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The Judgment of the Educational System Print
Posted On November 17th, 2019
  AKA:   The Death of Colleges, The Collapse of Higher Education, The Judgment of Colleges and Higher Education
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This prophecy speaks of the collapse, and judgment of the educational institutions of this nation (USA) and the world as a whole.  This includes not just colleges and universities, but also K12 education, with a shift away from the mainstream classical federal/state education systems, of whom teach a wide variety of anti-freedom, and anti-God ideologies and doctrines.  All of those will fall, and be replaced by Godly, Christ centered, pro-nationalistic, pro-family teaching that properly educates children, and young adults, rather than indoctrinating them.  There is also discussion of the collapse of student loans as they are predatory in nature.

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Eight former teachers appear in court accused of historic child cruelty and sexual abuse | Daily Mai... - Report Link
FL School Board Member Brags About Members Being 'Woke' - Report Link
Texas Teacher Gets 60 Day Prison Sentence for Sex with 6th Grader - Report Link
Oklahoma education secretary: Teachers injecting 'sick material' in schools should be kicked out of ... - Report Link
Appeals Court Rules Religious Schools Have Right to Choose Faithful Leaders, Dismisses Gay Ex-Employ... - Report Link
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Northern Arizona University to Require Four Diversity Courses to Graduate - Intellectual Takeout - Report Link
Georgia elementary school under fire for new logo that resembles Nazi symbol - CBS News - Report Link
Growing Number of K-12 Teachers Charged With Child Sex Crimes in Recent Months: Analysis - Report Link
Ron DeSantis at Moms for Liberty's summit: "Our school system is for educating kids, not indoctrinat... - Report Link
College refuses to pay libel judgment, so racks up $4,300 interest per day! - Report Link
More private schools denounce homosexuality, diverse gender identity in enrolment contracts - ABC Ne... - Report Link
School board director who owns a sex shop plans to teach children as young as 9 about pleasure | Dai... - Report Link
Woke National Teachers Union Agenda Includes Mandatory Masks, Vaccines and Banning the Words Mother ... - Report Link
Principal accused of trying to fire white staff because of their race created school of 'insanity' |... - Report Link
Why are Universities so Left-wing? | Thomas Sowell - YouTube - Report Link

Ex-USC coach, couple avoid prison time in college admissions scandal - Los Angeles Times - Report Link
Senate approves limits on 'sexually explicit' content, gender identity discussions in schools - Penn... - Report Link
Loudoun County Public Schools hit with lawsuit for 'moral corruption of children,' parental 'violati... - Report Link
AZ Legislature Passes Universal School Choice Legislation, Expanding Empowerment Scholarship Account... - Report Link
Joseph Favrin principal of Loyola College in Melbourne is charged with sex crimes | Daily Mail Onlin... - Report Link
Arizona House approves voucher access for all K-12 students | Local news | - Report Link
Half Of The 50 States Have Now Ditched The NSBA For Targeting Parents - Report Link
Parents flee public school system as this other option sees surge in enrollment - Report Link
Chuck Schumer Blocks GOP School Safety Effort | Republican Report - Report Link
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Texas Leaves NSBA After White House Collusion Revealed - Report Link
Santa Ana substitute teacher arrested on suspicion of molesting 4 children in classroom - ABC7 Los A... - Report Link
California teacher suspected of molesting four kids in classroom - Report Link
Johns Hopkins hire trans professor Allyn Walker who defended pedophiles as 'minor attracted persons'... - Report Link
D.C. School Asks Students to Inform on Their 'Racist' Family Members - Report Link
Ohio school president in Indiana Predator Catchers video resigns - Report Link
Fox Host Kennedy Says ABOLISH All Public Schools! (REACTION) - YouTube - Report Link
Congressman Proposes a Single-Line Bill That Would Revolutionize Education in America, Overnight - Report Link
Lawsuit Filed Against Missouri School District After Autistic Teen Was Raped Twice By Other Students - Report Link
University limits science position to 'women, transgender, non-binary or 2-spirit' persons - Report Link

Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks ‘Marxist Lesbian’ As... - Report Link
University contacted US gov't to help fight investigations into aborted baby tissue research: docume... - Report Link
California Parents Allege Teacher, Admin Conspired To Teach Eight-Year-Olds About Gender, Sex | The ... - Report Link
Community college spends $124,000 on 'diversity lecture series'—would have covered tuition for 20 ... - Report Link
Melbourne teacher charged with committing sexual abuse at schools, public places - Report Link
Plymouth University tells women not to challenge people they think might be men using their toilets ... - Report Link
United Nations calls for more regulations to be placed on homeschooling - LifeSite - Report Link
University of Adelaide maths professor Joshua Ross accused of rape and sexual harassment in tribunal... - Report Link
Four More School Teachers Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Minors - Report Link
Lack Of Attention Allowed Special Interests To Take Over Schools: Journalist Luke Rosiak | ZeroHedge - Report Link
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See Washington's 2021 Public School Test Scores, They're A Disaster - Report Link
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Woke College Officials Who Booted Defiant Math Professor Get Worst News Yet from a Federal Court - Report Link
Cornell University makes students take their finals remotely and cancels athletics amid virus spike - Report Link
Everything that's wrong with American education summed up in one image - American Thinker - Report Link
Professor Punished For Not Seeing Racism In Music Theory, Sues University | MRCTV - Report Link
Maine public school enrollment remains low after sharp decline in 2020 - - Report Link
School threatens unmasked students with trespassing charges - Report Link
Over half of teachers' union members say they might quit jobs - Report Link

