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The Remaking of the Media Print
Posted On April 22nd, 2020
  Status:    In Progress 

The overall summary of this prophecy is that God will use those He has turned into Millionaires and Billionaires to buy up, remake, and return to full honestly and accountability all of the major news media (and possibly those in social media and others, like Twitter and such) companies who are currently acting against Trump, America, the American People, Truth, God Himself, and more.  All the evil and lies they are spewing now will be turned to solid truth, the liars will be fired and held accountable, and an honesty and integrity will be returned to the media overall.

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Silicon Valley has a problem with conservatives. But not the political kind. - Vox - Report Link
This News Publisher Quit Facebook And Readership Went Up : NPR - Report Link
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20M child sexual abuse images on Facebook in 2020, report says | KOMO - Report Link
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House Judiciary GOP Leaders Demand Amazon Answers to Allegations of Censorship Against Conservative ... - Report Link
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Clubhouse's rising popularity raises misinformation concerns | TheHill - Report Link
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Hollywood Actors in COVID-19 Vaccine Scramble: 'It's the Hunger Games' - Variety - Report Link
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Greenfield: Democrats Outsource Political Repression to Corporate Monopolies » - Report Link
Twitter considering expanding ‘permanent bans’ to other GOP groups | One America News Network - Report Link
Biden, Big Tech have Poland, Hungary in their crosshairs - Report Link
Octopus of Big Tech is strangling America - Report Link
Twitter, Facebook Lose $51 Billion in Value After Booting Trump | - Report Link
Twitter HUMILIATED as Nations Around the World RISE UP Against Big Tech CENSORSHIP!!! - YouTube - Report Link
Rebellion begins: State of Florida considers divesting from Big Tech - Report Link
Twitter Shuts Down A MASSIVE Amount Of Conservative Accounts In Censorship Escalation - Report Link

Surprise! Biden has ties to 5 major tech companies - Report Link
Rep. Nunes calls for racketeering investigation into Big Tech following Parler ban | Fox News Video - Report Link
Mozilla, developers of Firefox: 'We need more than deplatforming' | The Post Millennial - Report Link
Big Tech Launches Massive Coordinated Cyber Attack on 74,000,000 Trump Voters — GOP SILENT - Report Link
MSNBC Producer Quits, Calls Network 'Cancer' That’s Dividing Americans | Neon Nettle - Report Link
38 States Join Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google - Report Link
Zuckerberg to be Hit with Election Lawsuit (video) | The Election Wizard | The #1 Source for Populis... - Report Link
US Government, States Sue Facebook for ‘Predatory’ Conduct - Report Link
Facebook hit with antitrust suits that seek to 'unwind' Instagram, WhatsApp acquisitions - MarketWat... - Report Link
Fox News Fired Two Popular Hosts After They Turned Down a Bribe to Attack Trump - Report Link
Nolte: Through Your Cable TV Package, You're Paying Fox News to Laugh at You - Report Link
Billionaire Jeff Bezos looking to buy CNN from AT&T - Report Link
AT&T Reportedly Looking to Sell CNN – IOTW Report - Report Link
Levin reacts to report about AT&T: 'CNN for sale. Maybe China will buy it just to keep it afloat' - Report Link
Newsmax on Twitter: "ELECTION RESULTS: Newsmax TV remains the only major news network to not call th... - Report Link
The media is dying. Sean Davis with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First - YouTube - Report Link
Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon stock close down after earnings - Report Link
NYT: Google and Apple Formed Agreement to Control the Internet – The Patriots Report - Report Link
Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls… | The Last... - Report Link

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Last Updated: Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 at 11:36am
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