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 Prophecy:   New Energy Sources Will Arise

 Name:   Kim Clement

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself. For the Spirit of the Lord says when I tell you to look to the sky, it is not a religious cliche' that comes from my voice, says the Lord. I do not have cliche's. I am not repetitious. I need not do the same things twice, do I? Only one Jericho, only one burning bush, only one Christ, no more. For in this day and age they have looked to the source for energy and said "we have dried up" though we have billions in the earth. And the pumps in this nation have said you will not tap the resources under the earth. And the Spirit of the Lord says because I have set man as the governor of his own deeds, and I have set man as the god of this earth, I will honor that. I will honor when laws are made. But the Spirit of the Lord said I will then find another way. I will use my sea, I will use my earth; I will use my universe. There is a source of energy coming from all of these.
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