New Improvement Idea Feedback Requested
Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 2:14pm

Hey everyone.  While sitting here today working, I had an idea for an improvement to the site, specifically with the updates page.  And it's not so much what's displayed there as how it's displayed.  For some of you, I get the feeling that you might feel that the page, the way it stands, is a bit overwhelming, given all the entries listed there.  So, I'm thinking of adding a second version of the page, which is tab accessible, that will summarize those updates rather than listing them individually.  So for example, the current page listings look kinda like this:

Type Title Date Added/Updated Prophecy
Source Barry Wunsch - August 22nd at 10:14am The Arrest and Removal of Bill Gates
Prophecy Bill Gates Will Create Financial Prosperity August 22nd at 10:11am *UPDATE*
Proof 'Arrest Bill Gates': Protesters Descend on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation HQ August 22nd at 10:03am The Arrest and Removal of Bill Gates

My proposed addition/upgrade to/replacement of the current page, would be something like this:

Prophecy Most Recent Update Total Updates
The Arrest and Removal of Bill Gates August 22nd at 10:14am 6
Bill Gates Will Create Financial Prosperity August 22nd at 10:11am 9

The idea behind doing this is that you only see what prophecies received updates, and how many updates their were, but not all the individual updates like you currently do.  I don't plan on breaking that out into specifics, such as "proofs", "teachings", etc.  All I plan to put there is now many total updates there were.  The list will also be ordered either alphabetically, or by latest update.  IE, the prophecies will be listed in the order by which their updates were done, with the newest at the top, and oldest on the bottom.  The idea behind this is information density.  This will allow you to more easily see what prophecies have been updated, rather than the flood of updates themselves.  That way, if there's only certain ones you're interested in, you don't have to crawl through the entire list to see which ones those are.

Another addition I'm looking at doing is flagging all new teachings, prophecy sources, and proofs with a handy little "NEW" or "Updated" tag next to them so that, when you go to the prophecy page, those are easy to identify as having been added/updated in the last 7 days.  Prophecies themselves that get updates, eh, there's already an entry at the top that denotes when the prophecy was last updated.  Plus I like to put in an "edited" tag with info on why the prophecy was updated in a lot of cases.  So that I don't think needs the "updated" tag added to it.  But, if you guys want it, I'll add it.

That's part of why I'm tossing this idea out here to get your feedback on it, as I want this to be as useful as possible to you.  So please tell me what you think would be the most useful in this upgrade, and I'll do my best to implement it.  Also, if you strongly feel that the current updates page should just completely go away in favor of the new one, I'm cool with that too.  It's whatever you guys feel is most useful, or beneficial to you, that I want to go with.  So please, don't be afraid to say something, as I really appreciate your feedback.  Thanks.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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