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 Prophecy:   Global Economic Reset

 Name:   Chris Reed

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
4. Unfortunately, we will see a continued rise in inflation and a nosedive in residential and commercial real estate values. There will be a significant housing mortgage crisis, but not as bad as 2008. Precious metals and land will become better, safer investments.
Layoffs loom in the US manufacturing sector as backlogs shrink | CNN Business - Report Link
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Hal Turner Radio Show - Consumer Credit Drying-up -- Banks HALTING Auto Loans!!! - Report Link
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Consumer Price Index Increases 0.5 in January, 6.4% Annual Inflation Rate - The ... - Report Link
Credit card debt SURGES to record-high $930.6 billion and will keep increasing d... - Report Link
The Current Housing Price Bubble "Makes 2008 Look Quaint" | ZeroHedge - Report Link
US Housing Crash: Wells Fargo Steps Back From Mortgages As Demand Craters - Report Link
7 Reasons High Inflation Isn’t Likely To Go Away Any Time Soon - Report Link
Housing collapse: Home sales drop for a record 10th straight month - Report Link
Report: Majority of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Many Blame Rising Inf... - Report Link
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Economists: A US housing recession has already arrived | The Hill - Report Link
Major Economic Contraction Coming In 2023 – Followed By Even More Inflation - ... - Report Link
GETTING WORSE: Housing market under Biden now collapsing; farmers warn of food s... - Report Link
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Redfin, real estate giant, shuts home-flipping business, cuts 13% of workforce -... - Report Link
Hedge fund giant Elliott warns looming hyperinflation could lead to 'global soci... - Report Link
Housing market activity is crashing and threatens to push the U.S. into recessio... - Report Link
Air Continues to Seep Out of the Housing Bubble - Report Link
'We're seeing buyers backing out': Sellers slash home prices in response to weak... - Report Link
The housing market is in free fall with 'no floor in sight,' and prices could cr... - Report Link
Fed Officials Say Stubborn Inflation Justifies Continued Rate Increases - WSJ - Report Link
Belarus bans consumer price rises in bid to tame inflation | Reuters - Report Link
CNBC's Gumede: Economy Looks Worse than Fed Would Like, Markets Will Struggle un... - Report Link
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The 20 fastest-cooling real estate markets in the US - crime ravaged West Coast ... - Report Link
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Is America on the verge of a new housing collapse? Mountain West and Sun Belt ov... - Report Link
New Home Sales Crash As Recession Grips Housing Market - Report Link
FedEx Ground contractors demand inflation help to prevent delivery collapse: ‘... - Report Link
Home sales fell nearly 6% in July as housing market slides into a recession - Report Link
U.S. Facing 'Perfect Storm' for 2008-Like Housing Crisis: Economist - Report Link
Key Inflation Gauge Soars to Highs Not Seen Since 1982 - Report Link
‘There’s a Recession Coming’: The Rich Rush to Offload Luxury Properties - Report Link
Economist warns bad news is coming again regarding inflation - Report Link
Inflation Reaches 8.6%, Setting New Four-Decade High | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Inflation Will Price Many Americans Out Of Housing And Into Homelessness | ZeroH... - Report Link
Congress Could Stop Inflation Within A Year -- But It Probably Won't - Report Link
January CPI: Inflation reaches fresh 40-year high - Report Link
Hyperinflation In Europe's Power Markets Is Disastrous For Working-Poor Ahead Of... - Report Link
America's Housing Future Remains Murky At Best - Part 1 | ZeroHedge - Report Link

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