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 Prophecy:   The Prophecies of the United Kingdom

 Name:   Chris Reed

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Partial Fulfillment  

Summary or Prophecy Text
30. King Charles III will have his coronation in May 2023. Every British coronation for the last 1,000 years has included the "Stone of Scone" or "Stone of Destiny" set under the monarch's chair during coronation. This stone is believed to be one of the stones upon which Jacob laid his head when he had his dream. There will a bizarre mystery or uncertainty surrounding this stone at the time of Charles' coronation. (FULFILLED)

31. Prince Andrew, King Charles' brother, will fall into a deep depression because of this, and legal troubles will arise because his mother is no longer there to protect him. A mental health crisis will make him suicidal. Pray for him. I saw him in a plea of desperation.

32. Regarding King Charles, I also saw a hot mic recording incident where the king made a tremendously embarrassing statement that will be used by other nations as propaganda. I saw on a headline the phrase, "Loose lips sink ships." Royals will experience much humility, embarrassment, and contrition over this and will be apologetic as King Charles wrestles with his own humanity.

33. I have also seen in a vision, more than once (and I do not wish this on anyone), that Prince Harry and Meghan will not stay together. When Meghan Markle pulls away from Prince Harry, he will see he was "played a fool" and will be repentant and contrite towards his family and heritage.
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