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Massive Exodus of People From America Print
Posted On January 12th, 2017
  AKA:   People Will Flee America
  Status:    Pending 

Based on this Mark Taylor prophecy, at some point after Trump is sworn into office, there will be a mass exodus (no info on when it'll start or for how long) of people out of the country for fear of him.  He doesn't say exactly "who" or "when", only that it will happen.  However, there's a strong belief that illegal immigrants, Muslims and leftist liberals will make up the majority of those who will partake in this.  This may even include a large number of those in Hollywood as they have said in public that they would leave the country if Trump became president.  While that hasn't happened yet as of the posting of this entry, once the inauguration is over, we may see it actually start.

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