A possible opening up of some prophecies
Saturday, November 9th, 2019 12:01pm

In a recently posted article by a gentleman named "Praying Medic", he mentions a dream by a friend of his that speaks of a global tsunami.  This is an interesting article and one that caught my attention.  The reason it did is because I've got a couple prophecies here on the site (west coast tsunami, east coast tsunami, new madrid quake, meteor destruction of America) that speak of coastal tsunamis and gigantic quakes that will wipe out large parts of the USA on both coasts, and even split the entire continent in half while inflicting major damage besides.  For the longest time I took those prophecies to be very literal.  However, in light of Praying Medic's post, it now makes me wonder if those four propheices, or at least two of the three, aren't actually figurative instead.

I say that because there's a LOT of potential for all of them to be figurative rather than literal.  And, , given the way that Praying Medic interpreted the dream of his friend, why not?  Why do I think that? Well, consider this. Where do most liberals live? The coastline, right?  For example, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North and South Carolina, etc on the east coast, and Cali, Oregon and Washington on the west, with Louisiana and a couple other areas on the gulf coast.  All those areas are the exact areas predicted to get hit by the tsunamis and/or earthquakes.  You could even include Puerto Rico in that list too.

Therefore, doesn't it seem reasonable that, if these dreams and prophecies are actually figurative, that they'd actually be predicting a kind of spiritual tsunami that will wipe out, or at least severely destroy, or even just cleanse America and the region of most liberalism on the continent?  I think it's a reasonable assumption. So, what about the division of east vs west? Well, that could simply be a division of good vs evil in a figurative sense, with an impassible gulf between them (the dividing of the continent along the Mississippi river and the New Madrid) with East, which faces the rising sun being on one side, and the west (setting sun) on the other.

In a way, that would be very similar to the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16. In that story you have Hell and Paradise divided by a great, impassable gulf in much the same way.  Even more interesting is that, every time I've pictured that scene (and oddly enough, I'm not the only one who's pictured it this way), I've always seen it with Hell on the left and Paradise on the right, with a bottomless chasm in the middle that's too wide and deep to cross. I'm starting to wonder if that's what these are actually talking about. What do you guys think? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.  So please share them here.

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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