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 Prophecy:   America and Israel Will Become Oil Super Powers

 Name:   Mark Taylor

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Partial Fulfillment  

Summary or Prophecy Text
The Spirit of God says, "How do you capture a country? You capture it's energy. For too long, you evil globalists have controlled the energy and it stops now! It shall be exposed in one country after another who has been manipulating and controlling my earth through oil and energy. You evil globalists think you control the oil? Ha! I laugh at my enemies. The oil is not yours but mine and I the Lord God control it. I will release it to my righteous nations and I will cut it off from wicked ones, for I the Lord God own all the silver and gold including black gold." The Spirit of God says, "The sign has been given that the energy boom is here now. This energy explosion will be the biggest in the history of my America and my Israel. New oil and energy will be discovered and released in the natural and will be a sign that new oil is being released in the spiritual over America and Israel. Other countries' economies will be affected. Russia and China, will be put in their place, your militaries shall be affected by this. Your planes will be seen sitting on the tarmac unable to fly for lack of parts. You will no longer be considered a threat or a superpower. When America announces she is energy independent, these things shall take place. The national debt will be dealt a death blow from what I am releasing in the natural and the spiritual. New energy, new energy is here now and these new discoveries will confound the wise, for it is those that think they are wise that have held all this energy captive, but no more, for the Lord God am unleashing it now."
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