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A Season of Extreme Weather Print
Posted On March 3rd, 2022
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The general gist of this prophecy is that a series of extreme weather events will be occurring that will shake the world, and will be both a sign of your enemy's (ie, Satan and his minions) destruction, and his setting aside for a time in preparation for his setting aside for a time just prior to his release during the Tribulation period.  This prophecy is also a companion to the Chaotic Out Of Control Weather bible prophecy, but with more specificity, and a more focused window of time, and impact.  So, where the chaotic weather bible prophecy is broader, and more generalized, this one is more focused and specific.  It is also a companion to the Atlantic Ocean Super Storms modern prophecy as well.

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  Supporting Verses:   Luke 21:25-26 Matthew 24:8 Romans 8:21-22
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  Sources: (22)   
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Jeff Culver  
  PF  John Paul Jackson  
  F  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  PF  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  F  Julie Green  
  F  Madeline James  
  IP  Robin Bullock  
  IP  Timothy Dixon  
  F  Veronika West  
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (119) 
Canada is braced for TWO MONTHS of rain in one night as Hurricane Fiona barrels towards Nova Scotia ... - Report Link
QLD, NSW rocked by wild weather: 250mm of rain, flash floods, thunderstorms | — Austra... - Report Link
Japan sees 'unprecedented' typhoon slam onto shore, causing power outages and massive evacuations | ... - Report Link
2022 Europe's hottest summer on record: EU monitor - Insider Paper - Report Link
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Super Typhoon Threatens Catastrophic Damage in South Korea - Bloomberg - Report Link
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Deadly severe storms tear through UK, France, Italy | AccuWeather - Report Link
Florida: Massive Waterspout Pops Up in Destin - Report Link
Giant waterspout emerges from sea as UK is hit with thunderstorms and flooding - Mirror Online - Report Link
Potent Nor'Easter to Visit Northeast in Coming Days - Report Link
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Cuba: Lightning strikes oil facility - 17 missing and 77 hurt, with flames raging out of control | W... - Report Link
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Lightning kills student, injures another, at Wyoming educator event - CBS News - Report Link

"Grapefruit-Sized" Hail Stones Smash Dozens Of Vehicles In Canada - Report Link
Terrifying moment massive hail storm smashes car's window in Canada as people duck for cover inside... - Report Link
US braces for another heat wave to kick off today with more than 100m under severe weather warning |... - Report Link
Heatwave UK: At least four major fires tear through London destroying houses | Metro News - Report Link
Swarm of waterspouts forms off the coast leaving onlookers in awe | AccuWeather - Report Link
Brutal heat in New York City could threaten the record books - Report Link
Britain, France Could Hit Record Highs As Heat Wave And Wildfires Grip Parts Of Europe | The Weather... - Report Link
Europe heat wave could be worst in over 200 years | AccuWeather - Report Link
UK braced for sweltering temperatures | The West Australian - Report Link
Australia's Antarctic Outbreak Intensifies-WA Town Logs Coldest Temperature Since 1965; Summer Frost... - Report Link
Strange storm changes the color of the sky to an apocalyptic green | TweakTown - Report Link
???Ø ???????????? Woke on Twitter: "Strange clouds are appearing over #rottumerplaat. It seems that... - Report Link
Woman captures the moment lightning strikes her husband's car | AccuWeather - Report Link
Derecho barrels through northern Plains, Midwest injuring at least 4 | AccuWeather - Report Link
Derecho Surges With 90 MPH Winds - Report Link
Huge hail hits town as tornado touches down, TX photos show | Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Report Link
Skies are raging in France!! Worst hail storm in 20 years / Orage de grêle en France - YouTube - Report Link
USA Shocked! Strongest Storm with Hail in Omaha, Nebraska (Jun. 08, 2022) - YouTube - Report Link
No respite from harsh weather conditions, Bhopal records 42.8 - Report Link
Heavy rain displaces 500,000 after flooding sweeps southern China - Report Link

"Unprecedented" Summer Snow Hits Afghanistan; Similarly In India And Pakistan, Rare Mid-June Freeze ... - Report Link
Storm Destroys Europe! Heavy Hail Storm in France,Germany and Spain (Jun. 21, 2022) - YouTube - Report Link
Indonesia: Adverse weather forecast nationwide through at least June 23 /update 1 | Crisis24 - Report Link
Heat dome to keep the Central US sweltering throughout the week | AccuWeather - Report Link
Late-season snow and cold give parts of Northeast a taste of winter | AccuWeather - Report Link
Photos, Maps: Extreme Heat Strikes 100 Million in US, Could Last Weeks - Report Link
Heavy rain in Indonesia causes scenic waterfall to overflow | AccuWeather - Report Link
Derecho-Fueled Damage Widespread; Three Missing after Storms - Report Link
Hailstones pile up like snow after severe storm creates chaos in Mexico City - Report Link
Lightning-Caused Fires on the Rise in the Boreal Forest - Report Link
Lightning-sparked forest fires set to increase in North America | Extreme weather | The Guardian - Report Link
Lightning Sparking More Boreal Forest Fires | NASA - Report Link
Wildfires in southeast New Mexico contained after being lit by lightning strikes - Report Link
Wildfire smoke clouds Arizona skies - Report Link
Intense heat set to spread north as some cities may hit century mark | AccuWeather - Report Link
Rare Double Derechos Strike - Report Link
Man uses car to grill burgers in scorching Arizona heat | AccuWeather - Report Link
Days of severe storms pummel the Midwest - Report Link
High Chance of Tropical Development Near Mexico - Report Link
Tipp City Ohio Tornado Damage Meijer Factory | AccuWeather - Report Link

