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Posted On January 5th, 2015
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In the last days drug use, both illegal and pharmaceutical, will be rampant and out of control.  This is the "pharmakeia" or "sorceries" spoken of in the bible.

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  Supporting Verses:   Revelation 9:21
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  Proofs and Fulfillments: (144) 
"These Are Numbers We Have Never Seen Before": Drug Overdose Deaths Hit Record High During Pandemic ... - Report Link
Woman claiming to be Harry Potter accused in hit-and-run death of federal judge - Report Link
Customs at JFK Detect Cocaine in Can of Tomato Paste - Breaking911 - Report Link
21 Face Federal Charges In Bust Of 'Astonishing' Drug Ring At UNC, Duke, App State - Breaking911 - Report Link
'HISTORIC' CARTEL BUST: Agents Seize Millions in Cash, Massive Quantities of Cocaine & Fentanyl; .50... - Report Link
South American drug cartels launch fleet of narco subs | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
OxyContin maker to plead guilty to federal criminal charges, pay $8 billion, and will close the comp... - Report Link
HUGE! As We Predicted -- Dr. Fauci Praises New Tests on Expensive Gilead Drug Remdesivir but Sneared... - Report Link
Cartels Push Huge Amounts of Meth, Fentanyl Into US - Report Link
Practice Fusion, once backed by top VCs, pushed doctors to prescribe opioids in kickback scheme | Te... - Report Link
Florida man with Down syndrome died in hot car as caretaker slept off kratom overdose: sheriff | Fox... - Report Link
OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma expected to file for bankruptcy after stalled settlement talks | Fox N... - Report Link
Johnson & Johnson opioid trial begins in Oklahoma - ABC News - Report Link
Inside Venezuela's torturous intelligence and drug-running branch SEBIN | Fox News - Report Link
A Common-Sense Ruling on Death Penalty Drugs | The American Spectator - Report Link
135 officers arrest 50 people in massive Connecticut heroin bust: 11 suspects on the run | Fox News - Report Link
40 U.S. states sue Teva, other drugmakers for 'multi-billion dollar fraud on the American peopl... - Report Link
All illegal drugs in Mexico could be decriminalized in radical government plan - Report Link
Vaccinated Flight Attendant in Coma - Report Link
Nearly One in Two Americans Takes Prescription Drugs - Report Link

Denver first in U.S. to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms - Report Link
FDA: Big Pharma Drugs Are Making People Kill Themselves While They Sleep | Zero Hedge - Report Link
XXXchurch Pastor Craig Gross promotes 'Christian Cannabis,' says weed makes it easier to w... - Report Link
100 arrested as Florida drug bust nets enough fentanyl 'to kill everyone in Brevard County'... - Report Link
Officials Crack Down On Church Using Marijuana As Sacrament - Report Link
Doctors admit vaccines are harmful and turn our immune systems against us - - Report Link
Former Big Pharma CEO Arrested for Conspiracy for Fostering Opioid Crisis - DC Dirty Laundry - Report Link
Twenty people indicted for their roles in a conspiracy to obtain large amounts of heroin, fentanyl a... - Report Link
BREAKING: Certain medications cause people to commit murder... homicide risk increased by 31% to 200... - Report Link
Big Pharma Losing Grip as Study Shows Nearly 100% Cannabis Users Give Up Rx Pain Meds - Report Link
First major drug distribution company, former executives, criminally charged in opioid crisis - Report Link
Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress - Collective Evolution - Report Link
Heroin disguised as SweetTarts found in Upstate NY; police issue warning - - Report Link
2019 DOJ Report on Vaccine Court Reveals Vaccines Continue to Injure and Kill People: $110 MILLION i... - Report Link
Maine House gives initial OK to removal of nonmedical vaccination exemptions - Politics - Bangor Dai... - Report Link
Marijuana Laced With Fentanyl Hits Tennessee * Green Rush Daily - Report Link
Starbucks rolls out drug needle disposal bins to follow up addict-friendly open bathroom policy - RT... - Report Link
Vaccines ... Cancer in a Syringe! | Elevation Health - Report Link
Blood pressure medication recalled for 4th time due to possible cancer-causing carcinogen | WTVC - Report Link
Iowa authorities on high alert as 4/20 weekend approaches - Report Link

