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 Prophecy:   Massive Exodus of People From America

 Name:   Amanda Grace

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Watch the Gulf of Mexico stir up as their exodus at the border backfires as there shall be an event that drives back a very dark army of drifters and donkeys and mules, and abusers and day of the dead worshiping fools who have mixed the innocent in with them, and sold them a bill of goods that many are paying for with their lives. However, says the Lord an event at the border shall drive even the cartels back as their political funding shall be exposed yes drug money injected into political campaigns so the cartels get a certain right of passage this shall have a spotlight shown on this whole congealed mess of brambles and vines intertwined and I the Lord thy God shall indeed expose the leadership that so took from that pot, blood money in every sense of the word and the cartels shall lose whom they have bought and paid for as their paper trail and bond trail and cash trail and their headquarters in this nation shall be found and some of the most massive drug busts that have ever occurred will occur into next year says the Lord and will weaken the cartel's ties in strategic areas of this nation and at the border as new leadership in Mexico will do their own draining of funds and heads on cartels will fall into next year some shall even be struck down along with 1/4 of each of their operations. Watch as I the Lord execute the Judgments that are going forth on scrolls and being taken into the earth to be executed and carried out by The army of the Lord of Hosts.


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day an exodus into the border the flood of those looking to capitalize so there shall be a striking at the border that causes many to turn back as I the Lord God see the attacks and who they have woven into such migrants and wanderers, those with the blueprints for a coordinated attack that touches down on different points on the map, and monuments and hubs of cities alike, it shall be exposed as it is set to execute.
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