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 Prophecy:   The Judgment of the Major Sports

 Name:   Benjamin Faircloth

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
The NFL will be judged for their sin, pride, "Roman gladiator" style games, and other more grievous sins.
NFL Chiefs cancel workout after defender suffers cardiac arrest - Insider Paper - Report Link
Class-Action Trial Against NFL 'Sunday Ticket' Begins | - Report Link
Sean Davis on X: "The NFL was quicker to condemn Butker for being a Christian th... - Report Link
Antitrust Suit Against NFL TV Deals Moves Toward Trial | - Report Link
Barry Sanders' Humility Is A Quality Modern Athletes Severely Lack - Report Link
NFL Team Plays in Mostly Empty Stadium Despite Tickets Selling for Less Than $1 - Report Link
Sen. Rick Scott Seeks Answers on FSU Playoff Exclusion | - Report Link
Big Ten SUSPENDS Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh For Rest of Regular Season I CBS Sport... - Report Link
Kari Lake Torches NFL After Backlash from National Anthem Decision at Kickoff | ... - Report Link
New Orleans Saints' Jimmy Graham Arrested After Having 'Medical Episode.' Team R... - Report Link
Chiefs' Travis Kelce: Up to 80 Percent of the NFL Uses Cannabis - Report Link
Former Mets Pitching Prospect Matt Pobereyko Dead at 31 - Report Link
Another NFL Player Rushed to Hospital After Being Unable to Stand Up - Report Link
Gallagher plans to call Disney's Iger, NBA's Silver to testify before new China ... - Report Link
Vaccines appear to be decimating the NFL and causing a wave of injuries and deat... - Report Link
MUST WATCH: NFL Analyst Prays Live On ESPN for Damar Hamlin’s Recovery (VIDEO) - Report Link
The NFL Just Showed the World What It Thinks of Its Players | The Nation - Report Link
Monday Night Football Postponed After Bills' Hamlin Collapses, Receives CPR On F... - Report Link
NFL Lineman Sidelined After Doctors Find Blood Clots In Lung, Leg - Report Link
NFL team honors adult film star on jumbotron in attempt to thank troops - Report Link
Michigan Football Coach, Former NFL Player Collapses on Sideline During Game, Ca... - Report Link
NFL strips Miami Dolphins of 2023 first-round pick, fines Stephen Ross $1.5M for... - Report Link
Another Former NFL Player, 43, Dies of "Unspecified Illness" - Report Link
NFL’s new social justice initiative led by rapper who called for violence agai... - Report Link
NFL’s Panthers Add Transgender Cheerleader To Roster: Can’t ‘Wait To Show... - Report Link
Adam Silver NBA lost 'hundreds of millions' due to China fallout - Report Link
Sports Media Demonize Aaron Rodgers, Nearly Silent on NFL Player Who Killed a Wo... - Report Link
NFL's Richard Sherman Faces Jail Time, Says He's 'Deeply Remorseful,' Vows to 'G... - Report Link
Woke NFL Will Play 'Black National Anthem' During 2021 Season, Including at Supe... - Report Link
NFL Seeking 100% Increase in TV Rights Payments, Disney Resists - Report Link
NFL FUMBLES: Football Ratings ‘COLLAPSE’ in Week 4, ‘Down 70% From Last Ye... - Report Link
NFL's social justice experiment is no touchdown - Report Link
The NFL, NBA and MLB are promoting Black criminals as heroes and putting a targe... - Report Link
Roger Goodell and Wokeness Have Ensured the Decline of the NFL - American Thinke... - Report Link
NFL ratings plummet in Chiefs-Texans season opener - Report Link
Americans' views of the sports industry take a nosedive, according to Gallup | J... - Report Link
NFL players can be fined for church attendance under league's COVID-19 policy - ... - Report Link
Victor Davis Hanson: Millions of NFL Fans Are About To Shrug and Change the Chan... - Report Link
NFL Fines Saints Captain for Wearing 'Man of God' Headband, but He Sti... - Report Link
Weak 16: Fans Still Missing AS NFL Season Nears Its End - Report Link
NFL plagued by empty stadiums seats - YouTube - Report Link
NFL not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem - Report Link
Trump Wins: NFL Brand Takes Massive Hit Over National Anthem * Deneen Borelli - Report Link
NFL Coach Rebukes War Hero Who Stood for National Anthem - Todd Starnes - Report Link
GREAT NEWS: NFL Suffers Another Embarrassing Opening - Report Link
TV Ratings: NFL Kickoff Game Ratings Down From 2016 As Patriots Lose To Chiefs |... - Report Link
Franklin Graham: 'NFL Is Trying to Push Homosexuality Through a New Pro-Same-Sex... - Report Link
NFL Says Gaga Can Grumble About Trump in Super Bowl Show - Report Link
Arrogance, Deceit, Oversaturation At Root Of NFL’s Ratings Decline - Report Link
NFL Ratings Set To Drop Again In Week 5 As NFL Downplays The Problem - Report Link
Poll: National Anthem Protests Leading Cause For NFL Ratings Drop - Report Link
Poll: 40% of Fans Blame NFL's Ratings Drop on National Anthem Protests - Report Link
Fans watching fewer NFL games cite protests as primary reason - Report Link
Are Americans Tuning Out the NFL Over Protests? - Report Link
Boycott the NFL - Report Link
NFL Injuries List (official) - Report Link
NFL PLAYER POSTS Picture Of Cop’s Throat Being Slit On Social Media - Report Link

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