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The Roman Catholic Church Will Be Shaken Print
Posted On December 9th, 2018
  AKA:   The RCC will be exposed for the fraud it is, Major Archeological Dig Will Expose the Truth About The RCC
  Status:    In Progress 

The summary of this prophecy is that there will be an Archeological dig (or perhaps several) that will happen in the near future, somewhere between Jerusalem and Vatican City, that will expose the truth of what the RCC truly is, what they're truly doing, and most importantly, all of the biblical truth they've be hiding, behind a veil of lies.

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  P  Amanda Grace  
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Mark Taylor  
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (68) 
Pope Francis Removes Cross from Event in Malta So Not to Upset Illegal Muslim Migrants - Report Link
April 2021: Vatican announces two changes to its legal system for corruption cases - YouTube - Report Link
Cardinal, 9 others on trial at Vatican in money scandals | Fox News - Report Link
Pope Francis unveils major revision of Church penal code addressing sex abuse issues — RT World Ne... - Report Link
Kentucky priest accused of sex abuse reinstated by Vatican - Washington Times - Report Link
Ex-L.A. County priest charged with sexually abusing children - Los Angeles Times - Report Link
Report On Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Finds Hundreds Of Cases In Germany - Report Link
Vatican low on reserves to cover deficit, seeking donations - Report Link
Was the Vatican Raided? Explaining Viral Claims of Vatican Blackout - Report Link
Nine Catholic bishops with COVID-19 die in a single week - Report Link
Catholic Church Is Infiltrated by Globalists: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano - Report Link
Pope Francis calls for civil union law for same-sex couples, in shift from Vatican stance - Report Link
Catholic leaders issue sharp warning on pope after he embraces gay unions - Report Link
Pope calls for civil unions for same-sex couples, in major departure from Vatican doctrine - Report Link
Sacked cardinal ‘used Vatican funds to bribe witnesses in Pell trial’ - Report Link
Powerful Vatican Cardinal Becciu resigns amid scandal - Report Link
Ex-Muslims expose Muslim-Catholic dialogue as deceptive exercise in proselytizing for Islam - Report Link
Pope Francis Entrusts China to the Protection of Virgin Mary - Report Link
Vatican finances, what is going on? The Malta case - By Andrea Gagliarducci - Report Link
Pope dreams of post-virus world where inequalities abolished - Report Link

Pope Francis drops 'Vicar of Christ' title in Vatican yearbook | News | LifeSite - Report Link
Maltese Court orders seizure of €29.5m of assets belonging to 'Vatican Bank' - Report Link
Francis predicts he won't be pope for long, says he misses pizza - CBS News - Report Link
Coronavirus: Rome Bows to State Decree Suspending All Public Masses - Report Link
Cardinal Zen: Vatican Is 'Giving Everything' to China's Communists - Report Link
Catholic universities in Belgium to help train Muslim imams | News | LifeSite - Report Link
In surprise, Benedict openly defends clerical celibacy as Francis considers married priests - Report Link
If the Vatican wanted to destroy the Church, how would it behave differently? | Opinion | LifeSite - Report Link
LGBT Jesuit Priest Showcases Gay Jesus Art - Report Link
Roman Pope & Top Muslim Sign One World Religion Agreement - Signs Of The Last Days - Report Link
Pope Francis Warns: 'Fundamentalism Is a Plague' - Report Link
Pope Considering Adding 'Sin Against Ecology' to Church's Catechism - Report Link
Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler - Reuters - Report Link
Catholic sexual abuse: Accused priests aren't on sex offender registry - Report Link
RORATE CÆLI: Op-ed: "Was a demon enthroned at the Amazon Synod?" - Report Link
What We All Knew Was Coming: Antipope Bergoglio Denies the Divinity of Christ | Barnhardt - Report Link
Pope Francis, Humanism, The One World Religion, And The New World Order - YouTube - Report Link
Thousands of Bones From Dozens of Humans Discovered at Vatican - Report Link
Catholic Church declares obedience to the Pope declared necessary for Salvation - Report Link
4.2 Million Americans Abandon The Catholic Church In Protest Of Pope Francis | Neon Nettle - Report Link

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children - Report Link
NY Bishop Claims Age of Consent Should be 7 Years Old | Humans Are Free - Report Link
Pope Francis Declares 'There Is No Hell' - Vatican Disagrees | Michael Stone - Report Link
Beggars All: Reformation And Apologetics: World Magazine reports mass exodus from Roman Catholicism - Report Link
Mass exodus | Columns | - Report Link
Why churches should brace for a mass exodus of the faithful - Report Link
Mass exodus continues from German Catholic Church : News Headlines | Catholic Culture - Report Link
Prominent clergy, scholars accuse Pope Francis of heresy in open letter | News | LifeSite - Report Link
Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican - Report Link
Most Roman Catholic priests in the Vatican are gay: new book - Report Link
Roman Pope & Top Muslim Sign One World Religion Agreement - Signs Of The Last Days - Report Link
Roman Catholicism - YouTube - Report Link
Nearly 400 Predator Priests Identified in Illinois - Report Link
Pedophile Priest, Who Raped 150 Children, Killed in Prison by Own Victim | Neon Nettle - Report Link
Brownback: Vatican deal lets Communists control leadership of Chinese church - Report Link
Catholic Church scandal: 395 priests, deacons accused of abuse in Ill. - Report Link
U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children - Report Link
Pope nixes French cardinal resignation after cover-up | Fox News - Report Link
Former Vatican treasurer jailed for sexual abuse of choir boys - International news - Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Vatican to open secret WWII archives of wartime pontiff Pius XII - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post - Report Link

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