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 Prophecy:   A Famine In The Midst Of Plenty

 Name:   Sonja Craighead

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Relevant text: I saw recalls for Foods in multiple categories for multiple reasons. There will be confusion on which foods are safe and which foods are unsafe to eat since looking at the food they all looked safe.
Chicken Patties Sold at Costco Recalled for Possible Contamination - Report Link
Cheeses Recalled Nationwide After Multiple People Hospitalized With Listeria - Report Link
US FIRST: Most of the food “recalls” during the pandemic are actually foods ... - Report Link
Massive Bacon Recall in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky - Report Link
FDA Recall: Strawberries sold nationwide linked to hepatitis A cases | - Report Link
Is All Of This Recalled Food Being Shipped Off To The Underground Bunkers? - Report Link
FDA refuses to say when baby formula plant will reopen despite company's claims ... - Report Link
120,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled From Walmart, Other Stores Nationwide Due... - Report Link
Beef Recall W Possible E. coli & Animals Being Killed W/ Bacteria / Encephalitis... - Report Link
Massive Recalls for “Suspicious Metal” Being Found in Major Food Brands Acro... - Report Link
Massive ground beef recall for possible E. coli contamination - Report Link
Nestlé Recalls 762,000 Pounds of Pepperoni Hot Pockets | - Report Link
Lean Cuisine Product Recalled Over Possible Bits Of Plastic Found In Food - Brea... - Report Link
Over 75K pounds of salad in 22 states recalled over E. coli outbreak - Report Link
Ragu recall: Pasta sauce recalled over possible plastic contamination - CBS News - Report Link
New recall, illnesses from deadly salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey produ... - Report Link
Calif. farm linked to romaine lettuce recall issues new recall for cauliflower |... - Report Link
Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch Recalled due to Salmonella | Food ... - Report Link
Recall of Green Cedar Dairy Ackawi Cheese Bearing a Sell by Date of March 26, 20... - Report Link
6.5 million pounds of beef recalled due to salmonella outbreak - CNN - Report Link
BREAKING: Bush's Baked Beans Recalled For Harmful Bacteria- ALL 50 STATES!!... - Report Link
Hungry-Man dinner product recalled due to salmonella risk - Report Link
Kraft Heinz recalls Taco Bell cheese dip due to botulism risk | End Time Headlin... - Report Link
Bushes Baked Beans Have Been Recalled AGAIN For Harmful Bacteria - ALL 50 STATES... - Report Link
2018 Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts - Report Link

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