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The Shakeup of the Airline Industry Print
Posted On July 5th, 2022
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This prophecy speaks of a time when the Airlines, and the Airline Industry will be greatly shaken due to poor choices they have made, as well as other outside forces.  This includes pilot shortages that will ground or cancel a LOT of flights, as well as numerous scandals that will plague the industry and be revealed.

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  P  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
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  P  Julie Green  
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Lufthansa cancels over 1,000 flights due to ground staff walkout | Reuters - Report Link
Former flight attendant wins $5.3 million from Southwest Airlines, union over anti-abortion messages... - Report Link
Airline, Union, Ordered to Pay $5.3M to Pro-Life Attendant - Populist Press ©2022 - Report Link
Pilot Sent To Shrink Over Mask Refusal: Airline Forcing Pilots To See Forensic Psychologists - Report Link
‘Blatant disregard’: Emirates rejects Heathrow order to stop selling tickets | Evening Standard - Report Link
London’s Heathrow Airport Limits Passengers Amid Staff Shortages, Surging Demand - WSJ - Report Link
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Last Updated: Sunday, August 7th, 2022 at 7:23am
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