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 Prophecy:   Global Economic Reset

 Name:   Amanda Grace

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
And says the Lord of hosts: "The markets, the markets, including real estate, shall take an unusual turn, and the major banks shall lose more in the next quarters as the voice of the people become louder and their rhetoric becomes smaller."
Goldman Warns Consumers Are Cracking As Stagflation Threats Emerge | ZeroHedge - Report Link
The Land Of The Setting Sun: The Currency Crisis Of Japan Has Just Started | Zer... - Report Link
Wall Street Silver on X: "The yen is collapsing, and Japan just wasted $55 billi... - Report Link
Gen-Zers Slide Deeper Into Debt As Bidenomics Failure Crushes America's Future L... - Report Link
US hiring slows more than expected, unemployment edges up - Insider Paper - Report Link
Starbucks On Brink Of Worst Crash Since Dot Com After "Stunning" Earnings Miss ... - Report Link
Futures Rise, Yen Downgraded To Banana Republic Currency After Another Rollercoa... - Report Link
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Stagflation Shock: GDP Growth Slows Much More Than Expected While Inflation Acce... - Report Link
Fed reports massive spike in defaults. Credit cards being shut off. - YouTube - Report Link
A MASSIVE financial collapse is coming that will destroy everyone’s assets, wa... - Report Link
Commercial real estate foreclosures jumped 117% in March as trouble looms | Fox ... - Report Link
The Great Freight Recession Has Now Lasted Longer Than The COVID Bull Market | Z... - Report Link
Bidenomics Destroyed The American Dream Of Homeownership - Report Link
Massive Financial Strain – New Report Exposes Horrifying Situation | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Credit-card delinquency rates were worst on record in Fed study - Report Link
Euro Extends Decline After ECB Holds Rates At Highs, Hints At Cuts To Come | Zer... - Report Link
Inflation Check: Doctors Making $350,000 Per Year Can't Find Homes In Long Islan... - Report Link
Visualizing America's Shortage Of Affordable Homes | ZeroHedge - Report Link
CPI inflation March 2024: Consumer prices rose 3.5% from a year ago in March - Report Link
US Small-Business Optimism Slides To 11-Year Low As Bidenomics Fails  | ZeroHed... - Report Link
Why US Public Debt Is Unsustainable And Is Destroying The Middle Class | ZeroHed... - Report Link
Layoffs surge to 14-month high as inflation crushes employers | WND | by Around ... - Report Link
Layoffs Reach 14-Month High Amid Govt, Tech Cutbacks | - Report Link
The Meltdown Of Commercial Real Estate | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Renting Now Cheaper Than Owning In All Of America's Largest Metros | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Pending Home Sales Hover Near Record Lows In February | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Expect A Financial Crisis In Europe With France At The Epicenter | ZeroHedge - Report Link
"It's A Far Deeper Recession Than Publicized..." Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey... - Report Link
Peter Schiff: Inflation Bloodbath On The Way | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Bloomberg Evening Briefing: ‘First Shoe’ Drops on Obscure Real Estate Instru... - Report Link
Catherine Herridge Predicts a “Black Swan Event” for 2024 - Report Link
Watch: Ron Paul Warns Tucker Carlson of Imminent 'Black Swan' Event - Report Link
Junk Bond Default Surge Continues In 2024 | ZeroHedge - Report Link
‘Bidenomics:’ Another Major Retailer Files for Bankruptcy - Report Link
Hartnett: "From Goldilocks To Goldishocks" As Fed Quietly Raises Inflation Targe... - Report Link
Forget 0DTE: Is This The Next Volatility Timebomb | ZeroHedge - Report Link
"I Can't Even Save": Americans Are Getting Absolutely Crushed Under Enormous Deb... - Report Link
Disappointed 'Independents' Drag Down Consumer Sentiment In March | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Americans Still Reeling From Higher Prices Even as Inflation Slows | - Report Link
Bank Of Canada Under Pressure From Real Estate Industry To Lower Interest Rates ... - Report Link
Nearly 107 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now - Report Link
Goldman: Our Desk And Many Of Our Clients Have Prepared For A Momentum Crash | Z... - Report Link
Weekend report - Bank of Japan is considering scrapping its yield curve control ... - Report Link
"We Will Have A Hard Landing At Some Point. I Guarantee You That..." | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Economic Earthquake Ahead? The Cracks Are Spreading Fast | ZeroHedge - Report Link
BRICS: Major Bank Predicts 'Hard Landing Recession' for US - Report Link
Red Sea Blockage Leads To "Out Of Control" Shipping Rates; Charters Hits $100,00... - Report Link
"We Have To Make Tough Choices": After Already Laying Off Thousands, Google Prep... - Report Link
December home sales slump to close out worst year since 1995 - Report Link
Blackstone's Flagship BREIT Records Worst Annual Performance Since Inception | Z... - Report Link
US economist predicts 2024 will bring 'biggest crash of our lifetime' - Report Link
Grinding Down Into Deflation: The National Debt Disaster No One Is Talking About... - Report Link
The Money Supply Continues Its Biggest Collapse Since The Great Depression | Zer... - Report Link
US national debt surpasses $100K per person | Just The News - Report Link
Existing Homes Sales Decline to 22-Year Record Low | - Report Link
Continuing Jobless Claims Rise to Most in 2 Years | - Report Link
James Rickards: When the next financial crisis hits the elites are planning to f... - Report Link
US New Home Sales Fall More Than Expected | - Report Link
Home Sales Slump to Slowest Pace in 13 Years | - Report Link
‘More families having a hard time affording food’ and ‘Conditions Are “D... - Report Link
11 Signs That U.S. Consumers Are In Very Serious Trouble As We Head Into The Fin... - Report Link
'I'm Working Three Jobs...My House is More Expensive' - Latino Biden Voters in G... - Report Link
America heading toward a housing market crash worse than the Great Recession - Report Link
Car Prices Face Biggest Drop On Record As Auto Market Apocalypse Begins - YouTub... - Report Link
Confidence in US housing market approaches an all-time low - Report Link
Bank of America Strategists Expect Economic ‘Hard Landing’ to Pummel Markets - Report Link
BIDEN ECONOMY: Markets Down, Retail Sales Down in November, Rates Increasing, In... - Report Link
GETTING WORSE: Housing market under Biden now collapsing; farmers warn of food s... - Report Link
Hedge fund giant Elliott warns looming hyperinflation could lead to 'global soci... - Report Link
'We're seeing buyers backing out': Sellers slash home prices in response to weak... - Report Link
5 top-grossing US companies lost half a trillion dollars in market cap in a mont... - Report Link
CNBC's Gumede: Economy Looks Worse than Fed Would Like, Markets Will Struggle un... - Report Link
BIDEN ECONOMY: And Now the Housing Market Tanks - Report Link
Greyerz – This Global Collapse Will Feature Food Shortages, Stock Market Crash... - Report Link
"This Is The Sharpest Turn In The Housing Market Since The 2008 Crash" As Mortga... - Report Link
Home sales fell nearly 6% in July as housing market slides into a recession - Report Link
A Flood Of Repossessed Vehicles Poised To Hit The Used-Car Market | ZeroHedge - Report Link

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