Seven Years of Grace for America
Posted On September 22nd, 2020
  AKA:   The 7 Years of America's Plenty, 7 year American Economic Boom
  Status:   Pending: 2   In Progress: 1  

The basic premise of this prophecy is that America is, or soon will, experiencing a period of 7 years of unprecedented prosperity like never before in its history.  The exact start point of this period varies depending on who you talk with, and some say it'd be preceded by 3 1/2 years of "famine".  Not an actual famine, but rather 3 1/2 years of recession and economic difficulty.  Various dates have been put forward for the start of this event.  However, at present, the most likely date is late 2024 for this to begin, while counting everything from mid 2020 to now as part of the initial 3 1/2 year famine.  Again, this is just a guess as we won't know until AFTER the 7 year period starts.  But we're very close to it at this point given all current indicators.

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  IP  Yvon Attia  
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