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 Prophecy:   A Famine In The Midst Of Plenty

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Famine? They will try, but it is a lie. Shortages? No, there is more than enough. Economies crashing? My children, every dark and horrible-looking situation is directed at your enemies in these days of judgment, and you don't have to partake in anything that is directed at them.
WHO Moves to Seize Control of Global Food Supply - Slay News - Report Link
Over 80,000 pounds of deli meat recalled across multiple states due to lacking i... - Report Link
Food and drinks giants flag price pressure on low-income consumers - Report Link
Wall Street Apes on X: "An Amazing “Coincidence” American Cattle Rancher war... - Report Link
Farmers warn food aisles will soon be empty because of crushing conditions: 'We ... - Report Link
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Bill Gates Unveils Plan to Fight 'Climate Change' by Targeting Food Supply - Sla... - Report Link
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EPA Rule Could Put Small Meat Processors Out of Business — and Leave Consumers... - Report Link
Big Pharma planning to “vaccinate” America’s chicken supply for bird flu, ... - Report Link
Wall Street Silver on X: "The prices for food at sporting events are getting out... - Report Link
FOOD SUPPLY RESET: Will bird flu become the next fake pandemic that’s used to ... - Report Link
Bird flu virus found in milk, is of “great concern” to WHO - Report Link
Breakfast Cereals Scrutinized For Pesticide That May Harm Reproduction | ZeroHed... - Report Link
There Is More To This Current Bird Flu Panic Than Meets The Eye - Report Link
Got milk? It might not be real | Frontline News - Report Link
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Heading For Supply Shock? Four Maritime Chokepoints Flash Red As Escalating Conf... - Report Link
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UK Gov't To Imprison Citizens Who Eat Meat Under 'Absolute Zero' Rules - The Peo... - Report Link
UK Gov't To Imprison Citizens Who Eat Meat Under 'Absolute Zero' Rules - Report Link
WHO Demands 'Transformation' of 'Food Systems' by Ending Meat-Eating to Fight 'C... - Report Link
Avian Flu Found In Seventh State As Cattle Restrictions Grow | ZeroHedge - Report Link
High levels of lead, sodium found in Lunchables, Consumer Reports says - Report Link
Chicken owners required to register with UK gov't - Report Link
EPA Threatens Locally Produced Beef - Report Link
Chickens and cattle hit with massive bird flu outbreak. Will food prices go up? ... - Report Link
Rancher Raises Alarm as Feds Begin Bulldozing Texas Farms - Slay News - Report Link
Dear Mr. President: A Vanilla Bean Shortage Could Be Nearing   | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Evidence Of Manufactured Food Supply Crisis Mounts As More Cows & Chickens Kille... - Report Link
Bird flu detected in flock in western Michigan county - CBS Detroit - Report Link
Cal-Maine reports bird flu in chickens at Texas plant, forcing temporary closure... - Report Link
Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill Targeting mRNA Vaccines In Food | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Bird flu found in largest fresh egg producer in US, production halted – NBC 5 ... - Report Link
Shadow of Ezra on X: "96 food plants in the United States have been destroyed si... - Report Link
Wall Street Apes on X: "American Farmer At Grocery Store Showing Showing Popular... - Report Link
Wall Street Apes on X: "Small American Farmer Says “This year is going to be a... - Report Link
Experts Warn Mass Migration Threatens US Food Security | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Cattle-Tracking Provision That May Limit Beef Supply Passed In Omnibus Bill | Ze... - Report Link
Wall Street Silver on X: ""In the state of Oregon they are going after shutting ... - Report Link
The Bittersweet Truth Behind Surging Chocolate Prices - Bloomberg - Report Link
Dangerous Levels Of Toxins Found In General Mills ‘LOADED’ Cereal: Report | ... - Report Link
Lab-Grown Chicken Nuggets Made From Feathers Likely to Be Sold Sometime in Near ... - Report Link
