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 Prophecy:   Mega Banks Collapse

 Name:   Kim Clement

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
"And the world will look at you and they shall say, 'we thought it was the end, we thought that the economy would crash'. And God said, watch me now as I will raise up this economy and America shall once again rule as they are supposed to.

There is a banking system that shall crash. And they shall say, 'but it is so big, how can this happen in America?' And God said, it shall crash, it shall crash and there shall be a shaking just for a short moment in time. (IN PROGRESS)


"The Spirit of God was already speaking of a time to come when the banking systems would fail, but even in the same breath giving us hope that the shaking would be temporary." (IN PROGRESS)
Texas Pulls $8.5 Billion From BlackRock In "Massive Blow" To "The Scam Of ESG" |... - Report Link
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ICBC, China's largest bank, said to be hit by ransomware attack - Report Link
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Bank Withdrawal Limits and Exit Fees Under Consideration by Financial Authoritie... - Report Link
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Truist, Bank of America, Chase, US Bank and Wells Fargo direct deposit systems D... - Report Link
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Bank of England bond losses to cost government £20B more than expected - Report Link
Wells Fargo customers left unable to use their bank cards or transfer cash amid ... - Report Link
BMO, Wells Fargo and USAA are latest banks to report layoffs - Report Link
Major bank with over 200 locations set to shut down six branches due to 'digital... - Report Link
Shares of US banks drop after S&P downgrades some ratings | Reuters - Report Link
US Banks Suffer $18,900,000,000 in Losses As JPMorgan Chase and Capital One Take... - Report Link
Fitch warns it may be forced to downgrade dozens of banks - Report Link
Wells Fargo accused of new fake-accounts scam in lawsuit alleging racketeering, ... - Report Link
Major bank abruptly closes all locations leaving customers trying to locate thei... - Report Link
Urgent Warning: Leaked Report Exposes 8 Banks On Verge Of Failure! - Steven Van ... - Report Link
Central Bank Indicator of US Economy Collapse -by Lynette Zang - YouTube - Report Link
NatWest bank issues further de-banking measures with new cash limits, prompting ... - Report Link
Wells Fargo, other Wall Street banks fined $549 million for record keeping failu... - Report Link
Moody's Downgrades Credit Ratings of Regional US Banks, Could Cut Others | The E... - Report Link
Wells Fargo Customers Say Direct Deposits Went Missing From Their Accounts, Trig... - Report Link
Kansas bank closed by regulators, 5th U.S. bank failure this year - BNO News - Report Link
Bank failure: Kansas Heartland Tri-State Bank closed by FDIC | CNN Business - Report Link
UK bank branches closing this month - full list of 80 locations | - Report Link
The Biggest Monetary Shock In 52 Years | ZeroHedge - Report Link
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UBS To Slash Half Of Credit Suisse's Workforce As Bank Layoff Tsunami Worsens | ... - Report Link
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Unredacted Filing: Epstein Received $300M in Tax Incentives From Virgin Islands ... - Report Link
JPMorgan Had a Secret Project that Is Now Spreading Its Scandalous Internal Emai... - Report Link
Corporate bankruptcies surge on high interest rates, uncertainty - Report Link
German central bank risks bailout after money printing spree - Report Link
JP Morgan fined for deleting 47 million emails – One America News Network - Report Link
US Virgin Islands Gave Jeffrey Epstein $300 Million in Tax Incentives, JPMorgan ... - Report Link
$450,000,000,000 To Exit US Banks As Treasury Kicks Off Massive Borrowing Spree:... - Report Link
JPMorgan to Pay $290 Million to Settle Jeffrey Epstein Victims’ Suit - WSJ - Report Link
Americans Pull $472,000,000,000 Out of US Banks in Three Months As Depositors Ex... - Report Link
$30,000,000,000 Exits US Banking System in One Week As Deposit Flight Grows - Th... - Report Link
Dallas Fed President: Bank Crisis Entering “Third Phase" - Report Link
Banking System Stress Persists as Deposits, Loans Decline Again – America Firs... - Report Link
Battered By Inflation, 90 Million Americans Struggle Paying Bills As Credit Card... - Report Link
More Than 700 US Banks Facing 'Significant Safety and Soundness Risk' Due to Mas... - Report Link
Close to 190 US banks could collapse: USA Today - World - - Report Link
Big Banks to Pay Billions More in FDIC Fees After Bank Failures - Report Link
Judge warns JPMorgan Chase in Jeffrey Epstein evidence issue - Report Link
