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The Rise of House Churches Print
Posted On August 5th, 2020
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Of what I've heard and understand of this prophecy so far, the events of this prophecy are both a subset, and the consequences of both the shakeup of the church, and the end times pretribulation revival that are on track to unfold in the near future, if not unfolding already.  This will also be, to some degree, a consequence of the soon coming fall of the Roman Catholic Church, and a massive uptick in persecution that will precede the rapture.  Essentially what this will be is a reaction and a solution to the preceding events.  In short, where the Church began in home congregations, it will also end its time on Earth in the same scenario, for many of the same reasons.

These home congregations will also serve as the blueprint for the worldwide home congregations that will arise from the trials of the Tribulation, and will lay the groundwork for the Tribulation Saints to put their own home churches together during that time, as they will have nothing but the Bible, and their newly acquired faith, to get themselves started.  So, when those who are left behind get saved, they will have the already existing and tried framework of how to do home churches waiting for them, courtesy of all the saints who made these happen pre-Tribulation.  Now, this second part isn't actually part of the prophecies that I know of, but merely my explanation of why this will be important prophetically, and historically.

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  IP  Barry Wunsch  
  P  Kim Clement  
  P  Kim Clement  
  P  Kim Clement  
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