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The Burden Against Gaza Print
Posted On May 10th, 2015
  Status:    In Progress 

This prophecy against Gaza speaks of a long series of events that will slowly destroy Gaza and make it almost completely uninhabitable.  As of this moment Gaza is a ghetto at best, and is quickly becoming uninhabitable due to the boycotts and terrorist activity, wars, and other events occurring in Gaza.  It may ultimately be finished off as a result of a war between Israel and Hamas.

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  Supporting Verses:   Zechariah 9 Zephaniah 2:4
  Teachings and Explanations: 
Zechariah 9 Commentary (Bobby Parschauer) - Report Link
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (145) 
Israel carries out air strikes on Gaza after rocket attack - Report Link
Iran Turns Gaza Into Storehouse for Weapons - Report Link
Netanyahu: Hamas Will Face Major 'Surprise' Attack if the Rockets Continue | CBN News - Report Link
Gazans launch dozens of fire balloons into Israel as hundreds riot on border | The Times of Israel - Report Link
One million face hunger in Gaza after US cut to Palestine aid - Report Link
Nearly 50 Palestinians Reportedly Injured in 'Nakba Day' Riots on Gaza Border - Report Link
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Avigdor Liberman: Next confrontation with Gaza must be the last - Middle East - Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Hamas: Fatah trying to drag Gaza into war with Israel - Middle East Monitor - Report Link
Tensions rise at Gaza border fence - Report Link
PM vows 'forceful' response to Gaza as violence surges | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Israel steps up armored deployment on Gaza border, Egypt intervenes - Al Arabiya English - Report Link
'Israel sliding into war with Gaza' - Israel National News - Report Link
Video shows bus hit by missile minutes after soldiers disembarked | The Times of Israel - Report Link

LIVE: More than 460 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza in escalation of violence - Report Link
Israel-Gaza violence erupts after covert op killings - BBC News - Report Link
Egypt intelligence release a draft of the Israel-Gaza peace agreement - Report Link
Israeli army says Syria ordered Gaza rocket fire with Iran backing - Al Arabiya English - Report Link
Islamic Jihad claims Gaza rocket fire; IDF says Iran, Syria responsible | The Times of Israel - Report Link
IDF: We attacked the new Hamas headquarters building - Report Link
IDF: At least 30 rockets launched into Israel from Gaza, Iron Dome intercepted about 10 - Report Link
Hamas calls for intifada in response to Gaza deaths - Report Link
Rivlin: Gaza about to collapse, epidemics on horizon | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Israel to close off West Bank, Gaza for Sukkot holiday - Report Link
IDF imposes general closure on Judea and Samaria, crossings to Gaza over Yom Kippur - Report Link
Israel deports activists on 'women's boat' for Gaza - Report Link
Defense minister: We're not looking for adventures in Gaza - Report Link
Gaza's radicals want Israel to topple Hamas - Report Link
Palestinian report: IDF artillery fired into Gaza in response to rocket fire - Report Link
A Look Inside the Latest Gaza Women's Flotilla - The activists on board are no peaceful bunch - Report Link
Israeli Navy Intercepts Women's Flotilla on Way to Break Gaza Blockade - Report Link
After airstrikes, Hamas said to appeal to Israel for calm - Report Link
Hamas warns it won't 'sit idly by' as IDF planes strike Gaza - Report Link
Israeli jets strike Hamas targets in Gaza - Report Link

IDF seals off West Bank, Gaza for Rosh Hashana holiday - Report Link
Palestinian dies in Islamic Jihad tunnel in Gaza 'accident' - Report Link
As Gaza spirals downward, the IDF watches, digs in for the next fight - Report Link
Israeli official: Gaza underground wall to be done in months - Report Link
3 Palestinians said hurt by IDF fire in riots on Gaza border - Report Link
Israel repeats promise to improve life in Gaza and the West Bank - Report Link
Americans 'unwelcome' in Gaza, warns militant chief after US terror label - Report Link
'Women's flotilla' to Gaza accuses Israel of causing delays - Report Link
IAF attacks targets in Gaza Strip in retaliation for mortar fire - Report Link
Mortar fired from Gaza lands in Israel, no injuries - Report Link
World Vision halts Gaza projects and cuts jobs amid claims funds sent to Hamas - Report Link
Gaza was really looking forward to elections. Now voters feel robbed. - Report Link
Israel begins work on NIS 2 billion underground Gaza barrier - Report Link
Lieberman to permit entry from Gaza into Israel if quiet maintained - Report Link
Israel to allow ICC visit on Gaza war mission - Report Link
US to citizens: Get out of Gaza - Report Link
Israel probe clears military of war crimes for three deadly attacks during 2014 Gaza War - Report Link
Hamas and Fatah slug it out over Gaza City election on social media - video - Report Link
Gaza becomes social media warzone ahead of Palestinian elections - Report Link
Hamas blames Israel for Gaza escalation - Report Link

