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 Prophecy:   The Restoration and Protection of the USA

 Name:   Elizabeth Cassutto

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Pending  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Dream of 1/20/23:

•The dream started with some of my family nembers (now in heaven). It's not relevant to this post to detail it, except to say that the Lord showed me some relatives who (had only come to the Lord at the end of their life) were worshipping joyfully with abandon. God is magnanimous in His mercy.

•The next scene, was a city where there were foundries and tall old industry-type cement stacks. My eye focused on this one old building, many steps outside (ladder on a stack type of cement building). For some reason -I was talking to a 50-ish year old man, a blue-collar steel or iron worker. He was climbing the outside of stack to go to the top - he lost or didn't have his last paycheck ' wanted to go inside to get it. Then, I am following him - climbing up the ladder rungs to try and help this guy, who desperately needed his check. I was acting as a kind of guard for him, kind of like a lookout. Like, I've got your back. Don't worry. That's how I felt.

•Then - out of nowhere - Elon Musk is there. He's on the ladder - on the rung above me - sandwiched between me and the worker guy who was going back into building to get his check. (I was aware in dream this was all happening from the outside - ladder rungs going up). I had the sense the old foundry/iron stack was abandoned for some time - like the old steel mills of years ago.

•Next, Elon Musk did a very unusual thing. He turned a little on the ladder -looked back at me on the rung below him, and pulls out a big wad of cash from his pocket- and starts to peel off some $20 bills to give me. I say "no, no, you don't have to give me any money". He said, "I want to, please take this - you are helping this man". There is one more scene below. But first - here is what this may mean:

Interpretation: My sense from the Lord was that this 50-ish (means Jubilee - restoration) middle-age working man going up the ladder (seeking God, looking up) was once a part of the glory days of America (manufacturing, industry), which we have not seen for years. Elon Musk represents God using this (unlikely) person of wealth, to help further Gods plan for 'the blue collar worker here". Him wanting to bless me wasn't about me - I represented "the praying church". God can/will use whomever He chooses to replenish, restore. The Lord uses whom He will. The Bible shows us God used unsaved kings, those who don't know Him, to bless His people. And Musk giving me $20 dollar bills, points to a complete waiting period of restoration. (Twenty in bible points to that). This means the Lord is planning to complete some of America's history and destiny that is awaiting fulfillment. Pres. Andrew Jackson is on the $20 dollar bill. He was the 7th President. (perfect, complete). And I had this dream on the morning of the 20th.

•So, to wrap-up, although Holy Spirit gave me that dream this morning, it is a message for the larger Body of Christ. There is a corporate - recovery coming to the Church - at this time. For a season, God will move in a way man has never seen, to bring in the harvest. He will strong-arm even the pinnacle of darkness, binding their forces, so the Church can accomplish her assignments. And despite all the darkness in the land, God is the keeper of all lands, deeds, covenants & history.

•I do think it's wise to pray for Mr. Musk- that he comes to know the Lord. The Lord loves him and shed his blood for him. Who knows how wonderfully the Lord will complete this story. There is power in agreement.

•Last scene: I was at a small round table - very old, colonial. There were 3 chairs. To my left was a woman, didn't see her face. Directly across from me, was the British statesman, economist & philosopher, Edmund Burke, who died in 1729. He had the dress on of that period, and behind him on the wall, was a large portrait painting - the scene was depicting the wars (British/Early Colonists). Mr. Burke had a gentle, almost approving smile looking straight at me. There was another (nondescript woman) at the table, to my left. She was there- but not part of the conversation. The very odd part of this is that I realized Mr. Burke was a mannequin- yet - he was talking, animated.
There are no proofs to display at this time.

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