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The Collapse and Remaking of the Tech Giants Print
Posted On June 14th, 2021
  AKA:   The Collapse of the Tech Giants, The Remaking of the Tech Giants
  Status:    In Progress 

This prophecy is related to the Remaking of the Media, Global economic Reset, and the SuperNatural Transfer of Wealth to the Righteous prophecies, and speaks of the collapse of the big tech companies, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other big tech media who have previously supported Abortion, and the murdering of children.  They will collapse, and come to nothing, literally going to zero value, with zero wealth, and all of the money they possess will go to the righteous to push forward God's kingdom.  Also, some will not completely go away, but will be remade, or they will become so small as to be insignificant in the grander scheme of things.

EDIT (2021-09-14): I did a minor title change, and added some more insights from other things I've been hearing.  I only have one source right now, but I'm hearing of others that follow with the addition about some tech companies being remade.  I'll add those sources as soon as I find them.  But I'm getting enough tidbits about these, as yet unknown to feel safe adding that extra bit.

(*Do you have a better description, or did you find an error? Please let me know. Thanks*)
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  Proofs and Fulfillments: (30) 
Intel Plunges After Sales Miss, Profit Forecast Disappoints | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Google Issues Warning For 2 Billion Chrome Users - Report Link
"Declaration Of Media War": Russia Threatens Total Ban On YouTube After Major Channels Deleted | Zer... - Report Link
Here's How Many Shares Big Tech CEOs Have Already Dumped This Year | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Facebook Censorship Board Member: Free Speech Is Not A Human Right - Report Link
Facebook denies having '2 systems of justice' for users after scathing WSJ report | Fox Business - Report Link
U.S. House Candidate Jarome Bell Sues Facebook in Federal Court for Anti-Christian Censorship, Elect... - Report Link
Sen. Marco Rubio: We must stop Silicon Valley-Democrat collusion before conservatives are silenced f... - Report Link
Facebook now getting involved in religion, signs contract with megachurch - Report Link
Big Tech Companies Agree To Work Together In Internet Freedom Crackdown – Summit News - Report Link
Appeals court tosses panel ruling endorsing Section 230 Big Tech protections - Report Link
Facebook fires back after Biden stunningly accuses it of 'killing people' with misinformation - Report Link
Thomas Gallatin: Big Brother Biden Colludes With Big Tech Censors — The Patriot Post - Report Link
BIG BLOW TO BIG TECH: Erik Finman Launches New Free-Speech Focused “Freedom" Phone - Report Link
Ken Buck Says It’s Time For Facebook To Answer Anti-Trust Questions | Freedom Beacon - Report Link
Amazon granted permission to monitor you SLEEPING as tech giant develops mystery radar device - Report Link
House Judiciary Republicans Have Had Enough, Jim Jordan Announces Plan to Break up Big Tech - Report Link
Google Sued by 36 states, DC Over Alleged Antitrust Violations - Report Link
Massive DATA BREACH exposes personal data of 700 million users of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn – Natur... - Report Link
Facebook Testing User Prompts Leading People To Turn In Their Friends Who Are 'Becoming Extremist' A... - Report Link

  Keywords:   Wealth, Riches, Big Tech, Death, Destruction, Bankruptcy, Fall, Collapse, Judgment, Remaking
Last Updated: Monday, October 25th, 2021 at 8:35am
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