Regulators Will Need to Intervene in Banking Crisis, JPMorgan CEO Says - Report Link
PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: U.S. May Freeze Bank Withdrawals As Currency Fear Rises,... - Report Link
Portfolio Manager Will Confront JPMorgan Chase Shareholders On Moves To De-Bank ... - Report Link
PacWest Shares Crash After Reporting Deposit-Flight Accelerated Last Week | Zero... - Report Link
Fed Report Reveals 722 Banks are Insolvent - YouTube - Report Link
Consumer Credit Shocker: Credit Card Debt Explodes At 2nd Fastest Pace On Record... - Report Link
THE TRAP IS SPRUNG: The banks are being brought down BY DESIGN - Report Link
Massive Retail Money Market Inflows Suggest Bank Deposit Run Accelerating | Zero... - Report Link
Goldman Sachs Under Investigation After Advising Silicon Valley Bank Before Coll... - Report Link
PacWest Report Sends Regional Bank Stocks WAL, CMA, Zion, VLY Down - Bloomberg - Report Link
The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Is Now Officially Bigger Than The Banking Collapse ... - Report Link
US Regional Bank Stocks Crash - PacWest Down 30%, Western Alliance Down 25%, Met... - Report Link
First Republic Bank fails, taken over by JPMorgan - Report Link
The three banks that have failed this year are bigger than the 25 that crumbled ... - Report Link
JP Morgan CEO Screams Bank Runs & Economic HURRICANE - YouTube - Report Link
Large & Small US Banks See Deposit Outflows Continue, Small Bank Lending Growth ... - Report Link
BREAKING: Another Bank COLLAPSES Under Biden's Watch, Third In Two Months - DC E... - Report Link
One Of The Largest Banks In The United States Is On The Verge Of Going Under - Report Link
First Republic Bank rout; Stock trading halted several times - CBS San Francisco - Report Link
Hal Turner Radio Show - First Republic Bank Goes "Zombie" - Loses 40% of Deposit... - Report Link
First Republic stock craters 49% after the bank reveals customers pulled out $10... - Report Link on Twitter: "JUST IN - First Republic Bank share price plunges over ... - Report Link
Moody’s downgrades 11 regional banks, including Zions, U.S. Bank, Western Alli... - Report Link
JPMorgan CEO Sees Risk of More Bank Failures - Report Link
U.S. bank deposits shift sharply: Moody's | Advisor's Edge - Report Link
JPMorgan's ties to Epstein more sinister, lawsuit claims — RT Business News - Report Link
The Banking Crisis Gets Worse! $1.7 Trillion In Unrealized Losses Loom As U.S. B... - Report Link
Why Fractional Reserve Banking Is behind Bank Failures – Jonathan Newman – K... - Report Link
Credit Suisse chiefs say sorry to shocked shareholders - Insider Paper - Report Link
Australian ‘Big Four’ bank ANZ halts cash withdrawals from many branches - Report Link
Australia’s top bank ANZ shocks customers with withdrawal freeze - Report Link
Opinion: 'Most U.S. banks are technically near insolvency, and hundreds are alre... - Report Link
21 states threaten banks with legal action over woke policies: 'Stay in your lan... - Report Link
Financial world legend sounds alarm over 'biggest bank that's going down' | Fox ... - Report Link
SVB customers tried to pull nearly all deposits in two days, Barr says - Report Link
Inflows to Money Market Funds Top $280 Billion as Investors Pull Bank Deposits - Report Link
Financial Researchers Worry Nearly 200 Banks At Risk Amid 'Catch-22' - Report Link
Credit Suisse whistleblowers accuse bank of helping ultra-rich Americans evade t... - Report Link
Why Fractional Reserve Banking Is behind Bank Failures | Mises Wire - Report Link
U.S. Banks Are Sitting On $1.7 Trillion In Unrealized Losses, Research Says - Report Link
You Will Be Shocked By How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out Of U.S. Banks, And Now... - Report Link
Deutsche Bank shares slide 11% after sudden spike in the cost of insuring agains... - Report Link
186 More Banks "Are At Risk Of Failure", And That Could Push Us Into The Next Gr... - Report Link
Credit Suisse lost $5.5 billion on criminal-run hedge fund, also pleaded guilty ... - Report Link
Nearly 200 banks could fail the same way SVB did: study - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank collapse will 'definitely' impact real estate, developer war... - Report Link
FDIC Prepares To Break Up Silicon Valley Bank, Report Says | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Study Finds 186 Banks Vulnerable to SVB-Like Collapse - Report Link
Is Credit Suisse About to Collapse? Bank Admits “Material Weakness” as Share... - Report Link
Janet Yellen Just Poured Lighter Fluid on Every Small Bank in America – Discer... - Report Link
Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse - LewRo... - Report Link
STUNNING: Janet Yellen Admits Smaller Regional Midwest Banks Will Not Be Bailed ... - Report Link
Hal Turner Radio Show - Banks: Getting Very Much Worse; Very Much Faster - Report Link
