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Posted On November 27th, 2018

Taken from Patreon:

Amanda Grace Endured a 16 year battle with an uncommon autoimmune neuropathy called small fiber neuropathy that ended her up in a wheelchair in 2014, unable to move from the waist down. With mountain moving faith and God's intervention she miraculously got up out that wheelchair and started an incredible Journey with the Lord to health and Redemption from what she lost. Prophetically Charged Mountain Moving faith is what Amanda Grace preaches as she teaches the Word of God to Others and brings encouragement to those enduring a difficult time. She also has an animal sanctuary, Ark of Grace, that she frequently incorporates into her you tube channel and Biblical teachings. Amanda desires to see those persevere with the help of the Lord and truly turn their trials into testimonies.

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  Prophecies: 43 
 Mega Banks Collapse -  In Progress 
 The Rise of a New American Political Party -  In Progress 
 Power Outages and Cyber Attacks On The Grid -  Partial Fulfillment 
 Global Economic Reset -  In Progress 
 The Fall of Green Energy -  In Progress 
 Russia, Ukraine and the Oil Wars -  Fullfilled 
 A Famine In The Midst Of Plenty -  In Progress 
 The Shakeup Of The Church -  In Progress 
 The UK shall be shaken -  In Progress 
 The Fall And Rebirth Of the EU -  In Progress 
 The Transformation of the Supreme Court -  In Progress 
 Massive Exodus of People From America -  Pending 
 Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii -  Pending 
 Abortion Will End -  In Progress 
 God will use Trump to shake up America's enemies -  Fullfilled 
 The News Media Will Be Shaken -  In Progress 
 America and Israel Will Become Oil Super Powers -  In Progress 
 Five Presidents Shall Fall -  Partial Fulfillment 
 The Spiritual Rebirth of Canada -  In Progress 
 The Arrest and Removal Of Those Who Are Corrupt -  In Progress 
 A Worldwide Pre-Tribulation "End of Age" Harvest and Revival -  In Progress 
 The Roman Catholic Church Will Be Shaken -  In Progress 
 The Remaking of the Media -  In Progress 
 Failure of the Oroville Dam -  Pending 
 The Fall of the UN -  In Progress 
 Russia and China Will Be Put In Their Place -  In Progress 
 A Lesser and Greater Virus -  In Progress 
 Miraculous Cures For Many Diseases Revealed -  In Progress 
 God Will Anoint Judges to Bring Justice, and Remove Corrupt Judges -  In Progress 
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