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Major Biblical Discoveries Will Be Made Print
Posted On May 13th, 2021
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According to this prophecy, which covers quite a few events over an upcoming period of time, there will be major biblical discoveries, archeological finds, that will rock the Christian world, and will prove to the world that the bible is real, true, and accurate.  These discoveries may also reveal a long standing deceit, and a withholding of information about the bible, and biblical history that, while not destructive, certainly caused reduced clarity of God's word.  All of that will be exposed by these, and so much more.

EDIT (2021-05-31): Enough has begun to move in regards to this prophecy that I'm updating it to "In Progress".

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  P  Chris Reed  
  P  Kim Clement  
  P  Mark Taylor  
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Archaeologist's Recent Discovery- King Solomon's Notorious Copper Mines Shut Down Due To Long Period... - Report Link
Israel unearths cave from Pharaoh Ramesses II-era on Israel's coastline - Report Link
Rare 'Quarter Shekel' coin minted at Temple Mount returned to Israel - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
What other secrets are hidden in the Qumran caves? | JNS | - Report Link
Excavated Canaanite High Place: "the sin of the Amorites" - YouTube - Report Link
Roman aqueduct find at Caistor St Edmund | Eastern Daily Press - Report Link
‘Panic!’: Does The James Webb Space Telescope Show The Atheistic ‘Big Bang’ Didn’t Happen?... - Report Link
The Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology: Unearthing Ancient Israel - Sponsored Content | The ... - Report Link
Enormous Underground City Uncovered in Turkey - Report Link
Archaeologists Find Entreaty to St. Peter in Early Church by Sea of Galilee - Israel News - Haaretz.... - Report Link
Evidence presented of Roman attack on Jerusalem, destruction of Second Temple | World Israel News - Report Link
Proving Josephus: Research on Roman ballistics confirms Second Temple battle account | The Times of ... - Report Link
Dig at possible site of Joshua’s tomb is underway | All Israel News - Report Link
Pagan moon goddess rises from waves on rare ancient coin found on Israel - Report Link
Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Known Mosaics Of Ancient Biblical Heroes | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Israeli archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old ritual bath in Jerusalem - - Report Link
Researchers Find Undersea Evidence Of Rainforests In Antarctica - Report Link
Christian relics found when restoring ancient Iraq church ISIS destroyed - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Egypt uncovers large trove of ancient bronze statues and sarcophagi in Saqqara | CNN Travel - Report Link

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Last Updated: Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 at 4:47pm
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