School cancels itself when teachers stage sickout - Report Link
ACLU’s attacks on education transparency are an attack on democracy | Washington Examiner - Report Link
Begun, the College Wars Have | Bacon's Rebellion - Report Link
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Over 25% Of College Degrees Have A Negative Return On Investment | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Seattle schools cancel class due to staffing shortage, district says | Fox News - Report Link
Harvard Goes Full Marx: Panel Calls for ‘Bold Action’ to Ensure ‘Equality of Outcomes’ - Report Link
Louisiana State University Begins Disenrolling Students Not Compliant With Vaccine Rules | ZeroHedge - Report Link
National Guard Activated in Massachusetts to Take Children to School - Report Link
High School Barred Students From Commemorating 9/11 Over 'Racial Insensitivity' | ZeroHedge - Report Link
How Colorado Parents Created A 'No Politics' Public School For Their Kids - Report Link
Hostile school board meetings have members calling it quits - Report Link
Oregon Students Can Now Graduate WITHOUT Being Able To READ - YouTube - Report Link
This Is What Harvard Looks Like Now - Report Link
Unvaccinated Quinnipiac University Students will Face Weekly Fines, Lose Access to Wi-Fi - Report Link
Matt Walsh Eviscerates School Board's Mask Mandate: Forcing Your Child to Wear a Mask Is Child Abuse - Report Link

Oregon gov suspends math, reading requirements for HS grads - Report Link
The ACLU Has It Backward: Schools Could Be Sued For Teaching CRT - Report Link
Rhode Island Teachers Union Sues Mom Over CRT Public Records Request - Report Link
CRT BACKFIRES as School Board Recalls SURGE Across Nation!!! - Choice Clips - Report Link
Fox Host Sounds Off: While Professors Worry About Pronouns, Americans Are Last in Science - Report Link
CRT group promoted by Biden admin has ties to top Education Department officials | Fox News - Report Link
National Freedom Forum: Federal Department of Education Cancels CRT Funding - Report Link
2 educators fired for opposing transgender advocacy in schools - Report Link
'Let them die': Virginia PTA official resigns over comments at critical race theory rally - Report Link
Missouri School District Accepts Money to Create '1619 Project' Lessons - Report Link
"YOU'RE DONE!" Screams Pennsbury School Board to Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory - YouTube - Report Link
Mom of Bullied Daughter Says California Schools Taught Kids to Be ‘Ashamed That We’re White’ - Report Link
Largest teachers union says critical race theory is 'reasonable and appropriate' for kids | Fox News - Report Link
Virginia Gov Candidate Unveils Plan To Stop Standards-Lowering, Ideology In Schools | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Documents: Indiana State University Funds Critical Race Theory - Report Link
A crisis is looming for U.S. colleges — and not just because of the pandemic - Report Link
Analysis finds hundreds of colleges show serious financial warning signs - Report Link
College is Over 2 | 50% of colleges will be shut down in 10 years - YouTube - Report Link
50% of Universities Will Be Bankrupt in 10-15 Years - Report Link
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HBS prof says 50% of US colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years - Report Link
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Law school dean who booted pro-Trump professor is removed from his own job | The College Fix - Report Link
This Tennessee College Is Hitting Unvaccinated Students With A $1,500 Charge... - Report Link
How An Army of Pissed-Off Moms Are Single-Handedly Destroying The Left's Marxist Plot - Revolver - Report Link
New Jersey school removes holiday names from calendar - Report Link
California Teachers' Union Activist Has History of Anti-Semitic Posts - Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
Baltimore Schools Pass Failing Students to 'Avoid Punitive Approach' - Report Link
Student fights university's cancel culture, wins big settlement - Report Link
"Look at Me!" Black Mother Takes Blowtorch to Critical Race Theory in Front of School Board - Report Link
'Eradicate' white people, urges student-government candidate - Report Link
Carville: 'Wokeness' Is the Politics of the Faculty Lounge -- 'Just Idiotic' - Report Link
California Cypress College professor flips out after student calls police 'heroes': video | Fox News - Report Link
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Leftist Kindergarten Curriculum Teaches Kids To Abolish The Police - Mommy Underground - Report Link
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Minnesota College Requires Monthly 'Antiracism' Staff Training — Separated by Race – RedState - Report Link
Colleges Nationwide Mandate COVID Vaccine for Returning Students - Activist Post - Report Link

