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Jerusalem Will Become A Cup Of Trembling To All Nations Print
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  AKA:   Jerusalem Will Be a Burdonsome Stone
  Status:    Fullfilled 

Jerusalem will become a major center of focus, hatred, jealousy, and problems for the entire world.

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  Supporting Verses:   Zechariah 12:2-3
  Teachings and Explanations: 
A Cup of Trembling (Dr. Dan Tomlinson) - Report Link
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (46) 
Shock as Belgian representative slams the EU "Trump is right, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel" - ... - Report Link
PA files charges with UN court in bid to shutter US embassy in Jerusalem - Report Link
Trump hails anniversary of embassy relocation to Jerusalem - Report Link
Canadian who has vowed Jerusalem embassy move kicks off election bid - Report Link
"The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun" - Report Link
U.S. lawmakers urge UNESCO not to rewrite Jerusalem's history - Report Link
Security forces thwart suicide bus bombing in Jerusalem - Report Link
Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Meir Turgeman, says he will cancel construction plans in eastern Jerusale... - Report Link
Minister: Part of response to Jerusalem terror needs to be massive building in capital - Report Link
Police on high alert in Jerusalem following attack and before Yom Kippur - Report Link
Decorated police officer, former Knesset worker murdered in Jerusalem attack - Report Link
Israeli authorities face questions over failure to thwart Jerusalem terrorist - Report Link
Man carrying bombs tries to board tram in Jerusalem - Report Link
Police arrest suspected terrorist carrying explosive device in downtown Jerusalem - Report Link
Contentious UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem shelved - Report Link
In Jerusalem's cramped Old City, Christians feel the squeeze - Report Link
Herzog blasted by opposition party chief for offer to split Jerusalem - Report Link
Islamic State cell uncovered in east Jerusalem - Report Link
Jerusalem Syndrome: the madness that grips foreigners on the streets of the holy city - Report Link
Ethiopians march in Jerusalem over aliya stoppage - Report Link

Israel hunts Palestinian guns after Jerusalem shootings - Report Link
Amid bout of attacks, Netanyahu decides to complete barrier in Jerusalem area - Report Link
Most Israelis consider Jerusalem divided, poll finds - Report Link
New Proposal to Divide Jerusalem Unites People Against It - Report Link
'Architecture will play critical role in any proposal to divide Jerusalem' - Report Link
Possible Jerusalem attack thwarted: Two pipe bombs found at Herod's Gate - Report Link
2 Israeli Border Police Wounded in Stabbing Attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate - Report Link
Six attempted terror attacks foiled in Jerusalem, West Bank - Report Link
Jerusalemites torn over Herzog's proposal to give up Arab neighborhoods - Report Link
Haniyeh headlines Turkish conference to 'liberate Jerusalem' - Report Link
Report: Israel proposed that PLO form community police in east Jerusalem - Report Link
Human Rights Watch: Stop doing business in West Bank settlements - Report Link
Iran-backed jihadi group claims it's operating in West Bank, Jerusalem - Report Link
IDF destroys homes of two East Jerusalem terrorists - Report Link
'Fundamentalist' Jewish Terror a Growing Threat to Israel: Experts - Report Link
Hamas leader meets Turkish president amid talk of Jerusalem-Ankara detente - Report Link
Kerry: I Don't Know the Endgame for Israel - But Neither Do the Israelis - Report Link
Israeli President Rivlin heads to US to meet with Obama - Report Link
Colossal Prophetic Event Has Just Happened and It Involves Jerusalem- It’s About to Get Bumpy… ... - Report Link
John McTernan's Insights » JERUSALEM, JERUSALEM, JERUSALEM!!! (Court strikes down ‘born... - Report Link

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