Jeff Bezos demonises farming and invests £1 billion in fake food production –... - Report Link
WEF-Linked Scientists Unveil Fake 'Meat' Made from Mold - Slay News - Report Link
Expect Another Surge In Food Prices Fueled By 'Dynamic Pricing' | ZeroHedge - Report Link
FDA approves first-ever gene-edited meat to be sold in stores: 'To improve the w... - Report Link
Thomas Massie on X: "? Hidden in this week’s Omnibus: Lobbyists got $15 millio... - Report Link
Alarm Bells For The U.S. Food Supply - Report Link
Trader Joe’s Issues Nationwide Recall of Customer-Favorite Product - Report Link
Multiple States Prepare for Vaccines to Be Added to Food Supply: Doctor Warns Ab... - Report Link
WEF Pushes Ban on Home-Grown Food to 'Fight Climate Change' - Slay News - Report Link
As NY AG Letitia James Launches the Globalist War on Beef, a Survival Company CE... - Report Link
New York AG Letitia James Files Lawsuit Against Worlds Largest Beef Producer for... - Report Link
Nationwide Recall Issued For “Deadly Outbreak” In Dairy Products — Costco,... - Report Link
High Food Prices Will Only Worsen If A Democrat Wins In 2024 - Report Link
Large fire engulfs Quad Cities livestock auction facility | News | - Report Link
illuminatibot on X: "Thanks to the work of Bill Gates and other psychopaths, soo... - Report Link
PA food supplier warns Americans getting squeezed by inflation are becoming 'res... - Report Link
Grocery chain CEO reveals real reason behind soaring prices and it's not store g... - Report Link
Shocking percent of Americans test positive to dangerous pesticide reportedly fo... - Report Link
Climate Agenda Set To Push Food Prices Even Higher, Analysts Say | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Cattle crisis as production plummets to decades-low level, rancher warns: 'Biden... - Report Link
STUNNING: Map Shows All Food Processing Plants That Have Burned Down, Blown Up o... - Report Link
Scaremongering climate “experts” spread absurd myth that HOME GARDENING is h... - Report Link
The American Elite Want to RATION Food, Power, and Gas - Report Link
BREAKING: A large explosion with a significant fire erupted at Feather Crest Far... - Report Link
BREAKING: Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead Found In Major Brand Name Spices! | WLT Rep... - Report Link
Rice is a food staple of 3.5 billion people in the world. - Report Link
BE ALERT! Meat Recalled In Texas Due To Dangerous Contamination - Report Link
Here's a Davos Cultist Planting the Seeds to Eliminate Rice - Report Link
As ships reroute, cargo prices jump - Globes - Report Link
Ohio Egg Farm Slaughters over 1.3 Million Chickens amid Bird Flu Spread - Slay N... - Report Link
Nationwide recall of peaches, plums and nectarines linked to deadly listeria out... - Report Link
1.2 Million Chickens Will Be Culled at Iowa Farm Where Bird Flu Was Found | The ... - Report Link
IA chicken farm faces severe bird flu outbreak in second major case this week | ... - Report Link
Watch: Before-and-After Photos Show Skyrocketing Food Prices at Costco, Proving ... - Report Link
Trucker warns Biden's EPA regulations would be 'catastrophic' for the American f... - Report Link
No Farmers No Food by Roman Balmakov | Epoch Original Documentary - Report Link
In the Last Days of Summer, Government Comes for the Ice Cream Trucks ? ? The Li... - Report Link
Trader Joe's recall: Black bean tamales may contain milk | WKRG - Report Link
U.S. plans new tariffs on food-can metal from China, Germany and Canada - WSJ | ... - Report Link
Evil is Affecting the Food Supply — Bible News Prophecy Radio - Report Link
Food Supply Attack: U.S. Government Raided and Shut Down Golden Valley Farms, an... - Report Link
Canadian government forcing dairy farmers to DUMP MILK because regulatory quotas... - Report Link
Will New EPA Regulations Starve Millions Of People? - American Thinker - Report Link
FDA Wants To Replace Salt With Bill Gates’ New mRNA Fake Salt - The People's V... - Report Link
Frozen vegetables made by Kroger and Food Lion recalled across the US over fears... - Report Link
200 Ships Stuck In Major BOTTLENECK At One Of The World’s Most Important Tradi... - Report Link