Hearing the mothers who can't speak on the record - - Report Link
New Senate Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Nationwide And Erase Possession Charges | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Fentanyl Changed the Opioid Epidemic. Now It's Getting Worse - Rolling Stone - Report Link
Fentanyl is the deadliest drug in America, CDC confirms | - Report Link
Marijuana is legal in Michigan today | - Report Link
Employees and execs are failing drug tests at shocking rates - Report Link
City under siege from new drug called monkey dust that turns users into violent super-strong maniacs... - Report Link
Opioid Israel - HEALTH & SCIENCE - Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Drug overdoses killed more Americans last year than the Vietnam War - CBS News - Report Link
In effort to combat opioid epidemic, Philadelphia plans safe-injection sites - Report Link
Powerful opioids are easily sold through the Internet and shipped in the mail, investigation finds - Report Link
'A bloody scene': 3 killed, 12 wounded in gun battle at LA restaurant - Report Link
China says supports Philippines' Duterte drug war - Report Link
Voters will consider new marijuana rules in nine states - Report Link
'I'll humiliate you': Duterte challenges West to probe Philippines drugs war - Report Link
In Duterte's war on drugs, local residents help draw up hit lists - Report Link
Girl alerts bus driver to parents' death from apparent drug overdose - Report Link
Oregon begins recreational marijuana sales on Saturday - Report Link
Heartbreaking Video Shows Toddler Trying To Revive Unconscious Mom On Store Floor - Report Link
This is America on drugs: A visual guide - Report Link

'I played stoned': Some NFL players love getting high before kickoff - Report Link
State lawmaker threatens funding for Nashville, Memphis over pot bills - Report Link
Cannabis becomes new Californian gold rush - Report Link
Man high on mojo used 'superhuman strength' to punch officers, steal police car - Report Link
The Justice Department Enlists Help to Fight the Opioid Epidemic - Report Link
Prescription heroin gets the green light in Canada - Report Link
TV Goes to Pot: Marijuana-Themed Series Light Up the Small Screen - Report Link
Ecstasy making a comeback as purity rises in MDMA form, experts warn - Report Link
Drug Linked to Ohio Overdoses Can Kill in Doses Smaller than a Snowflake - Report Link
Inside Skid Row's Spice epidemic, the dangerous cost of a dollar high - Report Link
US Marijuana Use Grows As Fewer People Worry About the Risks - Report Link
Burning Man Turns 30: The Joys, Pitfalls (and Drugs) of Hollywood's "Vacation for the Soul... - Report Link
Pot Twist: Some marijuana activists urge 'no' vote on legalization - Report Link
Heroin laced with elephant tranquilizer hits the streets - Report Link
Suspected face-biter may have ingested 'caustic' chemicals from garage, sheriff says - Report Link
LSD Might Make You More Creative - Report Link
Seattle could open housing for homeless where it's OK to use heroin - Report Link
W. Va. city swamped by overdoses, as nation battles surging opioid epidemic - Report Link
DA warns of drug '10,000 times' more powerful than heroin - Report Link
Duterte Slams UN for 'Interfering' in Philippine Drug War - Report Link

