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Posted On September 12th, 2022

Given directly by Nick:

I have always considered my self a warrior. I served in Army National Guard as a commissioned Officer. After graduation college, I became a Police Officer for a large New England area town. I served 12 years in patrol, but my career ended early after being diagnosed with cumulative PTSD from repeated exposure to death, tragedy and danger. The town I served faithfully turned against me after seeking help, refusing to recognize my situation as a work injury. I felt alone, abandoned,and scared. I went without pay for 2 years, while battling the town in court, completely ostracized. All felt lost. I was always a casual Christian, but was full of sin and doubt in certain areas. During my fight, I turned to Jesus and the bible. Despite even losing in court, I retired after 14 years with little to no benefits but I continued to see the Lord. During my faith journey, the Lord directed me to write and publish a book about my career as a cop, the struggle with PTSD and how God helped me through. I also began writing prophetically during this time about world events as well. After some time, I went back into the environment God wanted to leave, working as an Inmate Transport Officer at jail, before the enemy attacked again. God then directed me to Mark 2:22. I then realized I was new wine that I keep putting back in an old wine skin. It was time to get out of a uniform. The Lord was calling me to be a new kind of warrior for a new kind of battle we are facing during this era.

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