Need some research help - Volcano in the US and Columbia River Gorge prophecies
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 1:44pm

Hello again everyone!  I have a request for some assistance that I think you guys might find interesting.  Namely, I'm looking for those who would be good with geology and topology (even if it's just a hobby of yours), who might be able to offer some assistance for me.  Anyhow, I had an amazing comment posted to me recently from a David Hoke (thanks David!) who sent me the following comment:

Just a thought FWIW... [maybe you have more time]
if one considers the timony dixon prophecy, in concert with this one [volcano will become active], and explores the geography [I don't have a lot of time for that at the moment - crudely]
seems all of the 'likely' possibilities would not be in the correct location to produce such changes in the columbia river (gorge),
that mt st helens ... mt hood ... mt adams, or something I don't see on a map in-between them ('inactive' ? unknown/unidentified?) would be a more likely location for this event to occur...
Mt rainier and three sisters are both further away from the gorge than those three.
Of course, with the 'multiple' possibility, and the expansion observed at 3 sisters, area affected might not be very localized, having an effect from 3 sisters all the way to something at an 'above' point to multnomah falls ('flows blood red') and beginning of gorge area ('runs backwards').

That is an incredible bit of observation and insight, to which I replied to him:

Hmm, interesting observation.  I did a bit of researching on that, and it looks like that gorge sits upriver from Portland, and almost evenly between Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St Helens, sorta in a triangle of sorts.  However, looking at a topography map, the lay of the land says that, anything coming from St. Helens would get picked up by the Swift Reservoir, and Yale Lake. Adams, however, has several possible paths down to the river, and the gorge, so if it goes, it'd be a possible source of that red color, as it has several feeder streams coming from the mountain right into the Columbia river.  Hood also has feeders into the Columbia River as well, although those seem to all be downstream than upstream, and pass through Bull Run Lake, and Ladd Creek, and would generally miss the river's upstream portions, short of a breakout happening again to the north, which satellite images point to having happened before.  However, that breakout, and mudslide, got stopped by a series of ridges to the north of the gorge.  But that is definitely interesting information, and some good insights, because that would definitely line up with the volcano prophecy if it happens to be one of those volcanoes that comes alive.  Thanks for sending this as I can talk with some of my online friends, and helpers, especially someone who's better at geology than me, and see if they can write something up for me. :)

That being said, if David's insights are right, along with what I've found (per my reply to him), then the Columbia River Gorge prophecy will likely get fulfilled around the same time as the volcano becoming active in the USA prophecy.  It's also possible that all of these might come together at the same time in concert with the west coast earthquakes and tsunamis prophecies, which would certainly set a whole bunch of things in motion at the same time, and would certainly create the right conditions for a river to flow backwards, as earthquakes have a history of causing rivers to flow backwards.  Plus, it might stir up enough sediment to create a red river.

But, those are just my theories.  That being said, I'd LOVE to have you guys research this and see what you can come up with.  So please, share anything you find here so that others can see it, and we can get a bit more insight into these prophecies, and how they might, and I state might, unfold.  And I use "might", because God might have other plans.  ;)  But, even so, it's still fun to theorize on things like this.  So please, share any thoughts you have.  Myself, and I'm sure many others, would love to hear more on this, and anything you happen to find! :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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