'America's other drug problem': Giving the elderly too many prescriptions - Report Link
Marijuana candy sickens 19 at quinceanera - Report Link
Jerusalem may be facing 'major' Heroin problem - Report Link
Dozens of Philippine officials turn themselves in after president publicly accuses them of drug ties... - Report Link
Rio 2016: Russia medal-winner accuses West of new Cold War over drug-cheat scandal - Report Link
24 hospitalized in drug overdose at Ohio music festival - Report Link
Philippine Leader Rodrigo Duterte Links Judges, Politicians, Police to Illegal Drug Trade - Report Link
Entire Russian team banned from competing in Rio Paralympics over doping - Report Link
Human toll as bodies pile up in Philippine drug war - Report Link
Big Pharma is jacking up the price of the 'antidote' to the overdose crisis - Report Link
Drug dealers in Rio are using the Olympic logo to sell cocaine - Report Link
Soaring prison population prompts Thailand to re-think 'lost' drug war - Report Link
Calls for Russian ban at Rio Games spark tension ahead of doping report - Report Link
How black-market OxyContin spurred a town's descent into crime, addiction and heartbreak - Report Link
Philippines' Duterte Follows Through on Drug War Promises - Thirty "drug dealers" hav... - Report Link
Synthetic marijuana 'K2' epidemic is taking over Bedford-Stuyvesant - Report Link
California among 8 states to vote on legal weed in November - Report Link
Heroin use at 20-year high in U.S. drug 'epidemic', U.N. says - Report Link
Free meals for doctors sway their drug prescribing, study says - Report Link
Flushing out a new high: addicts stage a run on Imodium - Report Link

What Is Fentanyl? The Drug That Killed Prince Has Killed Thousands of Others - Report Link
Ecstasy use jumps in Europe, no longer just a dance drug: report - Report Link
Cannabis use linked to gene mutation - Report Link
The states prescribing the most painkillers aren't the ones you think - Report Link
Spice: Americans turn to dangerous 'synthetic marijuana' to evade drug tests - Report Link
Colombia to send jets against criminal gangs - Report Link
Runner's high: the athletes who use marijuana to improve their training - Report Link
Here's why the opioid epidemic is so bad in West Virginia - the state with the highest overdose... - Report Link
Skid Row overdoses likely caused by tainted batch of street drug Spice - Report Link
Marijuana 'grow operations' found at Ohio slaying sites - Report Link
Heavy teen marijuana use may cut life short by age 60 - Report Link
TMZ: Prince treated for drug overdose days before his death - Report Link
Mexico President Pena Nieto proposes relaxing marijuana laws - Report Link
Bud for Buddy: These People Are Giving Marijuana to Their Pets - Report Link
Canada to push for making sale marijuana legal - Report Link
Drug tunnel found in Otay Mesa equipped with rail system, elevator - Report Link
The war on drugs has failed. Now the U.N. is thinking about legalization - Report Link
Five dead at Argentina music festival took 'toxic' drugs - Report Link
Marijuana Advocates Protest With Giant Joint Outside White House - Report Link
U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Referee State Disputes Over Marijuana - Report Link

70 pounds of cocaine found at LAX after flight attendant flees, police say - Report Link
Marijuana Economy May Hit $44 Billion By 2020 - Report Link
US marijuana industry may reach $44 billion by 2020 - report - Report Link
Mexico governor floats idea of medical opium growing to reduce drug violence - Report Link
Anxiety Drug Overdoses in U.S. Hit Record Levels - Report Link
$1 billion dollar drug bust in Australia - Report Link
How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America - Report Link
How drug traffickers are using legal marijuana to evade the law - Report Link
Kosher cannabis: New York medical pot grower says products are certified by the Orthodox Union - Report Link
America's painkiller epidemic grips the workplace - Report Link
Drug Overdose Deaths Hit 'Alarming' New Record in U.S., CDC Says - Report Link
High School Seniors Now Prefer Marijuana to Cigarettes - Report Link
Mexico issues first permit to grow and use marijuana - Report Link
Psychiatric Drugs Are Being Prescribed to Infants - Report Link
Going to pot? Canada leads way in legalizing marijuana - Report Link
Bible Study Group Combines Faith, Marijuana Joints - Report Link
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders use faulty data to support marijuana reform - Report Link
Complaints skyrocket over syringes on streets in S.F. - Report Link
More Than 70 Overdose Cases Reported in Chicago in 72 Hours - Report Link
Advocacy Group: Commercialization Of Legal Pot Has Led To ‘Epidemic’ For Colorado Kids « C... - Report Link

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