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 Prophecy:   The Restoration and Protection of the USA

 Name:   Chris Reed

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
...the first one said after he tore tore off one third of the fifty dollar bill, the headline read this, "The dollar drops thirty percent in value", and a subtitle to the headline was, "Mid-east oil strikes deal with China, instead of the US." (FULFILLED)

I then was given another headline which said "The perfect storm", subtitled "Inflation reaches a new high", and then another person came up to me and handed me another news headline which said "Food shortage crisis as wheat and bread imports are at a stalemate". (FULFILLED)

Another headline was then handed to me, which said something like, "Riots and civil unrest as citizens demand entitlement checks." (we're starting into this one now)

The attention was brought back on the man dressed in the black suit who held the 50 bill. This time he tore the 50 bill in half, and when he did this an earthquake happened under my feet. Another person walked up to me, and handed me a headline which read "Israeli and Palestinian two-state solution reached." And then another person came up to me and gave me a headline which said "Major earthquake hits the middle of the US."

Then the man in the black suit took the rest of the 50 bill, and he started tearing it in smaller pieces. So the first time he tore it tore off, it was one third. The second time he tore off half of the 50 bill. And now he takes the rest of the 50 bill and tears off small pieces, one by one. And then, another person walks up to me, and hands me another headline which read, "America in pieces." It was subtitled as this: "More states secede from the nation in rebellion to the federal government."

Another person came up, and handed me a headline which said, "US military takes charge as uncertainty looms over the federal government."

Then the man dressed in the black suit took out a new dollar bill. It was not the 50 bill. It was a one dollar US bill. But what was interesting about it was, in the dream, the one dollar bill looked like a cell phone. It was a one dollar bill, but it looked like a cell phone. I did see George Washington's face on it. But it looked very different than a normal one dollar bill.

I remember looking at it, and just studying it, and was kind of, you know, pondering why this one dollar bill looked like a cell phone. And when i am pondering this, another person comes up, hands me another headline, and the newspaper headlines read "New currency for a renewed nation." Another headline was handed to me, and it said. "Simplicity restored as Americans grow their own food again."
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