BANK RUNS - 4th USA Bank Faces Collapse - $229 Billion Bailout for First Republi... - Report Link
First Republic shares continue to slide despite $30B cash infusion | Fox Busines... - Report Link
SVB, Signature: Yellen says not all deposits safe in future bank failures - Report Link
Credit Suisse to borrow up to $54bn from Swiss central bank - BBC News - Report Link
Credit Suisse shares slide after Saudi backer rules out further assistance - Report Link
Swiss National Bank says it will provide Credit Suisse with liquidity if necessa... - Report Link
First Republic Bank downgraded to ‘junk’ by S&P and Fitch on fears further d... - Report Link
Small Banks Are Crashing | ZeroHedge - Report Link
The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall Very Rapidly Now - Could These Banks Be Next? - Report Link
First Republic drops, bank stocks decline - Report Link
FDIC has only about half the cash needed to cover roughly $264B in deposits at f... - Report Link
If SVB is insolvent, so is everyone else | Sovereign Research - Report Link
'Rapid Deterioration': Major Rating Service Downgrades U.S. Banking System - Report Link
The Federal Reserve Just Made An Emergency Decision Which Will Fundamentally Cha... - Report Link
Full List of Bank Shares That Halted Trading as Panic Spreads - Report Link
Regional Bank Stocks Getting Crushed Monday: Here Are 19 Stocks Down 10% Or More... - Report Link
Regulators Shut Down Another Bank In Race to Contain Fallout From Silicon Valley... - Report Link
Regulators close crypto-focused Signature Bank, citing systemic risk - Report Link
BREAKING NEWS! Bank Runs SPREADING LONG LINE UP's, US Nuclear BOMBERS Near Russi... - Report Link
Billionaire investor Bill Ackman warns more banks will collapse tens of thousand... - Report Link
Customers line up outside First Republic Bank to take their money out - after SV... - Report Link
Robert Kiyosaki warns 3rd U.S. bank to crash, Peter Schiff says 'bigger collapse... - Report Link
OH NO - More Silicon Valley Bank Fallout - Goldman Sachs Backed CIRCLE's Stable ... - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank Ties to California First Partner Jennifer Newsom | Californi... - Report Link
Greg Reese: The Banking Collapse Has Begun - Report Link
Yellen: No federal bailout for collapsed Silicon Valley Bank | AP News - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank had NO head of 'risk assessment' for nine months before it c... - Report Link
America's Biggest Banks Lost More Than 50 billion Dollars In A Single Day - Gell... - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank: Climate tech's go-to banker collapses - Heatmap News - Report Link
Silicon Valley Bank imploded in a single day. It could just be the tip of the ic... - Report Link
Panic in the STREET: One Bank Crashes, A Bigger One RUNS for its life then crash... - Report Link
Record Bank Run Drained A Quarter, Or $42BN, Of SVB's Deposits In Hours, Leaving... - Report Link
CEO of Silicon Valley Bank sold $3.57 million of stock before its dramatic colla... - Report Link
WARNING: Big Tech Banks Collapsing! Infection Spreading to Other Sectors - Report Link
Wells Fargo missing deposit glitch alarms customers. Bank says it was a 'technic... - Report Link
Wells Fargo Just Made Another Huge Mistake - Report Link
Wells Fargo says 'technical issue' causing customers to report missing deposits - Report Link
SVB Stock Halted Amid Collapse, Shaking US Financial Sector - TheStreet - Report Link
Stocks waver as Silicon Valley Bank shutdown rattles Wall Street: Live updates - Report Link
Credit Suisse breach spills info of high-net-worth clients - Report Link
Whistleblower: FBI Targeted Innocent Gun Owners Via Bank Of America Records - Report Link
Major Banks Bend The Knee To Climate Activists, Accelerate Plans To Cut Coal Inv... - Report Link
Bank Profits Off Democrat Cash, Funnels It Back To Leftist Causes - Report Link
Banks admit the COLLAPSE is coming and they don't want YOU to know about it | Re... - Report Link
Hal Turner Radio Show - Uh Oh . . . Chase Bank to Close Some ATM's Outside of Bu... - Report Link
The Big Banks & The IMF Plan On Stealing Your Money! - Greg Reese Report | Opini... - Report Link
Banking Institutions Quietly Admit To Inevitable Recession Implosion In 2023 - A... - Report Link
Bank of America experiences disruption in online transactions, customers report ... - Report Link
Investors Pulled 1.5 Trillion in Assets Out of BlackRock® In the Past Year - Co... - Report Link
Goldman Sachs reviewing cost of private jet travel favored by CEO David Solomon:... - Report Link
Lawsuit accuses former Barclays, JPMorgan exec of being involved in Jeffrey Epst... - Report Link
To prevent bank-run panic, the FDIC is conspiring to blind Americans to the impe... - Report Link
2023 Spells Big Trouble for US Economy, Majority of Large Banks Warn: Reports - Report Link
