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The Fall of the UN Print
Posted On May 13th, 2020
  AKA:   The Destruction of the UN, The Fall of the United Nations, The Destruction of the United Nations
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The general summary of this prophecy is that, at some not too distant time, the United Nations will collapse and cease to exist as a political entity.  What will replace them is still unknown, but there are hints that a 3 nation confederacy will take their place briefly, but even that will fall, likely with the intention of making room for the coming world empire of the AntiChrist.  But, we'll have to wait for this prophecy to mature a bit more before we can be certain of the exact details.

Admin note:  Since the UN is based in the USA, it's possible that two things may happen.  One, the UN moves to another country, and becomes a shell of its former self.  Or two, it is completely destroyed and ceases to exist.  The prophecies so far seem to give a nod to both being potential outcomes.

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  P  Amanda Grace  
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  P  Julie Green  
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  P  Kim Clement  
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