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Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  Status:    Fulfilled 

Daniel predicts that there will be a massive explosion of knowledge and understanding.  Technology will also increase dramatically.  This prophecy has been fulfilled and will continue to be fulfilled in these last days.  In just the past hundred years along we have gone from the horse as the primary means of transportation and mechanical power to jets, cars, electricity, and more.  This prophecy can also be applied to bible and prophecy knowledge as well as there has been an explosion of knowledge related to the bible and prophecy in general in the last couple of centuries.

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  Supporting Verses:   Daniel 12:4
  Teachings and Explanations: 
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (139) 
How GPUs Are Disrupting High-Performance Computing | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Breakthrough Catalyst Turns Sewage Into Clean Energy | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Meta's experimental 'neural' wristband controller will be a real product that lets you type just by ... - Report Link
The Chinese have created a nuclear battery for smartphones that will run out only after 50 years - Report Link
Silk tougher than Kevlar thanks to genetically modified silkworms - Report Link
Scientists Trap Light Inside a Magnet | - Report Link
"Self-healing" metal discovery opens door for giant tech leap • - Report Link
An AT&T-backed cellular satellite company sent a 4G LTE signal from space - The Verge - Report Link
New hydrogel can extract unlimited amounts of water from the air, even in deserts • - Report Link
MetaVRain AI-powered 3D rendering chip is 1000x more powerful than current Nvidia GPUs - NotebookChe... - Report Link
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Small, convenient mosquito repellent device passes test to protect military personnel - News - Unive... - Report Link
Solid State Active Cooling Could Revolutionize Thermals - YouTube - Report Link
Computer architecture is being reimagined at Technion - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
The Shocking Truth About the Explosion of Knowledge | Marking the End Times with Dr. Mark Hitchcock ... - Report Link
Company extracting CO2 out of air scoops $10 million investment | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Mind-Controlled Wheelchairs: Study Shows Promising Possibilities For Paralyzed People | The Daily Wi... - Report Link
AI can speak to ANIMALS in a breakthrough that 'breaches the barrier of interspecies communication' ... - Report Link
Researchers make cyborg cockroaches that carry their own power packs | Ars Technica - Report Link
Scientists grow human brain cells in rats to study diseases | AP News - Report Link

'Sentient' brain cells in dish learn to play video game: study - Report Link
Inventor Builds Plane Made Entirely From Hemp, Runs On Hemp Oil & 10x Stronger Than Steel - Collecti... - Report Link
CIA Just Invested In Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Tech - Report Link
Israeli scientists produce 3D printer 'ink' capable of producing wood products | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Snickers, Starburst plant in Waco slashes water, energy use with new system | Local Business News | ... - Report Link
Transpod’s New All-Electric FluxJet ‘Train’ Travels Faster Than a Jet – Robb Report - Report Link
Scientists report major breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy - TheBlaze - Report Link
In DNA, scientists find solution to building superconductor that could transform technology - Report Link
Scientists reanimate dead cells in pigs, a potential breakthrough for organ transplants - Report Link
The U.S. Air Force is Gearing Up For Action With Its New Fighter-Mounted Lasers - The Debrief - Report Link
€2 billion ‘water battery’ turns on in Switzerland | The Independent - Report Link
ORNL releases findings in parallel universe experiment - Report Link
How Nanotech Can Help Solve the Fresh Water Crisis - YouTube - Report Link
Doctors transplant pig heart into human for first time - YouTube - Report Link
Physicists Confirm The Existence of Time Crystals in Epic Quantum Computer Simulation - Report Link
10 TINY Micro Robots and Nano Drones - YouTube - Report Link
The newest robots 2021 | Incredible and technologically advanced robots - YouTube - Report Link
TOP 7 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our World! - YouTube - Report Link
NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces troublesome spin test | Space - Report Link
Graffiti can now be removed in minutes without damaging underlying art | New Scientist - Report Link

We'll all be video-chatting each other over hologram by 2030, experts predict - Daily Star - Report Link
Synthetic organism undergoes cell division in breakthrough study - Report Link
Amazing Extreme Precision CNC Made Metal Block You Never Seen By Jingdiao - YouTube - Report Link
Fristam FKL-A Series Rotary Piston Pumps Supplied & Serviced by PureServe Systems - YouTube - Report Link
World's first artificial heart approved for sale in France - TheBlaze - Report Link
NASA scientists achieve long-distance quantum teleportation | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
Baby born from 27-year-old embryo believed to have broken record set by her big sister - CNN - Report Link
LIVE: Launch Of NASA's SpaceX To International Space Station - Breaking911 - Report Link
New nuclear engine concept could help realize 3-month trips to Mars - Report Link
Time Crystals: What Are They, How They Work - New State of Matter - Report Link
Scientists grow the first functioning mini human heart model - Report Link
Internet speed record shattered at 178 terabits per second - Report Link
Machine keeps human livers alive for one week outside of the body -- ScienceDaily - Report Link
Israeli medical breakthroughs successfully target Alzheimer's, liver cancer - Report Link
'Pumping heart patch' ready for human use - BBC News - Report Link
In bid for cutting-edge spy tech, Mossad expands scope of investment arm - Report Link
Johns Hopkins study explains why MDMA may help treat PTSD | Hub - Report Link
Faulty DNA breakthrough could lead to 'superior' children | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. - Report Link
Looming digital regulation has U.S. truck industry scrambling - Report Link

Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Mystery Mission Wings by 500 Days in Orbit - Report Link
The UN plans to launch its first space mission five years from now - Report Link
California approves unmanned self-driving car trials - Report Link
Artificial Pancreas Approved by FDA Marks a Global First - Report Link
World's first baby born using controversial new 'three-parent' technique - Report Link
Russian Airline Owner to Challenge Musk, Bezos in Space - Report Link
The era of robots: thousands of builders to lose jobs as machines take over, says construction boss - Report Link
Researchers create working transporter, but only manage to teleport photons - Report Link
Tech company creates facial image to help ID UNC student's killer - Report Link
Snapchat to sell Spectacles, sunglasses with an embedded camera - Report Link
Uber plans self-flying drone taxis to beat city traffic - Report Link
Self-driving car? How about a self-driving machine gun - Report Link
BBC builds a 'holographic' TV to see how we may watch shows in the future - Report Link
China's space station 'out of control' and on crash course to Earth - Report Link
Starship robots try out deliveries on SF sidewalks - Report Link
Man sues Samsung, saying Note 7 exploded in his pants - Report Link
Internet addiction could signal other problems - Report Link
China launches second trial space station - Report Link
SpaceX faces a more crowded rocket launch market, even when it returns to flight - Report Link
Move over DNA. Scientists can identify you based on the unique pattern of proteins in your hair - Report Link

Virgin Galactic restarts its flight test program for space tourism - Report Link
Firepower: 'Star Wars'-style speeders could carry US troops - Report Link
Mercedes to Transform Cars Into Roving Parking-Space Finders - Report Link
Microsoft's new 'holoportation' tech lets you jump into someone else's reality - Report Link
NASA's Juno spacecraft will snap the first up close images of Jupiter on Saturday - Report Link
The inside story of how billionaires are racing to take you to outer space - Report Link
Space tourism breakthrough? China working on hypersonic spaceplane with horizontal takeoff - Report Link
Temporary tattoo tells you when you're drunk - Report Link
Robo-suit and virtual reality reverse some paralysis in people with spinal cord injuries - Report Link
Many Brits seek digital 'detox' from average 25 hours per week online - Report Link
A start-up's race to harvest the moon's treasures - Report Link
Private company wins US clearance to fly to the moon - Report Link
North Korea hopes to plant flag on the moon - Report Link
Amazon gets OK from U.K. to test delivery drones - Report Link
These Bacterium-Mimicking Microbots May Be The Future Of Medicine - Report Link
7-Eleven Just Used a Drone to Deliver a Chicken Sandwich and Slurpees - Report Link
These Physicists Want to Send Your DNA Into Space With Lasers - Report Link
Storage device writes information atom-by-atom - Report Link
Google reportedly working on headset that mixes augmented and virtual reality - Report Link
Military Robotics Makers See a Future for Armed Police Robots - Report Link

Spooky clouds over CERN spark 'portal to other dimensions' theory - Report Link
10 Implausible Technologies From Fiction That Are On Their Way - Report Link
University of Calgary pays hackers more than $15,000 to recover from ransomware infection - Report Link
OHP Uses New Device To Seize Money Used During The Commission Of A Crime - Report Link
The Web's Creator Looks to Reinvent It - Report Link
Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity - Report Link
'Israel is the center of the digital future' - Report Link
Japanese engineers say their flying cars will be in the air by the Tokyo Olympics - Report Link
Foxconn replaces '60,000 factory workers with robots' - Report Link
Robot ranchers monitor animals on giant Australian farms - Report Link
Facebook has a new feature that lets you watch the world in real time - Report Link
Chinese technology giant Huawei Prepares for Robot Overlords and Communication with the Dead - Report Link
Scientists use 'cosmic rays' to peek inside Egypt's pyramids - Report Link
Next big thing for virtual reality: lasers in your eyes - Report Link
'Death ray' could be used at Heathrow to shut down flying drones - Report Link
Cutting-edge theatre: world's first virtual reality operation goes live - Report Link
Samsung Patents Contact Lenses With Built-In Camera - Report Link
Giant remote-controlled cyborg beetles could replace drones - Report Link
Hybrid Drone-Blimps May Be Flying Billboards of the Future - Report Link
Google to urge U.S. Congress to help get self-driving cars on roads - Report Link

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