A Southwest heat wave is on the way, the weather service warns - CNN - Report Link
More Than 30 Million in Southwest Brace for Dangerous Heat - The New York Times - Report Link
Millions in Southwest bracing for 'dangerous and deadly heatwave' - Report Link
For anyone still in denial of Weather Modification... Here you go! - Strange Sounds - Report Link
Heavy Hail Falls as Northern Virginia Struck by Thunderstorm - Report Link
Hurricane Agatha strikes Mexico with sustained winds of 105 mph - Report Link
Agatha hits southern Mexico coast as strongest May hurricane - ABC News - Report Link
Storm chasers find rare SILVERBACK GORILLA HAIL STONE up to 6” in diameter in Nebraska! - YouTube - Report Link
Deadly storm Canada power | AccuWeather - Report Link
Cleanup underway after storm leaves at least nine dead, thousands without power | The Star - Report Link
Deadly storm Canada power | AccuWeather - Report Link
Europe weather: At least 40 injured by tornadoes in Germany – as heat in Spain soars 15C above ave... - Report Link
Ottawa storm: Two dead after major storm rips through region | CTV News - Report Link
Powerful storm rips through Ontario, killing at least two | Reuters - Report Link
Michigan Gov. Whitmer Declares State of Emergency for Otsego County After Rare Tornado Hits City - Report Link
AgDay 05/16/22 - (Derecho) - Report Link
Derecho Approaching Watertown w/Tornado Siren Ambience - May 12/2022 - YouTube - Report Link
Rare out-of-season Tropical Cyclone “Gina” forms near Vanuatu - The Watchers - Report Link
Denver weather to go from high 80s to snow in a matter of just hours | AccuWeather - Report Link
Surge of heat to bring hottest weather since last summer to Northeast | AccuWeather - Report Link

Bible-Level Wind Storm Batters Sea of Galilee - Israel Today - Report Link
Fire weather worsens as heat wave spreads across southern US this week - CNN - Report Link
Derecho blasts northern Plains with 100 mph winds, leaves 2 dead - Report Link
Nebraska Dust Storm Turns Day into Night - Report Link
Hurricane Force Winds Leave Trail of Damage Across Northern Plains, Midwest - Report Link
Rain, snow and wind targets western US this week | AccuWeather - Report Link
Serious Fire Danger with Gusty Winds - Report Link
Record-Breaking Heat Wave for Central U.S. - Report Link
All eyes on coastal Atlantic for possible tropical development | AccuWeather - Report Link
Severe weather to continue its charge into the Southeast | AccuWeather - Report Link
Tornadoes cause widespread damage in Texas, Oklahoma | Fox News - Report Link
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Ferocious tornado strikes Andover, Kan., causing severe damage - The Washington Post - Report Link
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April Storm Brings Heavy Snow and Rain to Northeast - NewsBreak - Report Link
Easter Weekend Snow Northeast Weather Noreaster | AccuWeather - Report Link
Historic April blizzard set to pummel northern tier of the US | AccuWeather - Report Link
April blizzard hits North Dakota and Montana | AccuWeather - Report Link
Rare, Record-Breaking Snow Falls in Portland, Oregon - Report Link

Blizzard Conditions are Continuing with Record Snow Possible - Report Link
S.D. hailstone, 8 inches in diameter, smashes U.S. records – The Denver Post - Report Link
Enormous storm could produce blizzard, widespread severe weather next week | AccuWeather - Report Link
NHC considering change to start date of hurricane season | AccuWeather - Report Link
Deadly storms continue charge through Southeast | AccuWeather - Report Link
Fires Lit at Farms in France During Historic Cold | AccuWeather - Report Link
At least 30 million at daily risk for severe storms in southern US | AccuWeather - Report Link
Tornado activity in March surged to record territory across the US | AccuWeather - Report Link
Severe thunderstorms to keep rattling southern US | AccuWeather - Report Link
Saharan dust turns skies orange over Europe - Report Link
Saharan dust turns skies orange over Europe - CNN - Report Link
Unbelievable Tornado Video from Elgin, TX - YouTube - Report Link
Climate change - an integral part of US 'Star Wars' programme - Report Link
An Extreme Arctic Cold Blast and Snow heads for eastern Europe next week, as the southern lobe of th... - Report Link
The Northeast turned into the ‘land of confusing weather’ this week | AccuWeather - Report Link
Trouble-making storms to unfold across central, eastern US | AccuWeather - Report Link
Drone footage shows scope of deadly Iowa tornado outbreak | AccuWeather - Report Link
Watch: Iowa Tornado Explained - Report Link
Tornadoes Lead to at Least Seven Deaths in Iowa, Disaster Declared - WSJ - Report Link

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