Teacher to Students: Let's Watch George Floyd Die but Don't Tell Mom | - Report Link
University of California victim of nationwide ransomware attack | KTLA - Report Link
Bard College Receives $500 Million Endowment Pledge from Investor and Philanthropist George Soros - Report Link
Glenn Beck reveals newly approved CA school curriculum - TheBlaze - Report Link
CT school shows second-graders cartoon featuring erect penis - Report Link
Professors Call for Transparency in Colleges' Ties to China - Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
Census Bureau Reports Doubling of Homeschooling - UncoverDC - Report Link
Teachers Union Honchos Infiltrate PTAs, Depriving Parents Of Their Own Group | The Daily Wire - Report Link
New curriculum mandates teaching atheism in public schools - Report Link
Teachers Plot Against Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum - Report Link
Most American Schools Are Damaging Your Child - Report Link
Ivy League School Offers Rock Climbing Class for Everyone But White Students – RedState - Report Link
Citing Racial Inequities, Boston Public Schools Suspend New Advanced Learning Classes - Report Link
Smith College employee resigns, accuses college of ‘racially hostile environment’ - - Report Link
Dumb-down: University’s BLM Essay Contest Won’t Require Proper English - The New American - Report Link
Farage: China-Linked Firms Buying UK Schools Is 'Communist Takeover' - Report Link
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Blames Teachers Unions For Keeping Schools Closed | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Elementary School Forces Students to Celebrate "Black Communism" - Report Link
University of Phoenix wants its money back from GOP group tied to D.C. rally - Report Link
University overrun by social-justice ideology, says scholars' new report - Report Link

Biden DOJ Drops Race-Based Discrimination Case Against Yale Brought by Trump Administration - Report Link
UMich Sentiment Weakens In January As Republicans Hope Slumps | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Campus Reform | U.K. university creates protections for 'student sex workers' - Report Link
University inclusion official: White people need to 'fix their freaking families' - Report Link
State school standards banish lessons about World War I, II, Holocaust, Civil War - Report Link
Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates’ diplomas after Capitol Hill violence | Fox Busine... - Report Link
CA Schools Mull Ban on D, F Grades 'to Address Student Inequities' - Report Link
Chicago Schools Chief: Half of Teachers Pressured by Teachers’ Union Didn’t Show up for Work - Report Link
Another Defendant Sentenced To Probation In College Admissions Case - Breaking911 - Report Link
Cancel culture: Cornell students abused, voted off committees if not 'woke' - Report Link
Arnold Ahlert: Student 'Debt Forgiveness' Is an Immoral Sham — The Patriot Post - Report Link
Pompeo: Colleges and universities rife with anti-Americanism, easy target for China - Report Link
Harvard leads U.S. colleges that received $1 billion from China - Report Link
U.S. Colleges Hid More Than $6.5 Billion in Foreign Funding - Report Link
Georgetown University hired fired FBI agent Peter Strzok as an adjunct professor | Just The News - Report Link
Justice department sues Yale University over admissions practices | Fox Business - Report Link
Loudoun County Schools Revise Speech Policy After Teachers' Union Blowback - Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
Tacoma teacher caught punishing student for admiring President Trump - Report Link
South Carolina teacher loses job over Facebook memes - Report Link
Washington and Lee defends course on 'how to overthrow the state' - Report Link

Washington and Lee University Offers Course on 'How to Overthrow the State' - Report Link
RIDICULOUS: Colleges Continue Adding Mandatory “Anti-Racism” Courses - Big League Politics - Report Link
U.S. schools to make sweeping curriculum changes after 81% of teachers surveyed support BLM - Report Link
New Paper Confirms Just How Rigged Higher Ed Is Against The Right - Report Link
Duke University Economist Calls for $12 Trillion in Slavery Reparations - Report Link
Big Ten Statement on 2020-21 Fall Season - Big Ten Conference - Report Link
Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is 'White Supremacist Patriarchy' - Report Link
Sources: MAC Cancels Fall College Football Season - Stadium - Report Link
Conservative group launches ‘DivestU’ to redirect donations away from liberal colleges | Fox New... - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: US College Entrance Exam Board Gets Chinese Communist Party Cash to Push Propaganda - Report Link
Kayleigh McEnany to Students: Sue Harvard for Charging $50K for Online Class - Report Link
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YALE HAS TO GO! - Ann Coulter - Report Link
Let’s Defund Our Universities | Intellectual Takeout - Report Link
Harvard Joins Peers Dropping SAT, ACT Requirement for Next Year - Bloomberg - Report Link
This is online learning’s moment. For universities, it’s a total mess | WIRED UK - Report Link
Amid pandemic, college-bound students to miss out on billions in aid - Report Link
University of California system will no longer require SAT, ACT for admissions - SFGate - Report Link
Calls By College Students For Tuition Refunds Are Growing Louder - Slashdot - Report Link
Scottsdale Community College Loses Its War On Academic Freedom - Report Link

The End of the Harvard Century | Magazine | The Harvard Crimson - Report Link
Corinthian Colleges Shuts Down, Ending Classes for 16,000 Overnight - Report Link
College closings chart - Business Insider - Report Link
Study: Professors Donate to Democrats More Than Republicans 95 to 1 | Breitbart - Report Link
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Betsy DeVos has cut 600 staff positions at the Department of Education - Report Link
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Donald Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education - Washington Times - Report Link
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A Futurist Predicts the Death of Higher Education - The Atlantic - Report Link

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