, West Bank marches - Report Link
PM vows 'forceful' response to Gaza as violence surges | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Israel steps up armored deployment on Gaza border, Egypt intervenes - Al Arabiya English - Report Link
'Israel sliding into war with Gaza' - Israel National News - Report Link
LIVE: More than 460 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza in escalation of violence - Report Link

Israel-Gaza violence erupts after covert op killings - BBC News - Report Link
Egypt intelligence release a draft of the Israel-Gaza peace agreement - Report Link
IDF: We attacked the new Hamas headquarters building - Report Link
Israel deports activists on 'women's boat' for Gaza - Report Link
A Look Inside the Latest Gaza Women's Flotilla - The activists on board are no peaceful bunch - Report Link
Israeli Navy Intercepts Women's Flotilla on Way to Break Gaza Blockade - Report Link
After airstrikes, Hamas said to appeal to Israel for calm - Report Link
Israeli jets strike Hamas targets in Gaza - Report Link
IDF seals off West Bank, Gaza for Rosh Hashana holiday - Report Link
Palestinian dies in Islamic Jihad tunnel in Gaza 'accident' - Report Link
As Gaza spirals downward, the IDF watches, digs in for the next fight - Report Link
Israel repeats promise to improve life in Gaza and the West Bank - Report Link
IAF attacks targets in Gaza Strip in retaliation for mortar fire - Report Link
Mortar fired from Gaza lands in Israel, no injuries - Report Link
Gaza was really looking forward to elections. Now voters feel robbed. - Report Link
Israel begins work on NIS 2 billion underground Gaza barrier - Report Link
Hamas and Fatah slug it out over Gaza City election on social media - video - Report Link
IAF strikes terrorist infrastructure targets in Gaza following the rocket attack in Sderot - Report Link
Gaza merchants protest Israel travel bans - Report Link
Hamas debunks its own lies of 'Gaza in ruins' - Report Link

13,000 families in Gaza still displaced two years after war with Israel - Report Link
Supreme Court rules against major state initiative to deter Gaza flotillas - Report Link
The future of Gaza: from city under siege to world tourism hub? - Report Link
Hamas-built underground tunnels from Gaza to Israel spark fear of new war - Report Link
Netanyahu asks Egyptian FM to help free Israelis held in Gaza - Report Link
Gaza Fishermen Feel Bite of Tightening Israeli Blockade - Report Link
Islamic Jihad fighter killed in Gaza tunnel collapse - Report Link
UNHCR Gaza employees hide map showing Palestine in place of Israel - Report Link
Hamas won't negotiate over Israelis held in Gaza - official - Report Link
Gaza Arabs demand UN stop Israel's anti-terror tunnel wall - Report Link
Fatah- Hamas reconciliation talks set to take place in Egypt next week - Report Link
Arab MK set to take part in new Gaza flotilla - Report Link
Palestinians report airstrike in Gaza, IDF says blasts from drill - Report Link
Israeli Electric Corporation to up supply to Gaza to avoid pollution - Report Link
Israel puts billions into multi-layer Gaza tunnel barrier - Report Link
Israel 'engaging' with ICC over Gaza war inquiry - Report Link
Two mortars fired from Gaza land in northern Negev - Report Link
Air Force attacks Gaza in reponse to mortar fire against IDF forces - Report Link
Gaza sewage poisons coastline, threatens Israel - Report Link
Seeing no end to power crisis, Gazans turn to solar power - Report Link

Hamas bolsters Gaza's Egypt border in bid to ease tensions - Report Link
Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza 'blood libel' - Report Link
Gazans launch campaign calling on Saudi Arabia to help them make pilgrimage to Mecca - Report Link
Report: Hamas taps over 1,000 terror operatives to dig Gaza tunnels - Report Link
Egyptian forces destroy 3-kilometer-long tunnel on Gaza border - Report Link
Report: Three Palestinians hurt, five missing in Gaza tunnel collapse - Report Link
Hamas vows retaliation for Israeli Gaza airstrikes - Report Link
Rockets from Gaza hit Sderot - Report Link
Israelis in south appeal to Ban: End Gaza blockade - Report Link
Hamas standing in West Bank and Gaza Strip weakens - Report Link
Women activists to launch freedom flotilla to break the siege on Gaza - Report Link
Expelling terrorists' families to Gaza 'illegal': Attorney General - Report Link
Report: At least five Hamas men trapped in Gaza tunnel collapse - Report Link
Hamas blasts Fatah official over threats to forcibly end its rule in Gaza - Report Link
Gazan economic crisis could lead to new security deterioration, MI chief warns - Report Link
Gaza bombing targets home of Shiite terror leader - Report Link
IDF warns Hamas is focusing on one major terror tunnel - Report Link
Egypt discovers iron tunnel network under Gaza border - Report Link
WATCH: Flash floods wreak havoc in Ashkelon - Report Link
ISIS Threatens to Declare War on Hamas - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link

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