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 Prophecy:   The Judgment of the Educational System

 Name:   Amanda Grace

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 Type:   Prophecy  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
I the Lord God say this day, that I am moving in a way that is not yet been seen—you have seen it begin to bubble up—you have seen it begin to shake awake the youth—you have seen the tremor says the Lord of this however, says the Lord thy God this day, I shall shake them awake—I shall shake them awake—I shall reignite their passion (FULFILLED)

I shall redirect them—I shall order their steps and there is an army of the young being raised up that will proclaim the Word of the Lord with the boldness that is spoken of in My Word and they shall turn on the enemy—and they shall turn on the devourer—and they shall turn on the enemies trophies—and they shall turn on wicked leaders and corrupt schools—

they shall turn—and they shall cause the chains of bondage to begin to break off of the minds of the young because the young in this season—in this window—they have a window says the Lord, because I am opening up the windows of heaven and they have a window to be shaken awake and they shall become part of this march that you see—of this march that's going to echo across the nation.
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