FDA Recalls Human And Pet Food Products Over Potential Illness | The Daily Calle... - Report Link
Salmonella Outbreak in 11 States Prompts CDC Alert Against Small Turtles | NTD - Report Link
ANOTHER ONE? American Plant Food Corporation fertilizer plant in Texas BURNS to ... - Report Link
American Plant Food Corporation plant fire contained as crews work to clear smol... - Report Link
Officials Sound The Alarm After Contaminated Milkshakes Leave Three People Dead ... - Report Link
David vs. Goliath: Big Government's War on an Amish Farmer - Report Link
Uzbekistan Introduces Vaccinated Milk Against Coronavirus - GreatGameIndia - Report Link
These 14 US Cities Have A 'Target' Of Banning Meat By 2030 - Report Link
Expecting a package? American shipping giant could grind to a halt in just days - Report Link
Wealthy shoppers now embracing discount stores amid worsening FOOD INFLATION –... - Report Link
Here’s What the USDA Revealed to the American People About Future Food Shortag... - Report Link
SHOCKING: Is This Where They HIDING The FOOD!!? | Food Shortages | SHTF - Report Link
Doug Casey on How the War on Farmers Could Trigger a Famine - Report Link
Drug And Food Shortages Are Here, And They Will Get A Lot Worse... - Report Link
Alberta farmers: On the road to zero production - Strange Sounds - Report Link
Farmers: USDA Rules, Lack of Competition in Meat Packing Endangers Food Supply - Report Link
Depressing Video Purportedly Shows Mass Death of Cows From mRNA Bovine Injection - Report Link
America Signs Global Climate Agreement to Crack Down on Farming - Slay News - Report Link
13 Nations Agree to Abolish Farming in order to 'Save the Planet' - Report Link
Hohmann: Globalists Rev Up Plans to Engineer Global Famine: 13 Nations Agree to ... - Report Link
Ireland’s mooted cow massacre is a warning to net zero Britain - Report Link
Irish government proposes culling 200,000 cows to meet climate targets – The E... - Report Link
Globalists revving up plans to engineer global famine and starvation: 13 nations... - Report Link
South Dakota Farmers Face Carbon-capture Land Theft - The New American - Report Link
US Climate Czar Announces War Like Effort To Shut Down American Food Supply - Report Link
Attack on Food Supply Continues as Massive Fire Engulfs Thousands of Apples - Report Link
Entire Global Food Supply at Risk From Disastrous Response to So-Called ‘Nitro... - Report Link
Global rice shortage is set to be the biggest in 20 years - Report Link
GREAT RESET: Companies in Switzerland "Training" Children to Eat Bugs - Report Link
EU Backs Controversial Dutch Plans To Shut Down Farms In Bid To Reduce Nitrogen ... - Report Link
‘They’re coming for your food’: Expert warns the ‘fix is in’ and ‘re... - Report Link
Spain - Meat is replaced by insect snacks in Spanish stores - Report Link
USDA Accelerates Bird Flu Vaccine Trials After Third Reported Human Case Led to ... - Report Link
NYC's Vegan Mayor Eric Adams to Limit Amount of Meat People Can Eat to Combat Cl... - Report Link
Manufactured Food Crisis: 3,000 Farms to Be Shut Down in the Netherlands | Facts... - Report Link
Farmers all over the world are BEING THREATENED by Deep State-controlled governm... - Report Link
Biden moves to 'increase grocery bills for our families' - Report Link
Ranchers Warn About Record Drop In Cattle Production As Retailers Brace For Disa... - Report Link
EU to Force People into Consuming Bugs by Not Labelling Food Containing Insects - Report Link
Rejection of Globalism: Hungary and Italy Pass Laws to Protect Citizens from Ins... - Report Link
The climate cult is destroying international shipping … and global supply chai... - Report Link
Farm Moratorium? Democrats Are Intentionally Destroying Our Food Supply Over "Cl... - Report Link
UN: Transforming How We Eat, 'A Critical Accelerator' To SDGs - Report Link
The War on Wheat - the fifth estate - YouTube - Report Link
Food Industry Insider Warns Of Contaminated Crops As A Result Of The East Palest... - Report Link
“Rationing” Is the New Globalist Buzzword as They Normalize Scarcity Ahead o... - Report Link
