The Roman Catholic Church Will Be Shaken
Posted On December 9th, 2018
  AKA:   The RCC will be exposed for the fraud it is, Major Archeological Dig Will Expose the Truth About The RCC
  Status:   Pending: 1   In Progress: 2   Partial Fulfillment: 2   Fulfilled: 3  

The summary of this prophecy is that there will be an Archeological dig (or perhaps several) that will happen in the near future, somewhere between Jerusalem and Vatican City, that will expose the truth of what the RCC truly is, what they're truly doing, and most importantly, all of the biblical truth they've be hiding, behind a veil of lies.

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  PF  Amanda Grace (5) 
  IP  Amanda Grace (15) 
  PF  Chris Reed (3) 
  F  Julie Green (26) 
  F  Julie Green (5) 
  F  Julie Green (20) 
  P  Julie Green  
  IP  Mark Taylor (56) 
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