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Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  Status:   Pending: 6   In Progress: 6   Partial Fulfillment: 4   Fulfilled: 6  

This prophecy speaks of a time prior to the Tribulation where the world economy, teetering on the brink of collapse, goes through a global economic crash, and a "reset" of sorts, that "reboots" everything into a period of false prosperity (it'll seem like the best of times, but it'll actually be just a temporary reprieve before the final collapse that occurs post rapture).  This will begin with a total financial collapse, followed by a brief period of great prosperity that will last only for a season.  For those of you wondering, this WILL NOT be the "great reset" that the satanic globalists want.  This will be God resetting the world, and doing a massive wealth transfer from the satanic rich to the righteous.  This prophecy does, and will share many common elements with the Wealth Transfer from the Wicked to the Righteous prophecy, but will have other elements unique to itself.

One of these, if I'm understanding what I'm hearing/reading correctly, during this reset, many world currencies, such as the Euro, will implode, collapse, and go away.  Digital fiat currencies like Bitcoin, and Cryptos in general will collapse (see the prophecies by Amanda Grace linked on the gold and silver prophecy), gold and silver will go through the roof, and the US dollar will regain all, or most of its original value, which will drive prices into the ground (in a good way), allowing for the church to be able to complete it's mission of reaching the entire world with the Gospel as part of the "End of the age great revival and soul harvest" that precedes the rapture.  So basically this "reset" will create the ideal conditions to allow the final great revival and soul harvest to complete all of the work it will be sent out to do.

So, while there will be turmoil, upset, massive change, and a complete resetting, and remaking of the economic landscape during this time, what will come out the other side will be well worth it. :)

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  Supporting Verses:   James 5:3 Daniel 7:18 Daniel 7:21-22 Daniel 7:27 Proverbs 13:22
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  IP  Amanda Grace (17) 
  F  Amanda Grace (180) 
  F  Amanda Grace (79) 
  P  Amanda Grace  
  F  Chris Reed (54) 
  F  David Wilkerson (270) 
  IP  Hank Kunneman (37) 
  F  Hank Kunneman (134) 
  P  John Kilpatrick  
  PF  John Paul Jackson (21) 
  IP  John Paul Jackson (8) 
  IP  Julie Green (67) 
  IP  Julie Green (71) 
  PF  Julie Green (212) 
  PF  Julie Green (213) 
  F  Julie Green (47) 
  IP  Julie Green (101) 
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  PF  Perry Stone (73) 
  P  Robin Bullock  
  P  Shane Warren  
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