Live bird farms ordered to euthanize healthy flocks due to potential spread of A... - Report Link
Supermarket food shortages: New shortage hits the UK with 'not a tomato in sight... - Report Link
FDA Announces Recall of Valentine’s Chocolates Sold at Target - Report Link
Supermarkets ration fruit and veg as shelves empty in supply shortage | Daily Ma... - Report Link
Fire At New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm Kills 75,000 Hens Amid National Shortage ... - Report Link
GREAT RESET THEATER: As Egg Shortage Worsens, The Largest Supplier Of Chicken Eg... - Report Link
SHOCKING: Is This Where They HIDING The FOOD!!? | Food Shortages | SHTF - YouTub... - Report Link
Tucker: Biden pledged to increase food shortages | Fox News Video - Report Link
America's Egg Shortage Is About to Get a Whole Lot Worse - Report Link
This is the reason for the egg shortages | Canada Free Press - Report Link
ORGANIZED FAMINE: Germany Orders Farmers to Slash Fertilizer After Dutch Governm... - Report Link
Report: Inflation, Supply Chain Malaise Could Result in Beer, Candy Shortages | ... - Report Link
FAMINE: FOOD EXPIRATION DATE REMOVAL and controlling the global food crisis. | D... - Report Link
The Global 'Green Energy' Push is Causing Fertilizer Shortages and Threatening T... - Report Link
Resource crisis: Sulphur shortage threatens food security and green technologies... - Report Link
The egg shortages are entirely fake - Report Link
Hungry? The Benefits Of Famine According To Central Planners | ZeroHedge - Report Link
A food shortage is coming, even in the U.S.! Geoengineering and the deliberate d... - Report Link
Just FYI, the baby formula shortage is getting worse, not better – HotAir - Report Link
Supply Chain Collapse Trigger Perfect Storm For Bankruptcies As Massive Shortage... - Report Link
‘Reset The Table’: Looming Food Shortages Are Not Happening By Accident - Gr... - Report Link
Leaked Memo Reveals Rockefeller 'Planned' Food Shortages Years Ago - News Punch - Report Link
A Permanent Shortage of Everything :: Gatestone Institute - Report Link
Rancher Warns Mass Cattle Deaths Are An ‘Inside Job’ Designed To Cause Food ... - Report Link
Now We Are Being Told To Expect Food And Diesel Shortages For The Foreseeable Fu... - Report Link
18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Hal... - Report Link
World’s largest fertilizer manufacturer sounds alarm, says shortages will last... - Report Link
More Food / Farm Processing Fires Just Happened / Food Shortage / Supply Chain -... - Report Link
Chronic product shortages to get worse due to all the wars, pandemics and natura... - Report Link
Prepackaged Foods Making People Sick As Ingredients Changing Due To Inflation / ... - Report Link
3 Factors Which Are About To Make The Coming Food Shortages Even Worse - Report Link
Food Shortages and Food Processing Plant Fires - What's Going On? - UncoverDC - Report Link
Planes CRASH At Food Plants Amid String Of Food Plant Fires Sparking Panic Over ... - Report Link
Huge Trucking Shortage Looms As California Tries To Stop The Supply Chain - YouT... - Report Link
First Russia Now Canadian Pacific Rail Workers Strike Fertilizer Shipments To St... - Report Link
UK Supermarkets Lining Store Shelves With "Decoys" To Hide Supply Shortage | Zer... - Report Link
World's Largest Meat Company Warns Labor Shortages "Holding Back Production"  ... - Report Link
Retailers Lining Store Shelves With Props To "Hide Supply Shortage" | ZeroHedge - Report Link
ShortageWatch: "Sorry - No French Fries With Any Order, We Have No Potatoes" | Z... - Report Link
Before They Were An Inconvenience, But Now The Shortages Are Really Beginning To... - Report Link
Severe shortages are being projected to stretch long into 2022 - Report Link
Packaging Shortage Surges, But Why? - Report Link
Why a packaging shortage has led to a scrabble for 'beige gold' - Supply Managem... - Report Link
Christmas 'could be canceled' in the UK as the food shortage crisis continues to... - Report Link
Taco Bell facing supply shortages - Report Link
Families regain power in Texas, food and water shortages continue | WNT - YouTub... - Report Link

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