IAF strikes terrorist infrastructure targets in Gaza following the rocket attack in Sderot - Report Link
Two years after war, rebuilding in Gaza is far from done, and international donors are bailing - Report Link
Gaza merchants protest Israel travel bans - Report Link
Hamas debunks its own lies of 'Gaza in ruins' - Report Link
Special envoy to the UN calls for immediate halt of aid money to Gaza - Report Link
13,000 families in Gaza still displaced two years after war with Israel - Report Link
Islamic Jihad to boycott Palestinian local elections - Report Link
Gaza portrayed as idyllic paradise in new Hamas propaganda video - Report Link
Supreme Court rules against major state initiative to deter Gaza flotillas - Report Link
PM, defense minister reject plan to build Gaza port on artificial island - Report Link
Third tunnel this month collapses on Gazan terror operatives - Report Link
New underground concrete barrier to encircle Gaza, stop terror tunnels - Report Link
Egypt rankled by Hamas's burgeoning ties to Islamic State - Report Link
The future of Gaza: from city under siege to world tourism hub? - Report Link
Israel halts postal service with Gaza 'to curb smuggling by terrorists' - Report Link
Hamas-built underground tunnels from Gaza to Israel spark fear of new war - Report Link
Netanyahu asks Egyptian FM to help free Israelis held in Gaza - Report Link
Gaza Fishermen Feel Bite of Tightening Israeli Blockade - Report Link
Islamic Jihad fighter killed in Gaza tunnel collapse - Report Link
Turkish ship to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza via Israeli port - Report Link

Erdogan rebukes Gaza flotilla organizers - Report Link
UNHCR Gaza employees hide map showing Palestine in place of Israel - Report Link
Hamas won't negotiate over Israelis held in Gaza - official - Report Link
Families demand Gaza return soldiers' bodies as Turkey ties set to restart - Report Link
Gaza Arabs demand UN stop Israel's anti-terror tunnel wall - Report Link
Israeli high-tech company extends hand to Gaza's programmers - Report Link
Fatah- Hamas reconciliation talks set to take place in Egypt next week - Report Link
PA discusses maritime borders for future state with Egypt - Report Link
Arab MK set to take part in new Gaza flotilla - Report Link
Palestinians say they are negotiating sea border with Egypt - Report Link
Palestinians report airstrike in Gaza, IDF says blasts from drill - Report Link
Israeli Electric Corporation to up supply to Gaza to avoid pollution - Report Link
Israel puts billions into multi-layer Gaza tunnel barrier - Report Link
Hamas tunnels crisscross entire length of the Gaza Strip, Israel says - Report Link
Israel 'engaging' with ICC over Gaza war inquiry - Report Link
Israeli military increases activity to find tunnels in Gaza territory: report - Report Link
Israel Allows Building Supplies to Enter Gaza Again - Report Link
US announces $50 million aid program for Gaza Strip - Report Link
Netanyahu vows to press hunt for Gaza tunnels - Report Link
Israel raids hit Gaza as violence flares for fourth day - Report Link

Arab world silent in face of Israeli 'aggression' in Gaza, Nasrallah says - Report Link
Two mortars fired from Gaza land in northern Negev - Report Link
Gaza clashes give residents a 'reminder' of war - Report Link
Air Force attacks Gaza in reponse to mortar fire against IDF forces - Report Link
IAF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to mortar fire - Report Link
Fresh mortar targets troops on Gaza border as violence persists - Report Link
Gaza sewage poisons coastline, threatens Israel - Report Link
Gaza pollution flows to Israel due to power shortages - Report Link
Seeing no end to power crisis, Gazans turn to solar power - Report Link
After Gaza tunnel uncovered by IDF, firm may have found 2nd - Report Link
Hamas bolsters Gaza's Egypt border in bid to ease tensions - Report Link
Hamas, not economy, the source of Gaza's woes, Amos Gilad says - Report Link
Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza 'blood libel' - Report Link
Gazans launch campaign calling on Saudi Arabia to help them make pilgrimage to Mecca - Report Link
Report: Hamas taps over 1,000 terror operatives to dig Gaza tunnels - Report Link
Africa starves while international community continues to lavish aid on Gaza - Report Link
Egyptian forces destroy 3-kilometer-long tunnel on Gaza border - Report Link
Gaza sewage floods into Israel, threatening water supply - Report Link
Hamas blasts Israel for cancelling Gazans' permits - Report Link
Report: Three Palestinians hurt, five missing in Gaza tunnel collapse - Report Link

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