Goldman Sachs' Consumer Banking Unit Head Steps Down - Memo - Report Link
Kentucky Treasurer Threatens Banks Over Fossil Fuel Boycotts - Report Link
Kentucky compiles blacklist of banks that 'boycott' fossil fuels | Washington Ex... - Report Link
Goldman Sachs announces layoffs amid 'tightening monetary conditions' | The Post... - Report Link
JPMorgan Chase Sued for Concealing Jeffrey Epstein’s Child Sex Crimes: It Turn... - Report Link
BARR: Banks Might Start Closing Accounts Of Customers Who Buy Too Many Guns Or T... - Report Link
Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $3.7 Billion Over Widespread Illegal Activity | ZeroH... - Report Link
Goldman Sachs to lay off up to 4,000 people | Semafor - Report Link
The FTX corruption is even worse than we thought | Redacted with Clayton Morris ... - Report Link
Sam Bankman-Fried's Parents Bought Bahamas "Vacation Home" Among $121 Million In... - Report Link
Revealed: FTX Was Funding Biological Weapons Shelters - Report Link
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried made political contributions under other people's ... - Report Link
FTX Donated $1 Million to McConnell-Aligned Super PAC Weeks before Declaring Ban... - Report Link
BREAKING: FTX, Tether, the CIA, drug cartels and Ukraine - Report Link
FTX collapse is ‘wreaking havoc’ on this industry: Bitcoin Foundation Chairm... - Report Link
BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money t... - Report Link
Bank of England calls for 'urgent' global action after near-collapse of UK pensi... - Report Link
FX swap debt a $80 trillion 'blind spot' global regulator says | Reuters - Report Link
Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Sue Two Bank Giants They Allege 'Benefited' From Sex Tr... - Report Link
JP Morgan Cancels Religious Nonprofit’s Checking Account, Demands Donor List a... - Report Link
New PayPal Policy Lets Company Pull $2,500 From Users’ Accounts If They Promot... - Report Link
Banking Crisis Will Start in Europe – Martin Armstrong | Greg Hunter’s USAWa... - Report Link
Banking Rhetoric During A Financial Collapse-The Song Remains The Same - Report Link
The International Monetary System Is on the Verge of Collapse… Here’s What C... - Report Link
Australia's Central Bank Says It Is Bust - RealMoney - Report Link
EU central bank warns ‘outlook is darkening’ — RT World News - Report Link
Bank Of England Must Do A "Large" Emergency Rate Hike To Avoid Total Disaster, D... - Report Link
Deutsche Bank in $26.3M Settlement Over Epstein, Oligarch Ties | - Report Link
Australian Reserve Bank Declares It’s BUST! Hoorah! Goodbye Satan. - Report Link
Australia's central bank has equity wiped out by billions in bond losses By Reut... - Report Link
JPMorgan's Frankfurt offices raided as part of 'cum-ex' tax probe - Bloomberg Ne... - Report Link
Morgan Stanley banker with $44K bonus grumbles payout 'f--king sucks' - Report Link
Lloyds set to close 66 more bank branches: here's the full list - Report Link
Lloyds Served Demand For Cancellation of Illegal Mortgages - Report Link
The banks are collapsing - Report Link
Massive Wall Street layoffs feared as banking profits tank - Report Link
Bank of England acting like a ‘hysterically hyperbolic headless chicken’ | T... - Report Link
Australian bank Volt collapses urging 6000 customers to withdraw funds; 140 jobs... - Report Link
Credit Suisse bank found guilty over money-laundering charges - BBC News - Report Link
A perfect storm in banking is brewing - Research - Goldmoney - Report Link
JPMorgan Lays off Hundreds in Mortgage Business | - Report Link
Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Police On Money Laundering Concerns | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Bank Closures As Amsterdam Trade Bank, Part Of Russia's Alfa Bank, Declared Bank... - Report Link
Truckers Call On Patriots To Take Their Money Out Of The Banks In Response To Tr... - Report Link
Bank Run? Canada's Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Luongo: The Coming Apotheosis Of The Banks | ZeroHedge - Report Link
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Bank of America Doxing Its Customers Isn't Just A Scandal - It Could Be A Crime ... - Report Link
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Australia's big four banks remove thousands of ATMs and shut down hundreds of br... - Report Link
G. Edward Griffin - Bankers Waiting for the Big Collapse - YouTube - Report Link
Chinese Bank On Verge Of Collapse After Sudden Bank Run | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Banks Shutter 1,700 Branches in Fastest Decline on Record - WSJ - Report Link
Deutsche Bank's $14 Billion Scare - Report Link
"Deutsche Bank Poses The Greatest Risk To The Global Financial System"... - Report Link

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