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Bill Gates Will Create Financial Prosperity Print
Posted On November 17th, 2019
  AKA:   Bill Gates will open up the gate of a financial realm for the church
  Status:   Pending: 1  

The basic premise of this prophecy is that Bill Gates will, through means as yet unknown, open up huge realms of financial blessing for the Church.  Yes, the same Bill Gates who wants to kill off 98% of the world's population.  I don't know how this prophecy will unfold, but there are some signs that God may use him, despite his evil, to bring about a financial blessing to this nation and the world that the church will be able to piggy back onto and use to gain incredible financial resources for use in their ministry work.

I really don't know the validity of this, but if it's true, this would be a huge boon for the church and it's global outreach.  However, like all prophecies, always remember that not all prophecies are literal, meaning that this "financial boon" might not actually involve money (I'm not saying it couldn't.  I'm just saying don't put all your eggs into that proverbial basket when trying to understand this prophecy), but rather spiritual blessings that will come about through any number of means, including extreme persecution.


Disclaimer.  In light of The Arrest and Removal of Bill Gates prophecy, I just want to remind everyone not to immediately dismiss one or both of these prophecies simply because they appear diametrically opposed.  They do not necessarily cancel each other out, or one cause the other to be invalid or false.  We don't know the route this will all take yet.  For example, the Bill Gates of Microsoft, as spoken of in the other prophecy, may not be the same Bill Gates of this prophecy (I mean, he's not the only one with that name, just so you know, lol), and thus both can be true without one canceling out the other.

Also, understand this.  It's possible that the arrest of Gates, and the seizure of his assets might be the catalyst that opens up financial opportunities for the church by removing him as a blocking force to those riches.  So his arrest and conviction can still fulfill this prophecy.  So don't come into this with preconceived notions of how it'll play out, and be ultimately fulfilled.  Just sit back and let God sort out all the details. :)

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