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 Prophecy:   An Exodus from Liberal Cities/States to Conservative Ones

 Name:   John Paul Jackson

 Source URL:   Unfortunately, no link is available

 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Summary: In the coming years, liberal cities and states will begin to collapse, and lose their populations as conservative states and cities begin to gain citizen, wealth, and prosperity through a migration of people from the liberal areas to the conservative ones.

(Sorry I don't have the original link. Can't find it anymore.)
Hotels Are Dumping Property in San Francisco as Tourists Shun Crime-Ridden City - Report Link
Another Corporation Ditches San Francisco Over City's 'Major Challenges' - Report Link
More than 725,000 Californians have left the state since 2020 – One America Ne... - Report Link
Census: NYC Loses Nearly Half a Million Residents in Two Years - Report Link
California, New York, Illinois Biggest Losers Amid Exodus to Low-Tax States: IRS - Report Link
The shriveling of blue states accelerates - American Thinker - Report Link
New IRS Migration Data: NY, CA, & IL Are The Big Losers Of People And Wealth; FL... - Report Link
Leftist Invaders Are Colonizing Red America At Breakneck Speed - Report Link
"Entire Downtown Is Effectively Dead:" Baltimore City Descends Further Into Turm... - Report Link
A Record 30% Of San Francisco Office Space Is Vacant | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Whole Foods closes San Francisco flagship store after one year, citing worker sa... - Report Link
Manhattan Office Vacancy Hits Record As Marquee LA Office Tower Sells At 50% Los... - Report Link
While Gavin Newsom Dumps Walgreens, DeSantis Partners up With Them · The Florid... - Report Link
66 MILLION in US back Marjorie Taylor Greene's call for 'national divorce' betwe... - Report Link
High-tax state exodus accelerates as more Americans flee to Florida, Texas | Fox... - Report Link
Tennessee Population Grows as Residents Flee More Liberal States - Report Link
Texas' population is booming - Axios Houston - Report Link
Voting with Their Feet: Americans Fled Blue States in Droves in 2022, Landing in... - Report Link
Months after telling Republicans to 'head down to Florida where you belong,' New... - Report Link
GOP-voting Eastern Oregon county is set to be twelfth to vote to leave Democrat ... - Report Link
California and New York have each lost more than half a MILLION residents since ... - Report Link
California businesses continue to relocate to Texas | Just The News - Report Link
Folks Are Fleeing The 'Happiest' States In The Union: Here's Why ? Conservative ... - Report Link
Mark Wahlberg Joins California’s Mass Exodus, Moves Out Of State To Give His C... - Report Link
Rich, Young Professionals Flee Crime-Ridden Dem-Run States of NY and CA… Here... - Report Link
THANK A DEMOCRAT: Businesses Continue to Flee Big Cities Thanks to Lawless Democ... - Report Link
Costly exodus: Jobs continue to flow from pro-union states to right-to-work stat... - Report Link
The Blue State Exodus Is A Rejection Of Democrats' Priorities - Report Link
Yet Another Automaker Picks A Red State For Its Multi-Billion Dollar EV Factory ... - Report Link
Owner of 13 Businesses Pulls His Company from Chicago Amid Crime Crisis: 'Enough... - Report Link
Caterpillar, Boeing, Raytheon revive high-tax state exodus | Fox Business - Report Link
Tens of Thousands Flee San Francisco As Liberal Leaders Struggle With Crime and ... - Report Link
Caterpillar's Headquarters Are Moving to Texas | Barron's - Report Link
America’s Mass Migration Intensifies As ‘Leftugees’ Flee Blue States And C... - Report Link
A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts - Report Link
NY, Cali. biggest losers as wealthy fled to low-tax states: IRS - Report Link
People Are Fleeing the Self-harm Progressives Inflicted on Their Own Cities - Report Link
Who Are Those People Fleeing Blue States? - Report Link
Citizens Continue To Exit High-Tax US States | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Illinois exodus: Residents leaving the state in droves, data shows - YouTube - Report Link
Oracle moving from California to Texas, joins Tesla, Hewlett Packard  | Fox Bus... - Report Link
New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime - Report Link
Mass Exodus: People are Fleeing Democrat Cities - Report Link
San Francisco Rents Crash Most On Record Amid Mass Exodus | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Wall Street Firms Are Considering A Mass Exodus From New York | Zero Hedge - Report Link
California's skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents - Report Link

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