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 Prophecy:   Coastal and Midwest Earthquakes

 Name:   John Paul Jackson

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Partial Fulfillment  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Earthquakes will strike not only coastal areas but devastate the Midwest as well.
South Carolina earthquake swarm continues on Friday, July 1, 2022 | - Report Link
3.9 magnitude Georgia earthquake felt as far south as Brunswick - Report Link
Earthquake Swarm Hits Off Oregon Coast, Causing Fears Of 'The Next Big One'  | ... - Report Link
Lexington Emergency Management reminds Kentuckians to be prepared for earthquake... - Report Link
New York City Earthquake M3.0 off Southampton, NY overdue for a major earthquake... - Report Link
Rare Warning Of Huge Quake Hitting Southern California Tuesday Has Many Shaken U... - Report Link
Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Se... - Report Link
Likelihood of 6.7 Earthquake or Larger Striking Bay Area Jumps to 72 Percent - Report Link
A Big Earthquake Could Create a Domino Effect of Doom in Southern California - Report Link
Earthquake: 3.5 quake strikes near Piedmont, CA - Report Link
Oklahoma is Now as Much of an Earthquake Risk as California - Report Link
Several earthquakes shake central Oklahoma - Report Link
No, 'Carbon monoxide explosion' doesn't mean earthquake is coming - Report Link
USGS Warning: Fault System Critically Stressed Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm - Report Link
Oklahoma has more earthquakes in 2015 than all of continental U.S. combined - Report Link
Experts say it’s only a matter of time before the “big one” shakes Oklahom... - Report Link
Trio of Oklahoma Earthquakes Rattles the Heartland - - Report Link
Latest Michigan quake has scientists puzzled - Report Link
Two minor earthquakes reported in Virginia in two days | WRIC - Report Link
Earthquake reveals fault in southwest Kalamazoo County - Report Link
Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, California, Idaho And Washington All Jolted By Sig... - Report Link
From Kathmandu to Kalamazoo! - Report Link
Major Earthquake activity in the United States -- Michigan, Mississippi, Texas - Report Link
Earthquake Risk Rising in Central U.S., Where Many People Are Unprepared - Report Link
Earthquake Strikes In America’s Heartland - Report Link
Geologists try to map potential seismic hazard risks of New Madrid region - Report Link
Reactivated fault lines in Oklahoma could cause major quake: study - Report Link
Earthquake Rumbles Central Virginia - Report Link
Oklahoma could be in danger of strong earthquakes - Report Link

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
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