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Abortion Will End Print
Posted On November 14th, 2018
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This prophecy speaks about the end of Abortion and the sudden spike in adoptions (and children available for adoption) that will happen after Abortion is outlawed.

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Anti-Abortion Movie 'Gosnell' to Screen at White House | Hollywood Reporter - Report Link
BOZELL: Trying to Unplug 'Unplanned' - Western Free Press - Report Link
Texas Senate Passes Bill Stopping Infanticide, Requiring Medical Care for Babies Born Alive After Ab... - Report Link
President Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding $44 Million, Send Funds to Pregnancy Centers | LifeN... - Report Link
Trump Administration Awards $1.7 Mil Family Planning Grant to Pro-Life Clinics, Cuts Funding to Four... - Report Link
Abortion Clinic Kills 33-Week-Old Baby in Legal Abortion, Fails to Call 911 After Severely Injuring ... - Report Link
CBNNews on Instagram: "Unplanned, the new movie that tells the true story of former abortion cl... - Report Link
Senator Shelly Hughes on Abolishing Abortion 25Feb19 - YouTube - Report Link

House Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 20th Time, Refuse Care for Aborted Babies Born Al... - Report Link
Every Democrat Who Voted Against the Born Alive Bill Received Money From Planned Parenthood | LifeNe... - Report Link
After ignoring abortion survivors, pro-abortion lawmakers fight to save kittens - Report Link
Almost Two Million People March for Life in Argentina to Stand Against Abortion | - Report Link
President Trump signs bill allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood - Report Link
Mississippi Governor Signs Abortion Ban: I Want to Tell the Lord "I Fought for Innocent Babies ... - Report Link
So Many Illinois Pro-Lifers Flooded the Capital Opposing Abortions Up to Birth They Had to Shut It D... - Report Link
U.S. Sen. Blackburn Introduces First Bill as Senator to Protect The Unborn - Tennessee Star - Report Link
South Dakota governor signs multiple pro-life laws including ultrasound requirement, end-of-life par... - Report Link
BREAKING: Ohio defunds Planned Parenthood and abortion industry - Report Link
South Carolina Senate Approves Bill to Ban All Abortions, Declares Unborn Babies as People Under Law... - Report Link
Kentucky Just Banned Abortion | American Civil Liberties Union - Report Link
An aborted fetus in Alabama just got the right to sue the abortion clinic - VICE News - Report Link
BREAKING: Fetal Heartbeat Bill Passes in Tennessee State House with 65 Ayes, 21 Nays and 7 'Pre... - Report Link
Teen Dad Allowed To Sue On Behalf Of Aborted Fetus By An Alabama Judge - David Harris Jr - Report Link
'How many human beings have you killed?' A professor lands a critical blow for the pro-lif... - Report Link
Report: Trump to defund Planned Parenthood Sunday - WND - Report Link
Naming Names: 44 Senators Who Voted in Favor of Infanticide and Against Protecting Born-Alive Babies... - Report Link
Every Democratic presidential candidate voted against protecting babies from infanticide-and public ... - Report Link
Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Business Partners Admit Guilt in $7.8 Million Settlement | The Center ... - Report Link

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